Get Away With Murder

JEFFREE STAR (new VIDEO out NOW!!!) | MySpace Music Videos

Jeffree Star’s new music video “Get Away With Murder” has finally premiered on the front page of Myspace, after much hype and fanfare among scene trannies and fat girls.  While no one would ever find Jeffree’s music on StickyDrama’s playlist, we do think he deserves props for pushing all-male orgies into the mainstream media.  Gratz, faggot!


  1. Dude you need to learn how to hold a note in tune before you start calling yourself a musician because it is insulting to all musicians who actually work hard so they can sing. I fucking hate it when people act like they are good at something the took not interest in actually studying.

    Ditto we need to get a voodoo woman to resurrect Koko Taylor and where the fuck is RuPaul in all this to show us how it should be done.

  3. the sad thing is that half these guys probably did something sexual with jeffree before/after the video in hopes of again e-fame or los angeles popularity

  4. hm.well dye his hair blonde in the beginning and you get lady gaga’s poker face hair.and the sparkly hoodie was also seen on demi lovatos disney prostitot body in a photoshoot.not impressed.

  5. I love the fact that only 7 comments are from people willing to show their faces on the internet.. Sad, we still live in a world where fake people hide behind fake names. I give props to the video considering its limited budget.. but on a USA-NATIONAL SCALE 1/300 PEOPLE KNOW WHO JEFFREE IS. not bad.

  6. Definately beat my expectations, he looks happy, did a pretty good job too. Now he just needs to start being nice to people and giving a fuck.

  7. whats with the lady gaga type wig
    and whys he moving his mouth all weird?
    when i met him he used to be so cool now
    he just thinks hes way better than everyone else. and even puts down fans.. saying “he looks like an air brushed barbie while they look like hot messes.”
    seriously? lets put down people who support you. thats REALLY nice.
    fuck that shit i dont support two faced people.

  8. Horrible music. Horrible music video – I only gave it 30 seconds, i felt i was watching a gay porn. Please Jeffree, no more. Switch back to making JUST music, and posing for your album covers, you dont really belong in anything but on peoples myspace friends.

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