Another one bites the dust.

Bisante, a top-ranked Stickam Entertainer with purdy blue eyes, deleted his profile this evening.  The deletion was made with little fanfare, his only announcement being a blurb on his Plurk account.

Bisante claims to have grown frustrated with Stickam fame and its concomitant drama—namely, hackers, phonecalls,threats, and of course lag.  He will henceworth seek fame, stardom and riches on YouTube and BlogTV. (Good luck with that.)
In his own words:

Will Bisante pull a Tomy Toolshed and return in week?  We sure hope so.  There’s nothing more delicious than when bitches come crawling back.


  1. I don’t understand why its like “im becoming youtube famous now.”
    and the fact he keeps coming back to check what people are saying about him…jeez how big headed can you get. everyones taking it so seriously eh? what like less than 70 people? mhm i think so….nat

  2. LOL. College
    That’s the only funny thing you have said ever bisante
    Btw your last name sounds like a fancy shitty French dog cookie.

  3. And one more thing if you “have a real life” why do you bother to respond to a gossip site, thats built on the site you hate. the past days you’ve responded,not really a reason to care. shit talking on something your above and beyond.

  4. Js YOUTUBE=SHITTIER LAG. BlogTV=Worser Design, Poorly Represented.
    All in All If You Come Back Your A Giant Fucking Hypocrite With A Dank Monroe.Js Though.

  5. Im going to college 😀 and i have a real life i do this for fun.. everyone is taking this shit so srsly.. i left a fucking webiste chill rofl

  6. Dear Bisante,
    Return to your night time job! Your youtube videos suck big time! Anyone that actually likes them are just teenage girls or pedophiles that think you’re attractive. If you know what’s good for you, destroy all computers you may have. If you are tired of stickam drama, what makes you think you won’t get it on blogtv or youtube? The internet is the internet. It’s full of nerdy bullies in disguise (aka people like you bisante)
    If you really want to have fun, go out and do stuff. Forget about the internet. Disconnect yourself from fake internet friends. When it comes down to it the future is fucked. You’re going to feel stupid when instead of going to college and getting a GOOD job, you decide to spend a lot of time trying to get attention to people that only give a fuck about your looks.
    Guess what hun, I don’t give two fucks about your looks, and if everyone was blind, no one would probably give a fuck about you besides your close family!

  7. I think he will pull a “Tommy Toolshed”
    HA! I saw him earlier
    on Curtis’s stickam chat room
    saying hi and what not
    but Curtis said something to him
    that caused him to leave.
    ROFL 😀

  8. BrittiniBr00tal, are you serious?
    I’m taking 5 minutes of my day to just
    express an opinion, and you’re wasting
    your time trying to defend someone whom you don’t even know.Get the fuck out you moron.God only knows how much time you wasted watching Bisante’s live.

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