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WOW! Check Out John Hock Today


John Hock, the dethroned King of Stickam and former Myspace heartthrob, used to make scene girls scream and faggots cream.
John Hock HOT
But look at him NOW:
John Hock FAT
John Hock FAT 2
In keeping with StickyDrama’s longstanding policy of positivity, we will not comment on his appearance or personal life.
JK! He got fat as hell after raping that girl on Stickam.


  1. This kid actually stayed at my house back in the day, used to hang out with him A LOT. After he moved and shit got all crazy with stickam, I was actually in shock, however anyone who could do that to someone, let alone live on the internet, has to have some serious issues.

  2. also he looks tore the fuck up!!! WTF lol. Probes all that hair was hiding that fat old ugly face. He’s aged about 20 years and he was only a few years older than us WOW

  3. I smoked with this lame Ass because I didn’t ant my friend going alone. He was a lame aSS who just stayed on his computer and had œne of his lame Ass frends who was “KUSH king” or some shut smoke with us. His weed was WEAK and we got high as fuck including the king and hock ON our local drug dealer weed lol. FKN LAME

  4. Johnathon is actually doing great guys! Lives in his own house, running a buisness, has a great girlfriend, just bought a new car. He’s better than ever. And FYI hes not banned from drinking for life. He just has to register as a sex offender.

  5. I think it’s funny, in a sad sort of way. He’s not even frowning or anything. He raped a woman and he doesn’t care. Figures.

  6. I heard he is actually doing really well now, has his on place, buisness and a really attractive girlfriend (as always) good luck john hock
    ive always thought you were the shit!

  7. Fuck Hock…let’s take a poll on the winners and losers of Stickydrama: Stevie Ryan’s failed career and the successes of Kotakoti (killing it in Japan) and EJZ (featured in VICE)

  8. POLL: Do you think he’s working construction? Or working in a restaurant kitchen? And truly offline or online using a fake name only interacting with IRL friends? Does he reminisce about his meth-abusing party days? Does he still live with mom?

  9. Hi Anon, Hock was not banned from the Internet as far as I can tell, although he seems to have stayed offline ever since being released from prison. The terms of Hock’s parole included lifetime sex offender registration and a lifetime abstention from alcohol. The court never ordered him to stay off the Internet.

  10. He’s got that chubbiness of prison food and that muscliness of that “I don’t want to get raped in prison” fear. Good job John, we were rooting for ya!… not. Stupid fucking rapist psycho.

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