Are you textually active? Teen Sexting; the ‘post-modern flirting,’ churns utter hysteria in the United States.

(God forbid one would ask Stickydrama readers to do some serious thinking but I guess it’s worth a shot.)

There is an interesting debate boiling in this country. The Issue:Teens sending naked cell phone pictures. A phenomenon more widely known as ‘sexting ‘. A practice we thinkMiley Cyrus has inspired millions of teens to try out for themselves. The release of Miley’s picturesprompted the fuckingFEDSraiding intoJosh Holly’s Tennessee apartment… so does it really surprise anyone that other teens pictures of that nature are landing kids in courtroomsfacing serious charges?

AsDavid Rosen eloquently put it: ‘Sexting is the first innovative form of pornography to organically emerge in the 21st century.’ It’s so new that there are not proper laws in the books to deal with it properly OR effectively. I’d say the current draconian laws being blindly applied and the manner in which we are dealing with this are aptly comparable to America’s botched past prohibition of alcohol and the current war on drugs — maybe worse. It’s pure insanity to continue to deal with this ‘epidemic‘ as we are. This is where the ‘American Insanity’ comes in. We Americans have a great talent of obsessing over sexual matters. The ‘Sexting Hysteria‘ must end — and soon!

Part of the comic value here iswho is ending up in court: The ones who took the pictures of themselves. Teens are facing child pornography charges on multiple levels and threats of being labeled a sex offender for the rest of their lives. Legally that would bar the teenager from being around schools and even playgrounds — pretty fucking funny right? No.

There are lots of current examples to be referenced:

The above list are just a few of the latest… there are TONS more. These are sexting cases, in my mind its the exact same thing sending naked pictures online in any method be that on an instant messenger, webcam or email etc. If that was the case this would all have alegal beginning in 2004 rather than 2005 as Wikipedia says. Anyone using Stickam or ANY social networking site well knows that in many ways these sites are hubs to an exciting underground n00dz exchange. N00dz are flying around at light speed between horny teens in this country and worldwide. Cam sites, chat platforms and the fact that you can’t buy a computer anymore without an integrated webcam have all worked to up the ante directly connecting horny teens to each other in their most comfortable places. It’s not just on cell phones… and this blunt reality is going to smack the fuck out of the US if we don’t get a grip at our highest levels.

There is another noteworthy item which might help explain this serious judicial overkill. The highly publicized caserecently posted in mydrama about 18 year old Jesse Loganwho hung herself in her closet after her legal sexting n00dz were leaked school wide. So now everyone who sexts are in grave fucking danger!!!!!! Her mother is now out there on a mission to bring sexting to the foreground and help ensure there are consequences. I wonder if she thought it would end up backfiring to the point that her daughter would have been the one prosecuted!? Especially considering she was 18 and sending it to underage boys. Maybe she was just particularly unstable. Anyone who is going to hang themselves over teasing and their naked pictures getting out would have probably hung themselves SOONER if they were also facing child porn / sex offender charges on top of that as Jesse would have been charged today!

A Tiny Shimmer of Progress:

Not surprisingly, the US law system is light years behind the reality which we enjoy. This was really apparent with the recent news that a wacko district attorney in Pennsylvania doing an all-out blitz to power through child pornography charges against 3 teens who appeared in cell phone pictures. The Judge in this case blocked the charges! Thank the gods thatthe ACLU is there to smack some fuckin’ sense into these people — They have now fired back with a lawsuit against this DA, defending these 3 girls. This is going to be a good lesson and precedent to prosecutors and Judges nationwide.

None of this is trying to justify themany,many cases of adults sexting minors… or even teensposting n00dz for revenge. I’m talking about the minor-to-minor sexting and even the mass-sexting of friends of classmates. Once they have sent out the n00dz once, it is not in their control anymore. The reasoning that is directing these fucking asshats to file these types of charges on minors is the same type of fundie-logic that allows a person to proclaim the evils of condoms while their children are out getting fucked by burly Alaskan boys. **cough-bristolpalin-cough** How many of these District attorneys children are sexting their raging boners to petite lil bitches?

This is inexcusable and fucking insane. How I wish I could be there when future generations laugh about this footnote in history. Oh and lock your cell phones you retarded teens

Sighhhhh……Obama, help?

What are your thoughts? [click to enlarge]

Afterword: Granted our poll is entirely unscientific, but it is still interesting. After less than a full day of voting we found that just over half of the Stickydrama readers had sent naked pictures. I was expecting a bit more but this is not surprising. As I had hoped and expected people overwhelmingly chose the last of the 2 responses regarding punishment. Voting that it shouldn’t be in the courtroom at all and that its up to the parents, nothing should be done legally. Hopefully this whole topic and these cases will all be a distant memory soon. Thanks for voting.


  1. If you’re going to take nudes, don’t be a dumbass and show your face. Kids these days. I have no sympathy whatsoever.

  2. …I almost got 3 days of out of school suspension for not giving up my cell phone when asked.
    The princable told me how they’ve found many innapropriate photos floating around of people from my school and shit. So it is hitting everyone hard.
    Ironic timing though.

  3. Justin.TV is turning into another cam4. Today I saw 300 people asking girls to show. 2 girls flashed their boobs and one is starting to show everything. The admins and staff don’t even monitor or care.

  4. I’m glad you agree. Any time a cute nickname is made up for a relatively simple thing it’s usually by an old man who stumbles across something everyone else has known about on the internet for at least a year and then does a report on CNN about it. It reminds me of when old people discovered the word “blogging” or “tweeting” and farted all over them.

  5. ROFL i had the same thought about the term ‘sexting’. its fucking retarded but for the sake of writing clearly, it kinda helps with the concept of sending pics on a cell phone… where as ‘sending n00dz’ is on anything. I agree tho – I hate when they make ‘cute’ names like that, as you say.

  6. Super don’t care. I’ve sent noodz and gotten noodz, there is risk involved but I’ve been pretty satisfied with the process so far. If mine got leaked I’d be embarrassed, but I have a nice body and a big dick so I don’t really have much to be ashamed of.

    And jesus, it’s sending naked pics. It’s not sexting. It’s sending noodz or sending dirty texts. Just because some 60 year old TV anchor came up with a cute name for it doesn’t make it a new concept, or any less stupid sounding.

  7. Anon from 7:20, 7:26, 7:28 I totally agree with you.

    I don’t even understand why it would be considered a bad thing to be exposed to the human body. I guess when you’re like 8 it can be a little weird, but at like 15? The human body is the purest version of art there is; it shouldn’t be hidden… Although, I speak for myself that I don’t want to see teens bodies everywhere cuz I don’t roll that way but there shouldn’t be laws enforcing them to hide it with other teens. Teens will be teens, as said before.

  8. too many people are anti anything dealing with sexuality. which in this generation is not something parents can enforce too well.
    they are taking it too far with having them labeled as sex offenders.

  9. Yes, kids will be kids, until we stop allowing them to be.

    We’ve got to protect the children….. from themselves.

    What better way than to charge them with federal crimes, and possibly register them as sex offenders for life as a punishment for their experimentation and exploration of their bodies and their sexuality, which is a natural stage of human devlopment.

    Good job protecting those kids from, dare I ask, what exactly? Phychological harm? Well perhaps if sex and nudity weren’t treated like vile, disgusting things in the first place….

    But this kind of stuff cant be discussed rationally with the current mindset of the population so I’ll stop now. Let the pedo name calling commence as I’m sure it will.

  10. Also, I’m tired of people taking noods and then whining and complaining about it when they get out.

    Here’s a tip: if you don’t want the entire Internet to potentially see it, don’t give it to anyone in a format where they can record it or redistribute it – ie the Internet!

    Such a no brainer solution.

  11. This is when a society’s insane taboo against sex (brough on by the religious conservatives) reached asinine levels.

    For the love of Christ, can someone please explain to me why the human body is something that needs to be hidden?

    Why is sex evil when it makes people feel good in the highest way possible, while violence is everywhere and it hurts and kills people? Fucked up logic I tell you.

    I hope we, the so-called most intelligent race on Earth, wake the fuck up some day and kick ourselves in the asses for looking upon the work of God, the human body, in dusgust.

    Then we can stop believing the God bullshit, but here’s not the place for that. I’ll stop now pefore the Xtians blow a gasket as they just love to do.

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