11-year-old cyberstalking victim @JessiiSlaughter got her 7 minutes of fame—true fame, not e-fame—on today’s “Good Morning America.”  But GMA’s own viewers didn’t have much sympathy for Jessi, with the overwhelming majority of them criticizing Jessi in the comments to ABC’s online version of the story.

Most commenters placed the blame squarely on Jessi and her parents, with more than a handful of them expressing outrage that the broadcast’s hosts blamed rap music for Jessi’s foul and violent language.

Interesting to note that neither the Slaughters nor GMA mention 4Chan, where the campaign of harassment against the Slaughters began, nor StickyDrama, where a MyDrama author posted screencaps of Jessi boasting of her relationship with Blood on the Dance Floor lead singer Dahvie Vanity. (In fact, Jessi is still following us on her Twitter.) Also interesting to note that ABC brought Internet Safety expert Parry Aftab into the fray.  Our readers will recall that Ms. Aftab also commented on John Hock’s 2009 sex assault, in which the so-called expert confused Stickam and StickyDrama.  StickyDrama asked Ms. Aftab how we could make our site safer back then, but we never heard back from her.  A former Stickam employee familiar with Ms. Aftab explained:  “She only advises you in internet safety if you pay her an ‘honorarium,’ a donation.  It’s her racket.”


  1. Ive watched some videos of hers just to get a sense of what people are talking about with the fould mouth blah blah. Honestly, from what i saw, she doesnt have a foul mouth. Unless i didnt watch something, i “swear” a whole lot more than her, Im 15 but still :/ i dunno. Other than that, I dont like her at all and if she were my kid i would not even let her on the cimputer without full supervision anymore…..maybe no computer at all.

  2. Wow, someone’s a dumbass. 7th grade is 12year olds. she could be turning twelve before or during the beginning of seventh grade.
    and I doubt she even listens to rap. She listens to bands like BOTDF, obviously.

  3. It’s funny how all the problems in the world with children get pointed to rap music…

  4. I think she put herself in this situation. Going on youtube/webcame cussing up a storm, telling people they’re jealous because she’s perfect, saying she’s going to turn their brains into a slushy, it’s her fault.

  5. Nobody CARES what you all fucking did when you were 11.
    I absolutely despise Jessi, but honestly? This is the 21st century, and a lot of technology has far since advanced than it was in what, the 90’s?
    A lot of really young kids already have computers because they have older siblings or because schools themselves require many assignments that take online research.

  6. I completely blame her parents. They’re IDIOTS for even letting her HAVE a webcam at 11 years old, let alone access to Twitter and Sticky Drama or whatever. You can tell her parents aren’t very smart by the way her father handled things, and also how he made absolutely no sense. What has the world come to?

  7. She did this to herself. If she doesn’t want this, she should stop making YouTube videos. Some people shouldn’t be allowed on the internet, or at least have a parent watching them at all times.

  8. I tell you what an 11 year old girl should not be on the internet let alone on the internet in her room with a webcam. If you can’t take the heat get your … out the kitchen. She is not a victim far from it.

  9. Let’s try to think 7 years or so into the future. This little angel will be giving lap dances and $20 blowjobs to long haul truckers in some sleazy strip joint off I95 in Florida. Backtrace Daddy will have long since smoked himself to death, and Mom (along with her 3 remaining brain cells) will
    be living in a cardboard box behind the local Walmart. We will all end up supporting Jessi and her bastards when she finally contracts AIDS from one of her many clients. In short, the knuckle draggers raising her are just too stupid to change her future for the better. The best thing that could happen to her is for Child Protective Services to get a clue and place her with responsible
    foster parents who will take an active part in turning her life around.

    Rap music, retaliation,
    wtf is up with adults…-.- fucking anons

  11. when i was 11 i still watching spongebob and doing home work at school i didnt even know what the hell the internet was . i read books an played out side …

  12. i hardly knew how to use a computer when i was 11. i was on neopets taking care of my virtual pets..

  13. Ummm the use of Glock being attributed to Rap music . . . . . Yup back in the 90’s when she wasn’t even alive. I hear glock being referred too more on a episode of COPS, which are repeats from the 90’s. He needs his face slapped.

  14. This is ridiculous.
    When I was 11 I didn’t dress like her, I didn’t wear make-up unless it was for important events, I most definitely did not use language like her. She needs help. I’m not the least bit surprised she was sent to a mental health facility. And I also don’t get, after EVERYTHING that happened with her because she was on the damn internet, they still allow her to be on the computer. She should be watching Hannah Montana or playing with some barbies.

  15. “LYk3 OMFG u Guuuyzzzz!!! Kut thes $h!t Ouuutt! I’m LyK3 kryen Muh 3yez 0uT riT3 NA0 !f u haven’t n07iced!”
    Careful, guys. We’re getting backtraced and might get reported to the cyber-police.
    So don’t leave mean comments, or CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!! (:

  16. After looking at her Twitter, I actually do feel sorry for her.. because it just shows how immature she really is, and she probably didn’t realise that what she was doing was really all that wrong.
    Still, I blame the fucking parents. When I was eleven I only played Neopets, and our computer was in the family room so I was always supervised.

  17. this pissed me off , she called that shit her self an @anon 1:14
    she dressed like that because shes TRASH

  18. and I will bet my good dildo that GMA took most of the information on this girl from 4chan or stickydrama. lol

  19. I’m flippin delighted this backfired on them. Maybe now they’ll actually punish their daughter for her behaviour.

    dahvie has bad taste, this girl is busted, TV cameras make people look like shit

  21. What i wanna know is why a 11yr old is doing on the internet like that? i didnt have a myspace or anything until i was 14…the parents of Jessi need to be evaluated.

  22. LOL. Mental health facility. I could see why she would go there and definitely not for being “suicidal”

  23. I’m glad she didn’t decide to lie on television to make herself look better.
    Um, why don’t I believe you used curse words because you couldn’t think of something to say?
    Because its not true. And I’m not saying when I was younger I didn’t lie about my age for a website, but I didn’t go on it harassing people, and making videos like that.
    I’m glad people are seeing through what she showed on tv.

  24. ugh, really, she brought the whole thing on herself, and also, glancing at her twitter, it might help if someone buys her a dictionary too, she seems to have literacy problems.

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