@JeffreeStar's Video Premieres on Myspace

Get Away With Murder JEFFREE STAR (new VIDEO out NOW!!!) | MySpace Music Videos Jeffree Star's new music video "Get Away With...

Jeffree Star's Album Leaked

Some naughy cocksucker---because only a cocksucker would care enough about Jeffree Star's music---has leaked his unreleased album on a Myspace...

Where Are Her Parents?

Much online brouhaha was recently made of Jeffree Star's photo with Miley Cyrus. StickyDrama did a little research, and...

Jeffree On Hock's Prostitution Scandal

What does Jeffree Star have to say about our expos on John Hock's sugardaddy? The Queen has spoken. http://www.stickam.com/jeffreestar http://www.stickam.com/johnathonhock

Live Photoshop?

The pink abomination that is Jeffree Star made a rare on-cam appearance tonight. Jeffree was live but off-cam for an eternity...

Find the Tranny Whore

StickyDrama knows not the date on which this photo was taken; were it a hundred thousand centuries ago, its deliciousness...

The Joy of Kicking Jeffree

Oh Dear Readers! Today was a glorious day. Jeffree Star came into the StickyDrama chatroom ... and we...

Don't Fuck With This Cocksucker

StickyDrama was sent a link to a YouTube video in which Jeffree Star gets into some major shit. Apparently...

Stickam Death Threats: The Latest Trend!

The feud is back on! Jeffree Star banned Anthony Vanity from his Live Saturday night, and then brandished a...