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Chris Crocker & Johnny Boy's Cat Fight


Chris Crocker often accuses StickyDrama of manipulating the truth in order to create drama, instead of objectively reporting it.  So to eliminate any appearance of bias in his recent dispute with Johnny Boy, we’re letting each cocksucker explain the story in his own words:
For those readers whose heads spin in this whirlwind of sodomy, StickyDrama will provide the Cliff notes.  Crocker let slip it that he considers Johnny Boy a more rotund “carbon copy” of him.  Johnny Boy, in retaliation, called Crocker a “pedophile” for flashing his asshole in the presence of a minor.
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  1. i think chris needs to go the five rounds with forrest griffin this saturday after that then let evans have ”his way” with it.

  2. I was just in a room and Johnny Boy said that he doesn’t care about his fans.He also said, “I don’t care if they want to take a pic with me as long as I make money, I’m happy.”


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