Ladyjbug, a middle-aged female Stickam user, has learned a timeless truth of the Internet: Guys love girls who show cleavage.

It doesn’t matter how pretty the girls are. It doesn’t matter how old the girls are. It doesn’t matter how fat the girls are and it certainly doesn’t matter how trashy the girls are. Guys want tits, and whatever comes along with those tits is irrelevant … no matter how repulsive it might be. Which is why StickyDrama found dozens of horny boys swarming the old gal’s Live.

On the other hand, ladyjbug seems not to have learned that it’s unwise to upload full-resolution pics to one’s Stickam profile. It enables viewers to zoom in and see how unkind Time has been. As we have done here:

Let us not be misunderstood. StickyDrama is not saying that a mature woman cannot be alluring—we’ll let our readers’ comments say that. Rather, we’re saying that any woman, whether 15 years old or 50, invites ridicule when all she does is slut around on cam in negligee with her titties popping out.


  1. btw she’s probably a fucking pedo I meen what kind of 65 year old or whatever go on stickam dress like a hoe and talk to young people …arghhhh VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT

  2. Oh god no… I recall seeing n00ds of her in the n00ds *shiver section she looks like shes been run over by a train 1234567899999999999999x OLD PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE ON STICKAM

  3. nasty ass hag.
    shouldn’t she be doing something better with her time, than sitting there with glasses on trying t be a hot teacher/maid??
    the dress looks like a costume i wore, except i didn’t stretch into it while it was a size xs, (even though that’s my size, but i mean, she’s obviously not a double zero!)
    wtf does she talk to these kids about, anyways??? creeeeeepy.

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