StickyDrama detected the rumbles of online outrage a few days ago, when 24-year-old alleged Paris Hilton stalker and suspected pedophile Sam Dashefsky was disqualified from MTV’s latest unbelievably stupid contest “I Wanna Be Paris’ New Best Friend!”
Sam has made headlines before. He was supposedly featured on a MSNBC report about online predators; the network actually showed a blurred clip of a man closely resembling Dashefsky nude and masturbating.
More recently he reportedly attempted to enter Paris Hilton’s movie premier in Los Angeles for her latest cinematic abortion “The Hottie and the Nottie.” Multiple news sources have detailed that he was not allowed to enter the screening despite claiming to be Paris’ “boyfriend.”
While a handful of Stickam and Myspace attention whores such as Lil Amanda, Israel Hilton, Audiowh0regasm and the Rapist have entered the contest, StickyDrama deplores the unjustified disqualification of Dashefsky, who was winning by a wide margin. If MTV made the voting public, it should abide by the public’s decision. Bring back Sam!


  1. From the beginning your blog seemed pretty dull for me. But now it keeps getting better. THIS post is just AWESOME!

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