Much online brouhaha was recently made of Jeffree Star’s photo with Miley Cyrus. StickyDrama did a little research, and has decided that if Miley were our 15-year-old daughter, we would have serious objections to the company she keeps.
Jeffree was a gentleman and covered his cutting scars for a celebrity of her caliber since, as cheesy as she is, she’s still lightyears ahead of some no-talent pink cocksucker. Fortunately Jamesstownn!!! sent StickyDrama close-up proof of his inner pain.


  1. Miley was telling me about what she thought of jeffree…. He’s the one that wanted the picture with HER. She laughed about it.. Tlking about how much he was trying 2 suck up 2 her..

  2. Miley Cyrus is a slut
    she definatly put a dildo on and shoved it up his ass, and she def liked it.

  3. Lol this is a gay post seriously
    Nothing is wrong with the picture of her
    your just dumb fucks trying to mess with peoples lifes
    i love miley, shes awesome
    and i love jstar too
    so get the fuck over it bitch

  4. alex from the cab lurking in the background of that first one.
    they both showed up at a stop on the Really Really Riduculously Good Looking Tour, since Jstar and Gabe are buddies.

  5. lol hannah montana and jeffree star
    are they planning on taking over the world?
    kinda creepy actually

  6. Way to ruin a perfectly good tattoo of Christina Ricci.
    j0lz and Miley Cyrus is like my pedophile dream, I’m so ashamed.js

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