This post is StickyDrama’s immediate reaction to publicly released, inaccurate information—namely from news reports as well as the police.  Overall, we found the TV networks are repeating misinformation originally provided by the police. 
A reporter from CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta contacted StickyDrama this afternoon, asking for information for a report on the rape that will air tonight on CNN HLN.  Below is a copy of the information StickyDrama provided:

Hock never posted the recording.  Hock never made a recording.  He only streamed his assault live on Stickam, and once he shut off his Live, it was never aired again.  We suspect that the police and some reporters don’t understand the difference between “posting” pre-recorded content and “streaming” live content.
StickyDrama never posted the video.  We did screen-record the assault, but the recording was never uploaded to nor anywhere else.  
The victim’s vagina was not “blurred” in the screencaptures we posted on StickyDrama.  It was completely matted over.
The video was not watched “again and again” by “millions” of people.  Hock’s streaming was a one-time performance; and StickyDrama’s recording was never posted anywhere.  Hock’s LIve stats indicate that no more than a few hundred viewers witnessed the assault.  
Not to beat a dead horse, but it’s untrue the video was removed from StickyDrama, by us or anyone else.  The video was never posted to StickyDrama and so it could not be removed from StickyDrama.
StickyDrama is not an affiliate of Stickam.  The two companies have no official relationship with one another.
Stickam site monitors did not interrupt Hock’s live webcast of the assault.  Hock assaulted the victim until he tired of her, then shut down his own Live. The following message appeared across the Live:
“The host has signed off, but has left the room open to chat in.” 
Any Stickam user knows that the above message indicates that Hock, not a Stickam site monitor, shut down his own LIve.  He was not kicked or banned or forced to stop broadcasting by an admin.  Moreover, the several Stickam employees already knew about his first on-cam sex assault which we reported in late 2007; nevertheless, Stickam did not ban him for that sexual assault:
Internet legal and safety expert Parry Aftab never “reached out” to StickyDrama as ABC News reporter Emily Friedman describes on page 2 of her article.  StickyDrama emailed Parry herself for clarification.  In her prompt reply, she confirms that she never attempted to contact or advise StickyDrama on matters of internet safety.  Her only communications were with Stickam.


  1. The media only shows you what THEY want you to see.
    No one knows Hock’s side of things, or anything about it unless they were in the chat that night. I’m sure if anyone would have recorded it then it would have turned up by now.
    And another thing, why would John post the video on stickydrama? False, he wouldn’t. John isn’t a stupid individual, and he knows he can get into trouble for it.

  2. i said … WHERE IS THE FUCKING CNN STORY YOU STUPID COCKSUCKING FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. and where is the CNN STORY!!?? just like where is the amor hilton fox story?? LOL more bullshit from stickydrama
    i think sticky is learning the hard way that media outlets don’t always do what they say they are going to do LOL
    we got on national news the old fashion way … work. who on here can actually say that??

  4. notice how many of the major media outlets we were featured on (abc, cbs, nbc) won’t even print the name of stickam or stickydrama HAHA I LOVE IT
    “a u.s. video-sharing web site”
    so it looks like i’m not alone here even *they* hate stickam LOL

  5. Who cares. Justin.TV allows sex chats with underage girls. Just the other night a 14 year old girl showed her boobs. I thought this kind of chats with under 18+ are illegal, but JTV allows it

  6. so john you were jealous we got on national news and u didn’t?? now u finally did too haha too bad it was for something that you weren’t expecting LOL
    i told you u fucking bitch that you were going down

  7. This site is amazing, it literally has affected so many peoples lives, without much effort.
    Its come along way too, all the way from the original single daily postings, to an elaborate social network of microblogs. is getting international visitors, along with national media attention. What blows my mind the most is only 10% of the people who read this site actually understand what its all about, while 90% just see the nudes and making fun of one another. I love it.
    But about John Hock, he had what was coming to him. Its fabulous to see this finally happen, but the amount of attention he’s getting sucks. For the longest time, this site called him “TheRapist”, it truly wasn’t just a nickname. Why did it take so long for police to come do this shit, he should have been locked up so long ago.

  8. And it makes it out they were alone.
    yes they were.
    BUT there were people there (heidi’s friends) who left around half an hour before it happened.
    I know a guy who was one of the people who left and he reckons if they didnt leave, it would have never have happened.
    Maybe its not john’s fault? maybe its heidis fault for telling her friends to leave?!
    fxcking bitch.

  9. fuck him, the sick freak got what he deserved. the sad part is he should have been in jail years ago

  10. “Anonymous said, June 4th, 2009 at 9:47 pm
    They should shut this site down. All you to is make fun of people and post nudes. gross”
    There are worse sites out there. Perhaps 4chan rings a bell? Not to bash on either 4chan or SD, just saying.

  11. @ chris(sticky)…..goes to show you how much they know, im guessing they are talking about anyone affiliated with posting(aka users of the site as well as owner) and what-have-you?

  12. didn’t she pass out while she was on video too? I wasn’t viewing his life when the assult occurred (thankfully!) but I was watching before and they were both drunk or some shit on her bed. so it’s not like he turned on his computer as soon as she passed out so everyone could witness this shit.
    i do agree he deserves it. everything he’s done has finally caught up to him, but all the false information is bullshit. just goes to show how the media twists a story to make it sound more interesting, otherwise people won’t sympathize/watch.

  13. I know hock deserves this but this wrong info makes me feel bad for him. They say he kidnapped her and that maybe he could have drugged her. Then posted the video for millions to see. fuck that shit

  14. ^^^ you should email detective Allbright. That’s who I talked to and when she asked if i would be willing to testify I said yes. It might not be needed now that they have the footage and Holly is cooperating.

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