What more lulzy antics can we expect from Myspace’s sexiest bad-boy, Hilton Suicide?
For a sneak-preview, we have but to watch these disgraceful screen-recordings of John Hock. Readers submitted all these light-hearted clips, which have nothing in common besides portraying the former “King of Stickam” as a pathetic Princess among lol-cows.

See her Majesty:
– feign outrage at the suggestion she is interested in underage girls
– take a huge bong rip, and then immediately plug “Picture Your Prize”
– cry like a baby to Andy after a rogue mod kicked her Live empty
– rub up against Chris Crocker’s hard tranny cock
– eloquently describe “a certain vagina” she wants to fuck
– set her back yard on fire
– randomly pull out her testicles
Oh Adam! We certainly hope there’ll be no logo covering “Hilton’s” bawlz.


  1. I think Nicole Armani is pretty and has a heart of gold,shes hella funny too. I feel sorry for her, no wonder she wont go see him lol

  2. Agreed with above. It’s sad when sticky has nothing to write about so he posts this stupid stuff about John. Who cares. + Amor is a hooooooker. John is way better without her nasty trap. ewwww!


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