Brookiecakes, the LA scene-slut whom everybody either loves to hate or hates to love, has been arrested—again—for one count of felony vandalism.

Facts are still trickling in, but the arrest appears to involve a prior incident in which Brookie smashed Barbie Thierjung’s rear windshield with a baseball bat.  For that, Barbie apparently obtained a restraining order against Brookie.

Whereas LAPD is known for not giving two shits about any crime whatsoever unless there’s a dead body, violating a restraining order is a no-no.  Brookie is presently being held at the Hollywood Division jail; her bail, which she has not posted, is $20,000.

There’s no reason for this above picture, but we think it’s funny regardless.  Anyway, this is Brookie’s second arrest this year.  She was arrested earlier in March for an undetermined misdemeanor for which the bail was $60,000.

It is unclear at this time whether the two cases are related.  In any event, the moral of the story is:  Do not fuck with Brookie, especially if there’s a baseball bat lying around.


  1. thats shit is old as hell ^ there are other weak victims a lot more. if you sit here and defend this fatback crab dungeon you’re a blind fool.

  2. handheldheidi you don’t now shit you live in Iowa this fat bitch turns tricks to pay for her mall apt
    she is not the same scene hooker from austin she swims with the sharks no.
    also where is ericka? heard she hated you opps and why are you looking so bad nowadays?

  3. Kurt tracy is one ugly mofo big ass forehead receding hair line kicking in. he works out but eats garbage he doesn’t have any clue how to put on muscle.
    also he gets seconded rate girls who aren’t attractive/are not models but white trash with shitty boob jobs. no dime pieces i know lots of people in the scene who talk mad shit about this wannabe.

  4. Those rear windshields can be really expensive.
    Does this peroxide failwhore think she’s Britney?

  5. only her fat ass would have “cakes” at the end of her little scene name brookie is a fucking stupid, stuck up, bitch. who thinks she the hottest thing around because because she has big deformed looking tits. she deserves everything thats coming to her. taking money from cancer patients, making fun of mentally ill people… and thats just the internet. i rememberseeing her at a tattoo convention and that bitch was not skinny.

  6. Awesome post by the way..
    @Anonymous, July 26, 2010, 4:58 am:
    brooke has always been hot…kurt tracy wasnt talking shit when he was eating that pussy! AHA!
    Brookies pretty intense like a double complete rainbow in my front yard. Not cool and fucking AWESOME she crashed that shit. If it was my shit would I say it was awesome? Fuck no and i’d tell her that without a restraining order (but just as terrified). I enjoy Brookie. Yeah I liked how they called her fat and she currently weighs 130 and weighed 135 before. All that plastic barbie botox shit aside… Brookie has been awesome to me personally. I am glad I took the time to get to know her. Now I wanna talk shit like a trendy LA fuck on facebook too. It’s obviously her weight is in her chest but according to a comment… sounds like one of you were too busy eating her puss to know that.
    Kurt Wait GNC? Like the weight suppliment place? Gotcha I see what you did there. Seeing your facebook shit talk fest I’m not surprised you talked about getting 15 girls together to kick her ass … how fucking manly do you sound? What pussy says that? Actually cool story bro. Hit up some of that GNC shit yourself, get yourself some muscle and knock the bitch out if you have an issue. Don’t get on facebook update your status with that shit in the middle of playing your pussy farmville bro! Discredited totally but you have cool Trace Cyrus tattoos so thumbs up.
    Laura way to try to include yourself between two people when you’re probably the chick/socially awkward/less attractive girl in the group of friends but just want to fit in. Am I wrong? Lovey, but doubt it. Hey I am …single if you are? Js I love those sears-store purchased glasses. Life well spent.
    Barbie the whole XXXXXXL statement thing reminds me of a girl who’s trying hard to be funny. I noticed you typed “lol” after like a typical blonde too. I didn’t see anything laugh or type “hahahaha” but yourself. So you have the sterotype presentation of what a Barbie is. Marry well or get someone who’s financially secure pregnat. I bet your face looks like a half melted candle, cunt. Hint: Tanning beds don’t buy you a humor. :))
    I hope you (one of the three in the facebook convo) may read this stickydrama post to see what people say. I am sure you’ll trigger the typical mental defense mechanism “wow what losers!” response in your head, Know this; you sounded the exact same way to us when had your stupid, just as pointless, facebook conversation about a girl you hate but you devoted a few moments about. You proved NOT that you were better than her (like you may think you are) but you could act just as “tacky” as you think “she does”. Hypocritical.

  7. Lol at kurttracy chiming in by the way genius it’s ‘she is the epitome’ dummy he does the same exact thing to girls she probably denied his jihad ass.
    change your scene name again

  8. brooke has always been hot…kurt tracy wasnt talking shit when he was eating that pussy! AHA!

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