StickyDrama loves saying “told you so.”  It’s right up there with rubbing lotion on Dennis Hegstad.  So it is with great pleasure that we post Kayvon Zand and Amor Hilton’s engagement announcement.

No word yet on a wedding date, but she’s got a ring on her finger and eating the booger off his, so it must be true love.  Wonder what the Zand Klan will look like in the next 9 months?

You heard it here first.


  1. um to the person two comments above me.
    me georgia and amor hungout last night. and they are completely fine with each other. so she wont lie for you like you expect her to.

  2. someone should kill her
    for having those “eyebrows”
    i wonder what shes going to
    do when it rains on her pink head
    of hers


  4. I loved Amor’s bulletin comparing herself to Audrey Kitching. Amor doesn’t even compare to Kiki Kannibal. Amor is probably lower than Kiki on the food chain, anyway. At least Kiki has some valid points.

  5. Clearly this is just for publicity. Anyone that takes this seriously isn’t gifted in the intelligence department

  6. god, you’d think that after the John Hock fiasco she’d have learned not to trust her judgement about ~tru luv. i doubt this will last until the wedding. in fact i hope it doesn’t because i’m sure the marriage would be very short-lived. but really i hope it’s just a joke.

  7. didn’t kayvon and her use to hate each other? because i remember a while ago he called her fat! amor use to be so pretty!

  8. lawllll, they look like two scummy tools who liked My Chemical Romance in high school.
    Why exactly does “Kayvon” mean? Everytime I see it I think of those cheap Kathy Van Zeeland purses.

  9. I just lol at stickydrama actually listening to what the viewers say and try to prove themselves to us. Lol this is a publicity stunt because of that post you made days ago. And look at you feeding into this. Next you are going to find some sex tape like you found of paige and kayvon. lolz

  10. Amor lies about everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, so Im guessing this is just another publicity stunt because she has a disease called Attention Whoreism.
    She is 17 though, thats the only thing I believe concerning her. Although she has been trying to claim shes 18 for the past 9 months..

  11. ^^^her whole life is scripted. she’s a fake human being.
    amor is only well-known because of who she spreads her legs to (which is almost everyone). I wonder what she plans on doing the rest of her life. oh wait… she’s a “model”

  12. i love how everyone that “went to school with her” have a different age for her. LYK3 0MGZ I WEnT TO 3L3MEnTARY SCH00L WITH AM0R AnD IM TELLIn YOU WHEn I M3T HER SHE WAZ TOTLLY 12!!! SO WTF IS EVERYOnE THEInKInG SHEZ 17 FOR wh3n SH3Z RLY 12 IRL!!!

  13. if any of you were smart, you would know that amor is only 15..therefore it is ILLEGAL to get married. I live right by her, went to school with her. SHE IS 15. despite the lies she has told

  14. He went from Little Miss Paige, a smoking hot blonde model, TO AMOR HILTON? JOHN HOCKS LEFTOVERS. My god, I sense desperation on Kayvons part?

  15. LOL where’s the diamond at?
    it took 3 times of watching the video to even SEE the ring. this better be a publicity stunt, or else she settled for some cheap shit.

  16. alright in my opinion, this is most likely a publicity stunt. Kayvon has admitted to being gay before, and Amor isn’t that miraculous to turn a gay man straight.
    2nd of all, Amor isn’t fat. Sure she’s got chubby cheeks and a full face, but shes definitely not fat.
    Although if I were her I would 86 the pink hair, isn’t doing much good for her.

  17. Well I must admit they make a great couple. She looks better next to Kayvon Zand then that cock flop John Hock. So i give them that. Plus Kayvon’s amazing! xD

  18. he’s an ex-telemarketer from north carolina, who cares if he’s getting married? this isn’t even worth a write-up. he’s no celeb, and a closet case. end of story. find the real drama behind him lol

    So you’re saying Kayvon’s NOT a faggot?

  20. Amor! Remember when Kayvon said this???
    ill tell u whats gross, that 2 inch crooked cock btw ur fat thighs. piggly wiggly
    well damn, 17 and so damn fat. Bitch I would have thought that you had lost the metab with puberty. 2 things. Dont eat. Go Blonde. Youll thank me in 3 months 🙂
    true love…

  21. Um first off, Amor looks doped up or drunk or something. And very greasy..
    And yeah They’re lieing.
    Amor is a loose whore.

  22. attention whores. nobody was talking about them for a while so now they have to pull shit like this. whats with all these guys fucking minors?
    and yes, PLEASE take a shower! they look very very greasy

  23. oh and then next week she’ll be expecting his baby, then a month later it will fall out her loose hole again

  24. holy phuck i didnt know people were stupid enough to try to pull publicity stunts as wannabe internet celebs

  25. doesn’t take an asshole or moron to realize it’s a publicity stunt to further their names, nothing spells attention and wide-spread gossip like a false engagement ploy.

  26. yea i didnt think so at first but i guess they might just be made for each other well i mean cute for each other, cause relationships dun last long most of the time >.>
    & LOL@ thing above me

  27. That is a fuckin lie. They aren’t engaged. I’m suppose to marry his ass not her. But its cool they won’t be together for very long he will get rid of her. OH WELL I’M OVER IT I’M DONE WITH YOU KAYVON.

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