Despite the best efforts of Stickam’s developers, Carb0n has found yet another vulnerability in the network which allows him to seize control of user sessions.

While Stickam did manage to prevent his rickrolling and Flash porn injections, protecting host sessions has proven more problematic. This past weekend Carb0n again went on several kicking sprees in the most popular Stickam chatrooms. The above screencap is from Singles Chat; readers can download a 130 MB screen-recording of the entire event from Rapidshare:
The recording clearly shows Singles Chat host [X] Raided struggling, without success, to regain control of his account as Carb0n kicked his room empty. Show N Tell and other popular chatrooms experienced similar attacks.
Carb0n plans on collaborating with his friend Rancid to take control of LIve hosts’ sessions as well. And guess who their target will be?


  1. lol, I’ve used this name for 5 or 6 years. I only started coming to Stickam a couple months ago though. The only way you can have an original internet handle is if you think of the most retarded name possible with just weird letters thrown together in an awkward order. And even then, that’s probably still some chinese kid’s actual name he uses to blog with.

  2. Hi. Im the other carb0n, from that myspace that the fag Mikeyy posted. Nice job on the research. apparently, just about any retard can type carb0n in google and use the first thing you could find.
    Oh well. I’ve been keeping up to date on everything thats happening though. Nice job, carb0n. Although, i admit, it really sucks that we both somehow have the same name with the same zero in the same spot. ?_?
    Btw, one more thing. I’ve had the same name for a few years, but i use it as my gaming alias, and also on stickam, for these who keep yelling “FAKE CARBON LOL”. Thanks, and gtfo. Get a real life.

  3. no it wasnt carb0n,
    the other carb0n came into johns live earlier when he just left it running,
    and he was complaining about john threatening him saying stuff like “il do the same to you as i did to jefree robert something.”
    when he hasnt even hacked anyone.
    wrong carb0n.

  4. The IP that he says is Carbon leads t the IP that uses hahahahahaha way to fail Mikeyy!!

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