That is right…its no longer the cat fight of Johnny Boy vs. Crocker. Now they find themselves on the same team up against Stevie Ryan, her hubby Adam Paranoia and perhaps Stickam itself.

When we posted Chris Crocker’s sock dance video we didn’t even bother to blur out the name on his cam thinking that there was no way Stickam would ban him. Especially over such a relatively mild video. As we saw in October 2008 with John Hock, Stickam will simply not tolerate violating their Terms of Service even if you are a Stickam celebrity as was Hock. However with Crocker, he seemed to have had a more flexible agreement with Stickam and they would keep him off the front page knowing he was simply more wild and there was not a damn thing they could do about it. However it seems Crocker may have fatally crossed that line with the now famous sock dance, earning a ban on his account. The issue in question is what caused that ban? Its not certain if it was the sock dance or perhaps as Crocker says, a sinister plan by his ex friends. On Saturday Crocker came to find his account had been banned and began his investigation into what had happened.

Chris’ first stop was Stevie Ryan’s LIVE. Stevie was busy getting her hair did with Adam. As Crocker lurked, someone in Stevie’s room brought up the topic of Crocker’s ban and Adam reportedly said something to the degree of ‘Awww poor baby, he will have to make another account‘, words which sent Crocker into his rage. Crocker entered the room and expressed his anger. Adam’s words caught Crocker off guard as he had thought that the three were friendly and hoped they would help re-instate his account.

Next stop was Johnny Boy’s Saturday LIVE, where Crocker launched his conspiracy theory that his profile ban was the influence of Stevie Ryan on her boyfriend (and Stickam Employee) Adam Paranoia. Anthony Vanity was there to record the drama for posterity. Who better to hear the summary from than Crocker himself?

Interestingly Crocker admitted to having previously helped convince Adam to ban Johnny Boy, which helps explain his paranoia that somehow the same may have now happened to him. Crocker’s admission of this is important because it demonstrates again (as many theorize) that Stickam may have an administrative environment of favors and perks for simply knowing employees. If it were true that Adam acted upon the influence of his girlfriend to ban Crocker, would that be an acceptable policy for Stickam to let slide?

Crocker and Johnny boy have both stated possible plans of moving their shows to crappy ass BlogTV over this incident. A move we think would make their shows 100,000% less enjoyable.

Update: Stevie Ryan Responds.


  1. Stevie Ryan actually HAS done a room raid before, not to take sides, or anything, I personally don’t like Kiki Kannibal, however, Stevie Ryan has told people to go into Kiki Kannibal’s room and harass her. Which, as she says herself, is violating the Terms of Service.

  2. stickam is a peice of fucking shit. i cant beleive when these fucking account get deleted its like “ZOMG MY LIFES IS OVR”

    get a fucking job or something. stickam is alright when your bored but you people take this thing WAY to far.

    fucking failteam. srsly.

    and stevie is beautiful. no wonder why aidsface is so PISSED. lolololool.

  3. omg its the fucking internet who cares
    chris account got deleted o fucking well he made another one
    stickam sucks anyways it lags all the fucking time

  4. Just saying. Chris never wanted his account to magically be put back how it was. He even said that. He just thought it was fucked that his friend couldnt pick up her phone but could lean over and pick up her laptop. And then she and Adam, who have helped Chris before and also had a part in of them getting JB deleted, did absolutely nothing and didnt even care. I dont care if its just an account, when something happens to your friend you at least listen to them. You dont ignore them and make up excuses and later say shit like you dont care.

    I got shady vibes from Miss Ryan and it does truly bum me out b/c I though she wasnt like that.

    I think this is all going down /c of built up incidents. I think Chris felt Stevie hadn’t been a friend a bit before this and this just justified in his eyes.

  5. CC and JB are both very stupid. Why are they making a big deal about a banned account. It doesn’t even matter if Stevie had said something because they Chris broke the Terms of Service period. He was taking his power for granted and I’m glad to see it shoved back into his face.

  6. WTF someone stole what i said in
    a my drama post and posted it
    on here as there on
    ANON 2:25
    get your own fucking mind
    and stop copying and pasting
    shit that I wrote down.

  7. chris should just go to cam4, blogtv will ban his ass faster than stickam if he pulls his nudity stunts over there

  8. i’m Proud of johnny boy for putting aside the drama with chris for this.. even KNOWING chris had a part in his banning.. i do see SOME maturity in him.. and defending a friend..

    <3 johnny boy.

  9. I’m sure chris knows his 15 min are up gosh thats all people can say you’re 15min or leave britney alone stfu already!He is just pissed cuz his friends are sorry asses!

  10. the only people that find johnnyboy and crocker entertaining are fags and fag hags=”girls who love gay men”. chris you 15 min of fame were over a year ago. you are about as talented as a bag of shit w/o the bag


  12. I don’t think chris is trying to say stevie had him deleted, but adam did, or new something about it and that its messed up for her to act like she didnt know anything wich she probably did.

  13. anon 2:25 has a very good point, for instance stevie was live the other day and chris “i’m a celbrity fag bow to me” was in her live nude on cam in a bathtub. some people want to see stevie not some ugly attention whore faggot naked

  14. find it funny that chris and johnnyboy are puttin so much effort into crackin on stevie when they should spend the time gettin sum plastic surgery JohnnyBoy needs a nose job and Chris he looks like a horse so hes one to talk Chris or ChriSTINE w.e it is the uglyiest tranny i have ever saw hes basically a dude wearin gurls cloths and a fucked up weave haha

    ps. johnnyboy and chrisTINE you should both look in the mirrow b4 u crack on sumone else thats a million times better then u and another thing just cuz over 2 years ago chris u made this big video fake cryin over britney spears (which britney could care less about u) and u got lots of views doesnt make u GOD so stfu ur not famous just cuz u got lots of views and fans doesnt make sumone famous ur just internet famous which is basically worth nothing haha

  15. I would like to make something clear,
    Stevie Ryan was live once
    and she asked EVERYONE that was in
    her room that Wednesday afternoon,
    what happened to chris crockers

    Why would she get his account deleted
    when she was completely clueless
    about it? Like this post states,
    stickam encountered the print screens
    that got chris crocker banned, and for
    all we know, the person that really
    got chris crocker banned was a random
    person that really despises chris
    that showed the stickam administration
    the screen caps.
    THEREFORE, people really need to
    understand the whole story before putting
    the blame on just one person and
    just because adam is her boyfriend.

    AND NO Im not Stevie, you morons.

  16. Sorry but Chris is a talentless hack. If you do dumb shit to get your account deleted its your fault.

    I think Chris and Johnny are evil and they like to hurt people. Its sad that they would turn on Stevie like that.

  17. Why in the fuck would Stevie have CC account deleted? That just means Chris is paranoid about some shit he said to Stevie. You cant trust if you cant be trusted…

  18. why would stevie want to ban chris in the first place? i was in stevies live a few times this past week and whenever chris was mentioned nothing but good things were said

  19. 1. I’ve never heard stevie say one mean thing about chris. yet JB & chris are calling stevie names and talking a lot of shit.
    2. JB & chris are all about sex and being gay. its getting old!
    my money goes on stevie and adam

  20. i dont like chris and johnny boy, but with stickam being really sucky lately, i dont think they should be banning anyone, they need as many views that they can get 😛

  21. Good he deserved to be banned, none of them are even considered celebrities, dont know why all you idiot’s repeatedly say, there internet celebrities i mean honestly whoopty doo!

  22. God who gives a shit. If people sit and give 2 shits about a site banning a “Celebrity” who dances around with a sock over his penis what does that say about the people who read it and comment about “team jb” etc etc and “chris Crocker is amazing.” Amazing would be if he did something REAL besides use his friends to get photoshoots. Ok, JB might be making money off Itunes but evnetually these 5 minute online fame fads end and they’re back at step 1, unemployed and getting fucked up the ass. Now look at Stevie, shes hot and works at a bank. She does her thing and doesn’t seem to care about the online stuff. Maybe being banned is a wakeup call of “You’re not really famous, get a life you tranny piece of shit.”

  23. lol wow chris is just pissed off that he actually got deleted and hes not bigger than the world and he got banned.

  24. I agree with the above statement. Why would Chris start drama with Stevie for no reason? They seemed to be closer than close months back..

    Explains why there haven’t been any new Scene Kid Love.

  25. crockers fame begins and ends with that stupid britney video. no one cares about him, johnny boy, adam, or stevie. what the fuck does it matter? 10 years down the road no one will remember any of them.

    oh, and john boy…flip the fucking straw over you goddamn idiot.

  26. He is so Dramatic. Who cares who banned you. You broke terms of service 🙂 Your Bad. And as far as johnny and chris being the only People entertaining on Stickam BLAHHHH HA HA HA HA.

  27. Ok nevermind ^^^^lol i tried to get a video of chris and stevie from stevies stickam but i guess the link didn’t work:(But it was so sweet because chris was like kisses to stevie

  28. Yeah, why would he want to start drama with stevie for no reason?! i mean they use to be best friends.Chris has his reasons to be mad and i don’t think its just about his damn stickam being deleted.

  29. I think chris and johnny boy
    need to grow up.
    They are coming to conclusions
    way too soon. Stevie was clueless
    about Chris’s ban and I remember
    that one day in her live she asked
    everyone, what happened to his account.
    If she was completely clueless about it,
    why would she be behind the whole
    ordeal? Chris and Johnny just
    want to make a scene.

  30. Ok! I just gotta say this…im so fucking happy chris took out them damn extensions<3he looks so much better with short hair.

  31. I think Chris did things like the sock dance and showing his asshole every chance he got because he thought he was untouchable. Just because he was friends with Adam. Now he has been deleted and its all his fault. Chris should not have taken anything for granted. All the nudity would catch up with him sooner or later.

    He is just pissed at Stevie because he doesnt want to take responsibility for his actions and he needs someone to blame. He seriously needs to grow up.

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