What more lulzy antics can we expect from Myspace’s sexiest bad-boy, Hilton Suicide?
For a sneak-preview, we have but to watch these disgraceful screen-recordings of John Hock. Readers submitted all these light-hearted clips, which have nothing in common besides portraying the former “King of Stickam” as a pathetic Princess among lol-cows.

See her Majesty:
– feign outrage at the suggestion she is interested in underage girls
– take a huge bong rip, and then immediately plug “Picture Your Prize”
– cry like a baby to Andy after a rogue mod kicked her Live empty
– rub up against Chris Crocker’s hard tranny cock
– eloquently describe “a certain vagina” she wants to fuck
– set her back yard on fire
– randomly pull out her testicles
Oh Adam! We certainly hope there’ll be no logo covering “Hilton’s” bawlz.


  1. I think Nicole Armani is pretty and has a heart of gold,shes hella funny too. I feel sorry for her, no wonder she wont go see him lol

  2. Anon from 11:18 pm.
    “4chon?” Fail.

  3. Agreed with above. It’s sad when sticky has nothing to write about so he posts this stupid stuff about John. Who cares. + Amor is a hooooooker. John is way better without her nasty trap. ewwww!

  4. ‘Am I the only one that thinks Hilton Suicide looks just like Adam Paranoia’

  5. Omg, He’s so not worth wasting 9mins+ on. John Hock spends the majority of his time on cam telling other people what they should do.
    “Join this, Join that, suck my cock”.
    It’s a worthless show that amounts to nothing.

  6. omg the end of that clip was so sexy. i fucking love john hock he is so beautiful. <3 i wish he would marry me.

  7. im so jealous of john hock. i want to have sex with underage girls too, just like him. and i want to get on cam and make a complete ass out of myself just like him. john hock is my idol.

  8. This isn;t “news”. This is lame. Stop grasping for nothing just to fill space. I think sticky madly wants John and can’t have him. That’s why the weird obsession. StickyFail!

  9. haha he talked about me twice when i kicked everyone out and then again when i called the cops on hes bon fire anas he sits here and states that it wasent me it was hes “”neighbors”” sucha liar hahaha he knows it was me i got proof!

  10. HAHA That is ME he is talking to for the first 2 minutes. HAHAHAHA ME FTW! [Used to be BmxBrookie but switched my stream name to Brookiecakes. kthx]
    Wow, I feel like a tool now hahaha
    Then the 3rd person he is bitching about changed his stream name to Meagan Sarah to gain a “mod” status… then kicked everyone. That was kinda funny.

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