John Hock has done what no other person had been able to do:   He got his own Stickam account permanently banned.

Earlier today, as he was drinking alcohol and flirting with pyromania, Hock thought it would be cute to engage in some on-cam oral sex with a female guest.  He also appeared naked, albeit cupping his unimpressive sexual equipment with his hands.

Stickam Admins didn’t see the humor.  While there seems to be some debate as to whether the oral sex was simulated or genuine, his account was banned early this morning.  StickyDrama’s usual sources inside Stickam’s headquarters say that employees all had a good laugh at Hock’s misfortune, and they have no intention of restoring the whiny no-talent statutory rapist’s account.  Moreover, Hock’s campaign to bombard Stickam with demands to restore his account has, if anything, only further annoyed the staff and increased their resolve to keep his profile banned.

As happens with any banned account, Hock no longer appears in Stickam’s rankings.  All his previous hard work has been erased forever, as if he had never accomplished anything.

Shortly after the ban, Hock’s roommate Johnny Death came into our chatroom.  Johnny, whom no one would accuse of having an abundance of brains, pled with StickyDrama and Anthony Vanity to use our connections inside Stickam to have Hock’s account restored.  We couldn’t have replied more venomously than Anthony, although our grammar would have been a tad better:

Johnny claimed that Hock was “crying” and would soon be “homeless” without his Stickam profile, which is his bread and butter.  Hock used the account to send traffic to his “Picture Your Prize” website, a rigged contest whose winners were selected according to the favors the did in return for Hock.  “Picture Your Prize” is owned by Hock’s gay sugardaddy, Tom Zina, as StickyDrama reported in July.
Furthermore, Johnny claimed that Hock was packing his suitcases and moving back to Arizona, presumably to live with Jenna Hock, his adoptive mother.  Oh yes—did you notice that link?  Jenna Hock does indeed have a Myspace account where readers can find links Hock’s adoptive siblings, who come in a wide assortment of colors.

And our personal favorite:

By all accounts, Ms. Hock is ashamed of her son.  She said so herself in a Myspace message to the statutory rapist, written after Ownage Pranks called and convinced her that John had died–a cruel prank executed at John’s request.
After that call, Hock’s mom wrote this:

His mother’s above message and subsequent phonecalls (during which the self-professed “Jesus freak” is rumored to have told her son to die and burn in hell) took their toll even on a worthless emotionally under-developped slimeball like Hock.  He broke down on cam during one of his shows:
The black moments are actually Hock turning off his cam to hide his tears.  He did have the fortitude to plug “Picture Your Prize” inbetween sobs.
Whether Hock indeed will return to Arizona, or attempt to rebuild his viewership is unclear.  Despite Johnny Deaths’s claim that Hock was abandoning his dreams of online fame and fortune, Hock apparently created a new account later this afternoon, with a slightly modified URL.  As of this post, the account had 25 friends and 0 total live views.  Just for lulz, StickyDrama shall forever henceforth link only his original banned profile.
Congrats on winning our “Keep Hock Off the Air” contest, John!  Like our new banner?


  1. “Have some self control”, that’s what you said, right? How about John practices some self control and keeps in dick in his pants for once? This isn’t a case of a one time thing where he hooked up with a girl who’s turning eighteen in like a month. MULTIPLE girls who are blatantly underage have come forward and have admitted to engaging in some sort of sexual activity with him. I’m not saying that it doesn’t take two to have sex but the problem is that he knows how old they are and yet, he doesn’t give two shits and continues to creep on underage girls. I’m assuming he does because no girl his age would in their right minds let him touch them with a ten foot pole. He’s immature, arrogant, unintelligent, and obviously has no morals whatsoever.
    That video of him crying?-Yeah, Id be crying too if I realized that my whole life up until now consisted of begging fourteen year olds to sign up and play on a site my sugardaddy runs so I can pay my rent. I’d be crying too if I knew the only way I’d keep my “internet stardom” and shitass online show was if I continued to keep my sugardaddy happy by sucking his cock. I’d be crying too if my life resembled even a half of a half percent of John Hock’s life.
    Tarynd, if anyone is being naïve or ignorant it’s you. It would only be a matter of time before John coxed you into sending him pictures of your tits anyway.

  2. His mom didn’t say anything wrong in the letter. She didn’t say he was doomed to hell or that God didn’t love him. She simply said to get right with God. That’s it. She never said he had to be a Jesus freak, just get right with God. I think many of us could learn a valuable lesson from that letter, including me.

  3. the one thing you dont fuck up is your family. they come first before anything not some fucking “job” on the internet. no respect for his mother…why should he deserve to have another account?

  4. SHUT THE FUCK UP HATERS john was just livein life and havein fun that job was the best thing that could happen to someone 25 a hour 300 a day 1000 a week thats good money yeah it may just be the webb but thats money you could live off on honestly i would get up there and say a web site every 5mines for that much money it so wrong of his mom to tell him that just because hes not a jesus freak doesnt mean god hates him god love all of us and will forgive if the mom would of known that she would of told him to pray everyday and things would be okay that post pissed me off how could you put something so personal up that fucked up in so manny ways hey fuck you and yr web site

  5. poor john
    okay, sometimes he’s an asshole, but everybody make mistakes. why can’t we give him a second chance?
    it’s really sad from you to laugh another person’s tragedies
    very sad.
    at least, he regrets doing those things

  6. Poor John needs to stop hurting the people that love him. It takes a real inconsiderate asshole to prank your mother into thinking you’re dead. I’m sure John realizes that it was a really dumb idea and regrets doing that BUT he needs to also realize that being trashed on the net and making a complete joke out of yourself is NOT sexy and it won’t get you anywhere but ON THIS WEBSITE!

  7. well if he wasnt such a douchebag id almost feel sorry for him, but watching him cry only makes me laugh. if he werent such a petulant man-child hed realize how much of a pussy he is and that he needs to grow the fuck up and get a real job and act like a human. but in true hock fashion, begging and crying and looking for the next easy way out is all he can do.

  8. I do feel bad for him. But you know, maybe he will realize what he has done. If not, I pray for the lost soul.

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