Hayley Williams of the popular band Paramore is rumored to have recently Twipic’d her own n00dz by mistake just a few minutes ago.

Hailey claimed she “got hacked”; however, since she immediately gained deleted the twitpic seconds after it was posted, a more plausible theory is that the 21-year-old singer simply didn’t know how to use her new BlackBerry.


  1. “I just think it’s funny that this blew over within like the next day…”
    yeah it really did…hence why people (including you) are still talking about it a month on.

  2. I just think it’s funny that this blew over within like the next day… Virtually no one I knew even cared about this, and besides, I really don’t care. It’s not like she’s a Disney channel star. She’s 19/20-years old. Has a boyfriend, is in a rock band, and is known for occasionally cursing and being real, so she probably has pics she’s taken. Speaking from a Christian standpoint, it doesn’t say you can’t take pics of yourself topless on your Blackberry in the Bible… Just saying…

  3. I love how everyone calls hayley an annoying idiot just cause her tits are on the web. Dude everyone fucking sends noods. Maybe she did accidently send it to Twitter. Blackberrys fucked up and her boyfriend’s number might have been right next to the twitter number. She probably said she got hacked if she didn’t because she has a reputation to uphold. 😛 Children listen to her. But anyways, she may be an idiot…but she’s a FAMOUS, RICH, idiot 🙂

  4. I don’t get why people think she’s hot… and yeah she has small tits, everyone could tell before in regular pics that they were small and this confirms it. She is an ugly, career ruining, tard. Personally I hope this ruins Paramore cuz I haaaaate them, some of the most boring generic music ever.

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