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Lori Drew Found Guilty in Myspace Suicide Case; How Would YOU Have Voted?


A federal jury in Los Angeles found Lori Drew guilty of fraud this past Wednesday, raising a variety of questions  about the Terms of Service users agree to when they join online social networking sites.

For our readers who don’t follow the mainstream news, the now-49-year-old Drew posed as a teenage boy who befriended Megan Meier, 13, on Myspace and sent several nice messages to the girl.  But it was all a ploy to harass and humiliate the girl, apparently because Meier had “spread lies” about Drew’s own daughter Sarah.  The “boy” who was in fact Ms. Drew began sending Meier hateful messages, ultimately writing, “The world would be a better place without you.”  Meier, who had a history of depression and attention-deficit disorder, hanged herself shortly after reading that message.
Meier’s suicide, and the subsequent revelation of Drew’s involvement, triggered outrage across the country, and led to an emotionally charged but legally dubious trial in which Mrs. Drew was charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  Ms. Drew was not charged with having anything to do with Megan’s death.
The case was an unprecedented use of federal computer fraud statutes.  While the crime took place in Missouri, prosecutors there chose not to pursue Drew; the trial ended up in federal court in Los Angeles, where Myspace is headquartered.  Most legal experts find the verdict is flawed, since it essentially equates the violation of usage agreements with hacking into a computer.  Drew’s attorney is seeking a new trial.
The implications for Stickam users are obvious, since Stickam is also headquartered in Los Angeles.  Thomas O’Brien, the United States attorney there, prosecuted the case himself, an unusual move which demonstrates his strong feelings in this issue.
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  1. lori should be hung by her fucking toenails. it’s one thing for teenagers to do this shit…
    but a grown ass woman? she should also be sterilized.

  2. I actually know Lori Drew’s daughter personally and she’s a dumb, fat bitch. She used to go to my school, but she had to transfer because she kept getting death threats.

  3. no matter what happens to the mom, which honestly nothing should..she was immature..but the retarded 13 year old who is selfish enough and dosnt have enough common sense and cares more about a boy than life,family,friends, and a future she could of had killed herselfl…and you know what..the world is a better place without another weak bitch in it.
    tons of people have depression and many other mental illnesses and even ones her age who have boy problems and bad stuff said to them and are taunted and dont kill themselves.
    and apprently the douche bag had a good family too, not like we know what goes on behind closed doors but hey..in the end the only person who lost out was meagan and who’s fucking fault was that..HERS the mom didnt kill her..and i saw on the news the mom told the girl to stay off myspace…well..she didnt listen..and the girl should of known people are fake on myspace..if you cant understand that there’s those kind of people on there you shouldnt be on myspace.

  4. This is my two cents, if you’re going to read, read carefully and don’t take it out of context..
    Yes many people do what she did to that little girl, but most of the the people that have done that are like 13-20. This is a MIDDLE AGED MOTHER who knowingly and actively sought out to try and destroy this little girl’s life. She used the words “The world would be a better place without you.” I’m not saying that it’s her fault that the girl killed herself, because it’s not, at all. One willing to take their own life has much deeper and troubling problems than a boy on the internet not liking them. I still think she should be held accountable in some way for her involvement, but I don’t think that what she did is governed under the law by which she was prosecuted or any other law, really.
    All I can say is this, if I saw her at K-mart or JJ’s Swap Meet or something I would totally punch her in the dick as hard as I could and not feel ANY remorse about the fact that she’s a woman that is probably my mother’s age and has kids.

  5. To be honest, I think it could have gone the other way around. This bitch was being a complete fucktard to the girl that made the Myspace account, yet SHE didn’t kill herself.
    It was the wrong thing to do, sure. But she shouldn’t be found guilty of murder.

  6. A grown woman drove a teen with a mental illness, that she KNEW about, to commit sucide. Wtf is wrong with this world?

  7. While what Lori did was mean– it wasn’t criminal. I feel that the law has to always blame SOMEONE for internet-related suicides, rapes, etc. It’s the PARENT OF THE CHILD’S FAULT and the child as well. As people said before if you take internet comments or messages seriously than you’re fucked up in the head and that’s no one else’s fault. What is the parents of the girl’s story? Where were they at?

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