The most recent post on Israeli-based BlogTV blog explains the new opening of BlogTV Junior! Anyone who has been using or following BlogTV knows that they have been fighting the war on young webcamers for some time now — allowing only 16+ to broadcast. They have taken their tactics straight from G.W. Bush’s War on Terror and have had to flail away aimlessly in every direction with their mod rods doin the ole’ ban ban ban!

The new policies:

  1. Junior members will only be able to broadcast to other Junior members
  2. Junior members will only be able to view other Junior members
  3. Junior members will not have guest chat available
  4. Junior members will not be able to co-host or be co-hosted
  5. Junior members will not have private message options
  6. Junior members will not be able to change their ages to put them into regular member status
  7. Regular members will not be able to change their ages to put them into the Junior member status

The pervert fighter, community manager and BlogTV figure-head Kara Hannah, started her war on young cammers and decided to use her machete where a scalpel was appropriate. Yes, the same Kara Hannah who enjoys sitting on cam and talking about tits, cock and ass:

Kara changed the policy so that no one under the age of 16 was allowed to broadcast – The utter failure of this policy has been documented over and over……and over ad infinitum. They tell young people they cannot broadcast and then frequently elevate young broadcasters to the front page of BlogTV for hours.

The dissent against this new policy has come from both sides – Adults and young. People over at BlogTVdrama polled against it – and have started a petition to abandon it. Essentially the arguments against it are that this does not target the actual problem and negatively affects everyone. Some older broadcasters have lost large portions of their audience.

Underage people are upset that they can only broadcast to other underage people and that they cannot watch broadcasts of non Junior members. Junior members are finding its probably more fun now just not even logging in — Like BlogTV user ItsJohnnyPotter. (youtube) Just don’t try to view his profile though… you may get cut by the barbed wire:

His opinion is also clear — its ‘the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.

Of course this has upset the many BlogTV perverts and lurkers. Even Stickam’s own hazing committee which we know as ROUTER when contacted for comment clearly stated this was ‘not a good idea’. On the up-side we have heard that many BlogTV perverts are rejoicing as this now allows them to infiltrate and quarantine themselves with the young users. Now with the new policies the regular folks who would rudely interfere and report their improper contact are no longer able to even see the profiles of the targets.

It is not likely we will see the same type of drastic moves by LA-based Stickam or San Francisco-based allows users as young as 13 and Stickam allows as young as 14. They already have more privacy and safety features in place which young users can utilize if they so choose which restrict entry to rooms or contact with individuals. On Stickam and the young can still view other lives and have their lives viewed while broadcasting safely – as is the point of going live…to be seen. Plus as Stickam well knows — more viewer’s eyes equals more flagging if indeed something offensive does happen (Unless its in Stickydrama chatroom where flagging is strictly prohibited).

We would like to commend and thank BlogTV for yet another dumbass move. Keep up the great work! Btw… whats up with JustinTV’s HUGE worldwide audience?!

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  1. For crying out loud people. The idea of limiting child broadcasters to child viewers on BlogTV is safe, sane, logical, and right. Period. I only hope they’re smart enough to not allow children to broadcast privately. More illegal activity goes on in private rooms on webcam sites than in public. Young kids can, and in some cases will, engage in cybersex experimentation with each other if they’re behind the “protective” wall of a private broadcast. If BlogTV not only segregates minors but also keeps their activities 100% transparent, then BlogTV Junior might be a good, clean, fun, and SAFE place for kids to enjoy the fun and interesting hobby of webcasting.

  2. @ anon March 11th, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    Oh, haven’t you heard? There ARE pedos lurking in every corner! One is hiding in your bedroom right now, giggling under your bed! 😀

  3. hey,

    im the person that wrote that article on blogtv and im the one that started that petition

    thank you for posting it and thank you for not agree’ing with blogtv jr 😛


  4. JTV is full of perverts that spam underage girl’s rooms and tell them to get naked, show boobs, show panties, show bra and dozens of other things. Reporting to the admins do nothing. The chats are nothing more or even worse than the chats of cam4. In fact, one underage girl just went private 30 minutes ago, showed her nipples and JTV didn’t even ban her.

  5. ^^^ this cunt is the normal obsessive american.

    Maybe you should read up bitch and get a global perspective.

    Sure there are threats out there and its good to be safe but its another thing to think there are pedos behind every corner.

    ur retarded if u ask me.

  6. @ petey plastic
    First off you do not have to whore yourself online to build a successful business. If anything Kiki’s actions probably damaged her sales, having so many haters. She may be known for the moment over the internet, but it’s for all the wrong reasons. Kiki Kannibal is a fucking mess. As a minor she already has 3 separate noodz floating around the web, featured in several porn sites and past around among bloggers. There is so much wrong going on with that girl, but frankly that’s a lot of typing. I’m sure you seen photos she posted of herself, I would have nothing against them for I am not a prude, but those photos of her prancing around in her undies are photos are a minor. And that’s fucked up.

    Kids have plenty to do on the web, hundreds of sites are dedicated to play games and such. By saying putting up restrictions with kids using online is not fair is like saying it’s not fair you have to be 21 to buy/consume liquor. Without restrictions we’d all be alcoholics before the age of 21.

    To do nothing at all about online sexual predators is insane. This is only going to get worse. Yes pedos walk among us every day, including teachers, but some of them are being caught by lurking online because of new regulations. I think more children are disappearing and being exploited from interacting with online predators then you know. If you have no idea what you’re talking about I suggest you go read up, then make an argument.

    Not all parents put up parental controls on their computers and are unaware whats going on. Mama Kannibal is a rare breed, most parents would be outrage to see a picture of their daughter/son posing sexually for all the world to see. I’m pretty sure in most states it’s against the law for a person under the age of 18 to pose in a sexual manner. These laws and regulations are not going to make the internet %100 safe, but it’s going to make it safer.
    If you’re telling me it’s okay for kids to log on sites such as Stickam or BlogTV without restrictions then please never have children.

  7. jrey your views are fucking retarded.

    yes there have to be safety features but the only point of all this is that this particular decision is ridiculous

  8. This is what I posted on there blog…..Just so you people know I was a paid broadcaster at one point there and I do not agree with this decision at all!!!!

    Why would anyone that is over 18 want someone under 18 at there shows? It is inappropriate and sick! If you are losing TONS of viewers because of this change you might want to reassess your show and maybe make it more appealing to adults instead of little kids. You should not have ANYTHING in common with 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17 year olds. Just saying…. I do not think blogtvjr will be a success unless every room is moderated. Anyone can make a new profile with a new age on it. I just hope that blogtv has the man power to watch over these kids. And please trash the comments about “well it is up to the parents to handle this.” You all know that there are crappy parents out there but does that mean that these kids should have to put up with harassment from Grown men and women? Is it there fault they have shitty parents? It ultimately lands on Blogtv if this becomes a haven for pedophiles. I hope it works out but I strongly feel this is going to be your worst nightmare blogtv.
    Best of luck!

  9. has a huge worldwide audience because 90% of their content is illegally rebroadcast soccer matches.

  10. ^

    look at kiki…
    i know shes not the best example but she already has been more “successful” then half the other people on the internet.shes only 16 years old and started when she was about 13. There are always ways that sexual predators get in touch with children. Many teachers are sexual predators and they work with children all the itme. SO there is no way to protect a child and it is not fair to give a child limits to what they can do in their free time. That is for parents to decide not the website. And wouldn’t the grandfather clause keep children who are already 13-15 on the website and have the same rights as before?

  11. How is this wrong? Children should not be posting themselves on the internet in any way shape or from without a parents consent. Censorship is needed for cam sites such as BlogTV and Stickam, we all know what goes on. There is a reason people under 17 are called minors. Children are naive and have no idea what scum lies out there. Sexual predators lurk on sites like these for their own sick/twisted reasons, and some even try and get the kid’s information. Would you want you’re kid sneaking off and logging onto stickam or sites like it, watching adult content or even talking to one of the many pedophiles?
    Some of these monsters get enough information on kid users that they hunt them down to rape and kill them. It’s serious and real. No matter how much lulzy AV makes it gets out of it.

    This woman Kara Hannah is probably a mother and is scared as fuck and wants to prevent this happening to her kids or anyone elses.

  12. lmao lush now cant pick up children underage anymore like he did connor…soon enough lush is gunna bring his fanbase to another site…i think his next move is cam 4

  13. no, Stickam was the first.
    they launched Feb 2006, just a few month before anyone else.

    also, get’s significantly more hits because they allow illegal and/or copyrighted content to be streamed.
    mainly soccer and various sports and television.

  14. blogtv sucks. and i think justintv is huge because of the jonas brothers and people like that.. i mean they get like 15 million views everytime they go live

  15. now i have to make a whole new profile, just to get on the juniors page.
    man oh man, the life of a pedo is getting rough

  16. now kids will need a fake Id for blogtv.
    don’t they realize kids can lie about their age?
    I think my stickam says 18 and my myspace says 33.
    not that hard.

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