The Arapahoe County Sheriff confirmed in a telephone call with StickyDrama that Dahvie Vanity, lead singer of the popular emo band “Blood On the Dance Floor” or BOTDF, was arrested on September 13, 2009 on charges of felony sexual assault.

The above “criminal history record” is on file with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.  The Sheriff was unable to provide any information besides confirming the authenticity of the above document, since the case was sealed by a court order.  Rumors that Dahvie’s alleged victim dropped charges or that the case was dismissed are impossible to confirm or refute.
StickyDrama’s determination that Dahvie was indeed arrested for sexual assault calls into question another blogger’s assertion that rumors of his statutory rape against @JessiiSlaughter are “unfounded.”</a


  1. I like how people keep talking shit about a little girl who claims to have had sex with a guy who appears to have been already arrested for “sexual assault”. It’s so much more fun to make fun of a child than actually think some incredibly fucked up things may have happened to her, and helped make her what she is today. HERP DERP WUT A _-*WhOrE*-_ RITE GUISE?!

  2. I bet that Jessi comes to this site on a hourly basis. “h8ing” on herself. ZOMG LIEK GUISE, HATERZ MAK3 ME FAMOOSE. Girl, please. I know this particular post isn’t about her, but HEY, LETZ BOOST HER EGO. guise, she is famous. you can’t make fun of a celeb. i’ve heard that consequences will NEVER be the same. so, lets just keep to ourselves guise. IF YOU CAN’T KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, I WILL REPORT YOU TO THE CYBER PO-LEESE. kbai

  3. Yea so. Everyone makes parodies about Jessi Slaughter, aswell did Botdf, her favoret band, and as we all know, Dahvie is a sex maniac so its pretty easy for her to say that he raped her, assuming she has been to one of Botdf’s concerts at least..

  4. Its so easy to say a person is ”bad” without any proof, saying he raped you is also so very easy. Even if you dont like his music/him as a person/whatever doesnt mean he has to be a rapist/pedophile..

  5. Come on, you have all watched the Jessi vids , if she REALLY had naked pics of Davhie like she said the cops would have them by now and he would be arrested, not planning his next tour. I am sure many of their fans say they have this or have that or have dated/ had sex with him. Thank god the police ( usually ) work on evidence. They probably gave her a rape test and saw she was still a virgin. NEXT

  6. has anyone rlly listened to sexting by botdf? cuz it talks about being caught with his pants down and parents bringing down the door and leaving town or something.

  7. I hate Davhie, no talent ugly ass loser, and it really bothers me that we share the same birthday , the date not the year.

  8. Have any of you actually seen what happened?I’m confused about all of this.But I do know that Jessi Slaughter is a liar so no one should believe her!

  9. Stickam newst /b/oard of DirectorZ to teh Rescue!!!! You’ll recognize her from The Apprentice. I’ve never watched that shitty show but, she was a contestant apparently. Thats gotta take some reality out of ya, wasting time with Trump. No wonder she thinks Stickam is a magical place full of candy and unicorns.

  10. Agreed, about fucking time. Let’s see now, there goes John Hock, Dahvie Vanity..i wonder who else might get hauled to jail next?

  11. According to ED (so, yeah…uh) Jessi Slaughter is claiming Dahvie stat raped her but the police didn’t believe her.
    As to whether that chat is really hers, who the hell knows. She does appear to claim on her twitter to have his n00dz, which is a crime right there.

  12. Well there you go, all you young ladies should learn something from this. Don’t go all groupie crazy over a band with a fat frumpy “scene” singer….because he will find a way to rape you. Imagine a fat frumpy drag queen raccoon extension scary fake contacts double chin sweat on top of you raping you. Stop supporting fat scene singers. Even some of the skinny ones will rape you. Watch out girls.

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