Another one bites the dust.

Bisante, a top-ranked Stickam Entertainer with purdy blue eyes, deleted his profile this evening.  The deletion was made with little fanfare, his only announcement being a blurb on his Plurk account.

Bisante claims to have grown frustrated with Stickam fame and its concomitant drama—namely, hackers, phonecalls,threats, and of course lag.  He will henceworth seek fame, stardom and riches on YouTube and BlogTV. (Good luck with that.)
In his own words:

Will Bisante pull a Tomy Toolshed and return in week?  We sure hope so.  There’s nothing more delicious than when bitches come crawling back.


  1. I’m actually realllly bummed Bisante is off Stickam =/
    I think he is quite entertaining,
    & he makes me laugh :]
    I have no doubts that that boy will be famous.
    & If you guys think he’s such a fag & whatever, then why do you take the time out of YOUR day to comment a blog about him?
    Prettttttty Pathetic.

  2. seriously, who is this guy!? if i see one more post about him without someone explaning who he is im gonna snap!

  3. I think you’re going to fail.You’re not funny AT ALL. Although I do agree with Kayvon because he makes an excellent point.I just don’t believe you have any talent except for being a cocky annoying boy with too much time on his hands.

  4. Actually people from the internet do get famous. Youtube brings publicity. But having a talent to show in your youtube videos does get your farther than just the internet fame. But internet is definitely a start in this generation.

  5. bisante isnt even funny..
    he has no chance of getting anywhere on youtube…
    only reason people liked him on stickam is cos he could show his dick to people… sorry bisante.. but youtube doesnt allow nudity..

  6. get that blonde bitch to stfu ^
    Bisante WILL get famous on youtube. Its obvious, he’s already #32 most viewed and he only has 7 videos 🙂

  7. ROFL @ at his comment.
    yes because acting like a complete
    moron and trying too hard to act
    funny really makes someone…”famous”?
    I will laugh at his face if he
    makes up shit about being famous in real
    like brandon hilton

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