EXCLUSIVE! Gage Arthur: “@JeffreeStar Drugged, Tazed and Raped Me”

Gage Arthur, a former Stickam entertainer who was never hugely popular in terms of social media following but was very...

Jeffree Star on Dahvie Vanity: "I Never Saw Anything Illegal … But He Still...

Chris Hansen published his highly-publicized interview with Jeffree Star tonight: StickyDrama...

@JeffreeStar's Video Premieres on Myspace

Get Away With Murder JEFFREE STAR (new VIDEO out NOW!!!) | MySpace Music Videos Jeffree Star's new music video "Get Away With...

No Wonder California H8s Gays

Discuss. http://twitter.com/jeffreestar

@JeffreeStar in Junior High

Behold Jeffree Star in the 8th grade: Discuss. http://twitter.com/JeffreeStar

Jeffree Star's Album Leaked

Some naughy cocksucker---because only a cocksucker would care enough about Jeffree Star's music---has leaked his unreleased album on a Myspace...

Jeffree On Hock's Prostitution Scandal

What does Jeffree Star have to say about our expos on John Hock's sugardaddy? The Queen has spoken. http://www.stickam.com/jeffreestar http://www.stickam.com/johnathonhock

Jeffree Star and Hanna Beth in Bulletin Brawl -UPDATED

UPDATE: Jeffree forwarded menacing text messages from Trace Cyrus---Hanna's "famous boyfriend who does drugs and ignores her all the time"---to...

Please Keep Paying Attention To Us

Jeffree Star and Chris Crocker have now been spreading the word that they are dating. Atrocities such as this...

Kiki Ejected From Jeffree's Show

Online drama collided with reality this past Saturday, when Jeffree Star had Kiki Kannibal removed from the Orland nightclub The...
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