StickyDrama and online child safety site Internet Safety Advisor (ISA) probably don’t attend Sunday morning mass at the same church.   But when it comes to Kiki Kannibal’s mother Cathy Ostrenga, great minds think alike.
For our newer readers who aren’t familiar with the fascinatingly horrible life of Kiki, a home-schooled minor who is Stickam’s highest ranked female Entertainer, click here. And here. And here and here and here and especially here.  And don’t forget photos like this one shamelessly flaunting a camel toe, presently displayed on Kiki’s Stickam profile and hosted on her Imageshack account:

Cathy Ostrenga dresses and photographs her daughter in ridiculously provocative attire, slutty for a grown woman and outright disturbing for an adolescent.  Ms. Ostrenga’s sole work experience, according to Linkedln, is president of the Kiki Kannibal Corporation, whose business activities are selling plastic diamond jewelry and t-shirts promoting anorexia.
The exploitative and unwholesome nature of the Ostrenga’s enterprise disgusted an anonymous StickyDrama reader, who found his or her way onto ISA’s web site.  Commenting a blog post ISA had written about the potential dangers of Stickam, the reader wrote that he googled Kiki and “what I found was absolutely disgusting.”  Mama Kannibal immediately pounced on both the commenter and the admin of the site, accusing them of “libel” and “cyberbullying” for daring to question her child-rearing skills.  Additionally, she was outraged that her comment would not appear until ISA approved it.
The admin was not amused, and politely told Mama Kannibal to shut the fuck up:

For our less illiterate readers, we provide the entire exchange:

StickyDrama, whom Mama Kannibal also maligned in her comments, discovered the above exchange last week.  Though the initial post was published in mid-2008, it has been commented throughout 2009 (one of StickyDrama’s comments is still awaiting approval) and, frankly, was too much of a gem not to mention here.


  1. and yeah, she also didnt mention what her daughter is doing to provoke the “cyber bullying.” being mean to other people, only talking about yourself, blocking people who say anything remotely negative about you- you get what you FUCKING pay for, asshole.
    my parents would certainly not stick up for me if I was Kiki, they would agree with the haters. why? because she has a reason to be hated

  2. I like how she failed to mention any of the claims that were made against her, most likely because she knows theyre true and wants to put the blame on someone else and not accept some criticism. Much like kiki

  3. I’ve lost all sympathy for Kiki. She knows people talk shit about her, yet she keeps posting to Stickam, Buzznet, etc. The only person she can blame here is herself. She knows what she’s getting into, considering her internet popularity, so I can’t really feel sorry for someone who plays with fire knowing that they’re going to get burned. Just a thought.

  4. ^^ And I’m not kidding. I know this because she showed me a picture a one that you guys haven’t seen from her own cell phone. She also has contact to kiki.

  5. My friend is releated to kiki kannibal she is actually her birth sister but she was given up for adoption after “mama kannibal” gave birth to her my friends age 13. (The Name of this girl will be protected)

  6. libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel libel

  7. Sticky,
    When I wrote that post on the child safety site I didn’t have enough knowledge of stickam to make the assumptions that I did. I was naive to think that even if they were to separate under 18s and over 18s, that anything would change.
    After learning more about stickam, I don’t think there is a HUGE safety issue regarding ‘predators'(I hate that word) trying to solicit underage kids on stickam. While yes they do exist, I don’t think the would be ‘predators’see stickam as good of a ‘hunting ground’ (ugh, I realize I sound as bad as Chris Hansen, sorry) as say, yahoo chat or myspace. SOOOOO…even if stickam only allowed underage kids to talk to other underage kids, they would still be getting nekkid on cam, taking pics, etc etc…just with people there own age…which is nothing new because that seems to be the norm anyway. (Obviously I could be very wrong, just my opinions as of right now).
    So what do I think of stickydrama…honestly I’m not 100% sure. It’s an inevitable component to the whole ‘e-celeb’ deal. And people who want to be famous on the internet need to realize that. They aren’t going to be interesting to anyone if people aren’t both loving them and HATING them. However, they don’t deserve to be bullied or stalked…ie, comments like “OMFG go kill yourself”, totally extreme and unnecessary.
    I preferred stickydrama when it was journalistic blogging written by competent authors who provided some sort of sources to the info they were providing…mydrama is a load of buuulllllsheeeeeeet, use the forums.
    Phew, done.

  8. To Nylon,
    Out of curiosity, now that you’ve read all of this, what would you have said differently?
    And what are your views on this site?

  9. i know for a FACT that her parents take the pictures of her, because once in her live she was like “MOOOMMM GET THE CAMERA I WANNA DO MY SHOOT IN THE CAR” like bitching at her mom for an hour eating lollipops, then a couple days later she has the pictures of her in that car.

  10. cathy ostrenga TAKES the pictures of kiki in her fucking underwear, either that or she has her husband do it.
    also, kiki regularly talks about how fat, and ugly a lot of the people on cam in her chats are. she also makes fun of retarded people all the fucking time.
    shes a cyberbully herself.
    this entire family is retarded. kiki is beautiful, but the ugliness inside of her shines through, and helps everyone to realize how pathetic, insecure, and uneducated she really is.
    cathy ostrenga is just a fat, white-trash wannabe who tries to re-live her teenage years through her daughter.

  11. the thing i love most is how she even had that stupid advice phone line to talk about things such as cyber bullying and other problems teens go through.
    and then the fact how she was like “this isn’t a joke, so don’t make up shit or prank call this number”
    i feel sorry for the people who actually called her for fucking advice.

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