Hayley Williams of the popular band Paramore is rumored to have recently Twipic’d her own n00dz by mistake just a few minutes ago.

Hailey claimed she “got hacked”; however, since she immediately gained deleted the twitpic seconds after it was posted, a more plausible theory is that the 21-year-old singer simply didn’t know how to use her new BlackBerry.


  1. “I just think it’s funny that this blew over within like the next day…”
    yeah it really did…hence why people (including you) are still talking about it a month on.

  2. I just think it’s funny that this blew over within like the next day… Virtually no one I knew even cared about this, and besides, I really don’t care. It’s not like she’s a Disney channel star. She’s 19/20-years old. Has a boyfriend, is in a rock band, and is known for occasionally cursing and being real, so she probably has pics she’s taken. Speaking from a Christian standpoint, it doesn’t say you can’t take pics of yourself topless on your Blackberry in the Bible… Just saying…

  3. I love how everyone calls hayley an annoying idiot just cause her tits are on the web. Dude everyone fucking sends noods. Maybe she did accidently send it to Twitter. Blackberrys fucked up and her boyfriend’s number might have been right next to the twitter number. She probably said she got hacked if she didn’t because she has a reputation to uphold. 😛 Children listen to her. But anyways, she may be an idiot…but she’s a FAMOUS, RICH, idiot 🙂

  4. I don’t get why people think she’s hot… and yeah she has small tits, everyone could tell before in regular pics that they were small and this confirms it. She is an ugly, career ruining, tard. Personally I hope this ruins Paramore cuz I haaaaate them, some of the most boring generic music ever.

  5. OMFG BAHAHAHAHAH wow… woooo go hayley show off what u never had!! yay!
    my ass u were hacked u WISH u dirty girl ;P
    i demand an apology ! i think i scared my eyes and my laptop suffer damages BAHAHA

  6. why the hell are u supporting this cunt? yeah woopdi fucking doo
    she stooped herself down in the i’m going to make a publicity stunt since my music sucks
    btw people do complain about men showing their boobs if they are fat or unappealing ;P
    she should of just kept her little man tits to herself , and theres no way in hell i would respect her now , why should i when she clearly doesnt respect herself

  7. boobs? what boobs? those look like tiny man tits
    she should of kept to herself cuz now she looks like a cheap hoe you get from Craigs list
    congrats Hayley u just lost some fans, most of them are little girls , and to think u were a little more self kept never mind
    and michiko so true , EPIC FAIL

  8. wow….. u know i never thought that she would try to look sexy anytime soon with career launching off … and what sucks the most is this pic is 2 words = epic fail …
    she should of waited for a lingerie shoot or something that would off been flattering ..
    and i dont see how she “accidentally” uploaded the pic , i have a blackberry it confirms 2 times i believe and it would of taken seconds to take off of a site =/
    all i can say is have fun explaining that to mom and pop Hayley ;P

  9. Thanks Hayley…this is the best thing you could ever give to your fans……..I love your titties
    I stared to them like a whole day….I was starting to wonder when you will post something like this

  10. First, woooooo Hayley tits! 😀
    Second, I love how people get on here and start calling names and shit just because someone screwed up. She’s human just like anyone else, and alowed to make her mistakes just like the rest of us. Most of the people who have called her names or made fun of her chest are probably just mad because no one knows who they are and wouldn’t give a damn if they showed their tits. Not to mention, people complaining that she’s flat chested, are probably flatter than she is.

  11. Wow, plenty of dumb, naive, hypocrites posting here… Anybody ever thing that maybe she’s a nromal, cool girl and doesn’t give a shit about looking hot for the guys by pretending she has big tits? The girl is really cool IMO. I bet 90% of the girls posting have smaller tits, and at least half the guy posting have 4″ dicks. Give her a break and keep your hypocrisies to yourselves, lame ass judgmental, hypocrites!!
    I also agree with the poster above!

  12. Dudes it’s boobs what’s there to complain about. And fuck all the Jesus fags in here hatin on boobs

  13. what i mean i hate this bitch but why yall hatin on this poor rat i mean maybe u hoes have pancake nipples thsa why yall talking smack

  14. Sorry to get off topic but can somebody please explain this trend of lensless glasses? I find very insulting to people with eye sight problems.
    Oh and how nice that my Parabore so easily became Parawhore.

  15. She is not nude. Nude means your body is not covered up in anyway. And furthermore men show their breasts all the time and nobody ever complains so why can’t a woman. Fuck double standards piss me off. However, her lack of integrity and overall hypocrisy is disgusting. Get a spine and use it girl! Nobody takes responsibility for any of the shit they do anymore, unless it is “good”. I’ve seen mice with more morals than this twat.

  16. Not going to say anything bout her tits, because I’m small chested myself. Some people really need to grow up. Not everyone can grow big fucking tits. And we wonder why girls are so insecure nowadays? Yeah. Anyways. But, she took the picture, so fail on her part. But as time goes on I’m sure people will begin to forget and it’ll pass. Just like how it’s been with other celebrities with n00dz that leaked, accidental or not. (Miley Cyrus, Pete Wentz, Ashley tisdale too I beleive) Shit happens, time to move on.

  17. I think her tits are perfect and I would SO fuck the complete shit out of her like seriously she wouldn’t have a cunt left.

  18. also I am a c cup, I have cleavage and my boobs look like that when I’m on my back. Grow up ^_^

  19. How do you know it was to send? I often take n00dz out of curiosity.. Not to send. Yes I am kind of ‘O.O wtf’ over it, and kind of confused how she managed to do it, but everyone should move the fuck on 🙂 She was stupid to take them yes, but everyone makes mistakes.

  20. Hahaha ALL YOU GUYS are hilarious. Most of you are all “Z0MG GUYS LITTLE B00BS ARE BETTER WAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Who the fuck cares if girls boobs are natural or not. She still is flat chested regardless of if shes laying down. Being flat chested is only a bad thing if you make it to be. Shes still a dumbass slut that took this picture in the first place and her nipples look orange.I fucking love it when its the Jesus freaks that fuck up and take n00ds like this
    P.S.Paramore does and will ALWAYS suck

  21. @ everyone asking “What would Jesus say ?”
    “Serves you right for that horrendous Airplane song, Paramore Girl!” @jesus_m_christ.

  22. Mehh I was listening to misery business
    “Once a whore you’re nothing more I’m sorry that will never change”
    I love paramore and I don’t think her nude is ugly but she should watch what she says
    Apparently good girls don’t take nudes.
    That is a slut thing to do.
    Hayley this is a fail on ur part.

  23. IT IS A FAKE FAKE FAKE, May 28, 2010, 3:06 am:
    NObody does that.
    Some SMART dude with TOOO MUCH time on their hands got a pic and PHOTOSHOPPED HER onto some boobs.
    I feel bad for her.
    ARE YOU A FUCKING RETARD? there is no way that is photoshoped…

  24. why the fuck do you all care if she says sorry or not? its a picture of her boobs!!! instead of thinking why or if she posted it up you should all just be noticing that lovely pair of boobs! and to be honest, i would prefer a handful of breasts instead of them saggy fake ones hitting my face everytime they were riding me. SO ALL YOU HATERS GROW THE FUCK UP AND RESPECT THEM BOOBS!

  25. “yippie new phone!!!!! lets take some slutty pics for my awesome bf..*click*… hmmmm i wonder what this button do…. OMG MY TITS ARE ON THE INTERWEBS”
    “I bet Hailey could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now”

  26. aww, how cute.
    the “i got hacked.” excuse….
    no one fucking cares that you take n00dz.
    everyone does.
    she should have just appologised.

  27. Who gives a shit if her boobs aren’t massive, she is still fucking gorgeous. She’s not a Kiki/Amor faggot wannabe, either.
    +1 for failing and posting n00dz to Hayley.

  28. I CALL PUBLICITY STUNT. When I send nudes I make sureeeee its going to right person, and I’m sure with her being a celebrity, she does too. K?thx.

  29. her areolas look like sausages. fuck you hayley ms. christian twatface for discouraging me to put this delicious slice of pizza into my mouth.

  30. I think its dumb how people are all “omg you got hacked!! and your noodz posted?!?!?! aww poor you! that hacker should be killed!”
    well if she didnt take the pics in the first place then they wouldnt hve been posted up by a “hacker”

  31. I don’t care what her boobs look like, but the fact that she even posted this on twitter is fucking hilarious. I know people have done worse, but its funny how she got *cough cough* “hacked”. I will say on a positive note that her goody-goody, horrible, makes your ears bleed band, doesn’t look so goody-goody anymore. 🙂 But they still have the ability to making your ears bleed.

  32. nice boobs… they are looking flat because she’s resting on her back. when my gf rests on her back, her boobs go flat like in the photo..heck, it’s with every woman, even the ones with fuller ones.

  33. All of you people making fun of her tits really have unrealistic expectations of real women.
    Lol welcome to real life…this is what a real set of tits looks like! WHOA!!! And guess what?
    They look fine. It’s not like you’re ever going to have to deal with seeing her “lack of tits” in real life anyway, so get over it x]
    She’s still dumb to take the n00ds in the first place, I just thought it was funny and pathetic that you guys are nitpicking about her body.

  34. poor thing. 🙁 I don’t really know whether to believe if she got “hacked” or not though. Then again it can be a form of getting her name out there, no?

  35. ALL she needs to do, all she CAN do, is admit to it. What’s left of her rep can be restored,
    because i for one will respect her again if she admits, which is quite a hard thing to do in this case.
    LOL but what if her band members are seeing this?? Oooh Hayley get on them birth pills..

  36. I can not stand Paramore. They suck.
    However she’s pretty and her tits are nice. Stop being such dick heads about her tits.
    I’d prefer if she owned up to this though. Make me think she’s a cool person.

  37. i just got a new black berry a few months ago an i never ended up twit pic-ing my noods lol !

  38. I agree if she had apologized for posting it on accident people would still hate but there would be less

  39. For fucks sake, why must everyone have big breasts to be hot.
    Seriously. What’s wrong with a natural sized chest? Noting! She just won’t have a cleavage up to her neck when she’s like 50 odd, like a lot of massive chested women!
    Hayley looks incredible.
    My respect for her is still the same. It hasn’t changed. Sure, she probably screwed up.. she’s probably embarrassed. But she’s human, like the rest of us.
    Give her a break.

    but seriously, why did she do this, she should know that her rep. was at stake

  41. To the comment above… what the hell is wrong with being a virgin!?
    But anyways… I still respect her. Crap happens. You deal with it
    and move on.

  42. even tho that ugly bitch is laying on her back,her tits are small,and shes fucking ugly,fuck this stupid whore,and fuck everyone who has to take nude pictures for the internets

  43. She is a short and skinny person, its not possible to she to have big boobs, everyone that are talking about her tits size are fucking virgins

  44. That isn’t a flat-chest. She’s laying down. It’s not like she has NO tits.
    Either way, why make fun of someone’s genetics they didn’t choose? Sure, there’s surgery, but still. So pointless. Make fun of the fact she took n00ds. Something she had a choice from the start with. >;P

  45. Give her a break? I would like to purchase a new blackberry go home take nudes and “accidentally” post said nudes on twitter and watch everyone give me a break

  46. YES Idiocracy! HAHA “That Guy” is 100% right. She showed her tits! I could care less if it was on accident! Your stupid if your going to take pictures of yourself naked.

  47. So you said she made a mistake get over it. How many people can make nude picture mistakes like this and “Get Over it”? Teen boys & Skeezy guys will be polishing their nobs over this for years to come. Seriously people don’t let your idol loving fangirl / fanboy status of being a nob polisher let you forget if she did send this out she did it because she is dumb as bricks and then lacks the integrity to say oh I did it … no I will blame a hacker instead. In the end fail-girl is fail and its things like this that has lead to the generation of stupid in america. Idiocracy HERE WE COME!

  48. yeah someone hacked her body, made her take a pic of her tits, then upload it from her bb to twitpic..

  49. omq nooo shes my idol 🙁
    WTf everyone makes mistakes
    and if it was from her blackb.
    so what its her phone!!

  50. Will everyone stop being so fucking harsh?
    Shit happens, doesn’t change the fact that she has an amazing voice, and Paramore are a great band.
    Grow up people.

  51. Big fucking woop Hayley sent a pic of her topless by accident. Her boobs just aren’t that super big because she’s laying on her back and who the fuck cares about size of boobs I bet everyone bitching about that are guys that have been horribly turned down and fat ass hairy nip bitches. LOL this isn’t even bad at all. Compare it to that skank Amor then listen to your laugh.

  52. yippie new phone!!!!! lets take some slutty pics for my awesome bf..*click*… hmmmm i wonder what this button do…. OMG MY TITS ARE ON THE INTERWEBS

  53. got hacked? yeah right…
    i bet shes to dumb to figure out her new blackberry and accidentally clicked “sent to twitter” or something, instead of “save pic”.

  54. shut the fuck up fuckers. not only hayley williams is hurt by your comments but also parawhores so shut the fuck up.

  55. “But when millions upon millions of dollars are resting on the fact that they live “Christian” lifestyles, she shouldn’t have ever taken them in the first place.”
    lol Saying you live a Christian lifestyle means absolutely nothing anymore.
    And lol at all the people complaining about her boobs. Even chicks with a (natural) C cup look like that on their backs. Plus her major paleness makes her chest look even flatter.

    -From the internet also.

    NObody does that.
    Some SMART dude with TOOO MUCH time on their hands got a pic and PHOTOSHOPPED HER onto some boobs.
    I feel bad for her.

  58. lol tis true
    wtf she got the phone just yesterday and already is taking and sending nudes with it?
    don’t waste no time gurrrrrrrl
    get em

  59. I know everyones like oh, they are just nudes… get over it. Which, okay makes sense.
    But when millions upon millions of dollars are resting on the fact that they live “Christian” lifestyles, she shouldn’t have ever taken them in the first place.

  60. I have smaller tits than her & i dont feel jealous at all.
    once a parawhore, always a parawhore.

  61. Everyone hating on her boobs are silly virgins. All you dumbfucks hating on her tits, I’M JUST LETTING YOU KNOW NOW. ONLY ABOUT 7% OF GIRLS HAVE PERFECT FAKE BARBIE TITS. GET OVER IT. Seriously. Her boobs are not that bad. It’s better that she has small boobs, then big saggy ones.

  62. why everyone talking shit about her boobs?
    Not everyone has big fake porn tits k thanks!
    Those comments are probably from jealous girls with big hairy nipples.

  63. Why is it so hard to believe that she just got a new Blackberry yesterday and didn’t completely understand how to use it and accidentally twitpic’d a nude over a hacker made a really awesome shoop from a picture that doesn’t exist anywhere on the internet, hacked into her certified twitter account and deleted it a couple minutes after uploading it?
    And yes she did tweet that she got a new Blackberry Bold yesterday.

  64. Ironically enough her body is that of a 12 year old boy’s. She really isn’t much to look at to begin with but this just cemented it in.

  65. It is not fake. She either did it her self. Or fucked a past bf and he did this cause he mad. thank you have a nice fucking day faggots
    -The Internet

  66. lol bitch didn’t get hacked. She’s just using it as an excuse. She’s just a dumb cumdumpster postin’ tits. niggertits..

  67. Lost her some respect, yo. from me and a shit load of other people. sick of this shit. STOP TAKING NAKED PICTURES PERSONAL INTERACTION IS BETTER KKTHXBAI.

  68. Come on. She might have taken those pictures, but who the fuck cares.
    build a bridge and get the hell over it.

  69. I’m a fag because I don’t think it’s necessary? lol
    Everyone is just talking about how she said she was hacked, when she most likely wasn’t.
    You’re probably the fag here, feeding off of drama any way you can.
    Who cares if she’s Christian or not? It’s stupid to say you got hacked if you didn’t no matter what beliefs you have lol
    Maybe you should grow up and not call people dumb names when you don’t agree with them.

  70. zigzag, you’re a fag. Of course christianity is gonna get thrown into a “christian” person slipping boobs onto the netz.

  71. Dude…no need to bring Christianity into this.
    It’s getting enough attention as it is.
    You don’t have to try and start a religious debate on SD lol

  72. I just love how she claims to be all Christian and holier than thou.
    What would Jesus say to this?

  73. Well, I mean… It’s bad publicity to say, “woops lol.” This way media can blame it on a rogue hacker and Hayley (for the most part) is in the clear.

  74. I’m not really upset that this happened at all, it just bugs me when anyone [not just her] says they got hacked.
    I mean how did she delete it so fast if she was being hacked??

  75. To all you fucking virgins posting about her not having tits; if you’ve ever seen a girl on her back, topless, you know their tits flatten out and look wonky. They don’t fucking protrude out, unless they’re fake.

  76. She deff was not hacked, she had an apology up, then she had “Well, my night just drastically changed.” but later deleted it and added “Got hacked.” Looks like failed sexting to me.

  77. she looks like a flat chested idiot. why does everyone always say “i got hacked” when their n00ds are linked..dumbass bitch she shouldnt have taken them if she did want anyone to see. and i love that “trying to be sexy pose” shes doing with her lips

  78. this is so hilarious to me because i find hayley and her band’s music to be painfully annoying. and i agree with the comment about having no tits.

  79. LOL. The best way for her to take this is just be cool about it and admit to the n00dz. If she tries to cover it up, let me just say good lucky Hayley.

  80. I mean if your gonna take n00dz and you have NO tits, you could atleast push your boobs together and make it seem like you have something!

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