1. look, jake told Kiki that he thought he was crazy and a sociopath and had multiple personalities. She thought he was just having one of his many “diabetic moods”…..oh, how wrong she was. Resourceful little girl found this and she tweeted that he really was a sociopath because he had EVERY single trait listed on the following:
    It’s serious girls. mark my words. there is no happy ending with this guy ever.

  2. Wait, is jakewolf really dating kiki kannibal?? Where the hell have I been? Ahh this definately makes me lose respect for him. He’s such a cool guy, he can do better than that internet/attention obsessed teenie bopper.

  3. you just proved Kiki was right all along. When Jake was trying to get her to visit him, he told her that the band didn’t hate her. hahahah, yeah right…The band hates any girl that has the courage to speak up against them regarding the fact that you all talk “BROS” but when push came to shove, the band failed Jake miserably. You just left him in the wind. The only good dude was that mgr from Ohio. This guy isn’t part of the band at all and gave jake $30. I guess you loser guys are all made for each other since you are all bullshitters and just say what sounds good at the time, but when it comes to ACTUALLY putting your money where you mouth is and being good “BROS” to each other, you FAIL. Sure, you are going to be all chummy with JAke now, not because you really care about him, but because you hate Kiki and are glad she’s gone. Also, misery loves company.
    jake, don’t lie to the next girl. Tell her you smoke dope regularly and have a bad drinking problem and you aren’t faithful and can’t really support having a relationship with any girl either emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or even physically. You’ve been smoking dope since 11 because your mom started you on it. You are the typical white trash sub human. You knew way ahead of time that Kiki didn’t do any of that and didn’t like guys who were addicted to that shit, but you contacted her anyway with your hidden agendas. Well, it’s all clear now. Please go back under the rock that you came out from under. Thank you.
    Oh yeah el jay, weren’t you just going to quit your sucky band last week and stay home? Come on, even you know your band sucks and is going NOWHERE. Have fun “playing band” for another year and living in your crusty old van down by the river. El-jay is homeless too and sponges off of people. Megan and Kiki both have the same problem in reality. They are not getting the love they deserve from people that can hold their own and are on the same level. Quit the ungrateful charity services girls. Some people may say, “Thank you” but never mean it just like some people say “I’m sorry” and never mean it. It’s used by manipulative people as tools to continue to get what they want.
    “We are a bunch of jobless losers that live in a van and suck off of girls who have low self esteem” should be your motto guys. The one that doesn’t live in a van is also jobless and lives for free at the girl’s apartment which is funded by her parents. I call “Leech” alert. So guys, do you think Jake was being dishonest when he said you all suck except for one? Why would he say that? Well, he did. You fuckers are worse than the most catty of backstabbing girls. Have fun being sick and backstabbing each other.

  4. THis note is for the pedo band member who found it necessary to message a underage girl:
    hey pedophile “el-j” who is 21 years old and KNOWINGLY fucks and dates 15 years old and doesn’t care…..quit messaging another 15 year old just to talk shit about Kiki you pathetic loser of a human being. ITS OBVIOUS ALL THAT YOUR BAND DOES IT TRY TO HAVE ONE MEMBER HOOK UP WITH A HIGH PROFILE GIRL ON THE INTERNET FOR ADVERTISING. REMEMBER THIS GIRLS IF YOU ARE AT ALL WELL KNOWN ON THE INTERNET, YOU MAY BE USED BY THESE LOSERS. I can assure you after hearing what they have talked about regarding girls that are well known, they do in fact look to get the publicity from dating them. (Tim says to Jake, hey you should contact Amor again, lol, kind of feel sorry for Tim’s GF actually) It’s not just JAke that thinks like this in this band. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT SAYS….THAT BAND SUCKS BAD!!! IT CAN’T STAND ALONE AND DO WELL WITHOUT USING SOME GIRL FOR ADVERTISING. Jake was never a boyfriend. He NEVER took her out on a date or really loved her. HE did it for publicity. You don’t fall out of love in a hour and call and ex and get drunk like that. THat’ NOT love.
    IF he really knew himself then his actions wouldn’t be SO, SO different than his words. HE doesn’t know shit about himself. He wasn’t happy with a private relationship because he didn’t love Kiki for herself. He loved the views. Happy now. You have your publicity Jake only if you had a brain, it’s horrible and there IS a such thing a bad publicity-(Tiger Woods
    I hope no girl ever gets with you thinking it’s going to be a long, healthy, good time because it won’t be. Your bad moods and controlling nature SUCK almost as bad as you STDs. I am not saying he has a STD to be mean. He really did have one recently, and by the way he took care of himself, I don’t think he would have the care to take the medicine for the duration to make it go away. HE fucks so many real SLUTS in real life that he’ll get another one soon anyway if this last one went away.

  5. Love her BlogTV comment wall. 🙂
    BIG FUCKING DEAL like sitting in your room made me puke a little and please tell your mom to STFU OMG dude how does it not drive you insane. the woman did not shut up for ten minutes, it was like a 2 year old just blabbing, saying anything just to be talking. i mean really.
    1/12/09 10:01PM Tabitha-
    Please stop breathing our air preserves. Thank you.
    28/11/09 8:21AM anFerret
    I love 16 yr old girls and Im 25!
    I love 16 yr old girls and Im 25! YellowFire09

  6. Anonymous said, November 28th, 2009 at 9:01 pm
    “I’m too lazy to do it but if you look at his “music page” on myspace, he wrote a bitter song about her called “she’s #72?. He talks about a girl “from the big T” who was “skinny with an ass” or something along those lines. Hard to understand what he’s saying because he sounds as if someone was squeezing his balls as he recorded it.”
    fucking lol

  7. “Vangie said, November 30th, 2009 at 10:52 am
    Tell your husband to shove his dick in your mouth and keep you occupied since you seem so damn bored.”
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAH omgomgomg ahhaha LOL. Also, tell him to put the fucking camera down and step away from the little girl.

  8. “On the internet 1,000 of miles away it is hella easier to create and maintain that illusion.”
    That’s why you should have told her to take it easy and not say she was in love with someone she’d never met. You guys need to stop being naive and be more careful about what you do on the Internet.

  9. ^^^^Seriously??? Shut the fuck up already.. Quit ranting. Kiki said she’s over it. Maybe you should too. Tell your husband to shove his dick in your mouth and keep you occupied since you seem so damn bored.

  10. Kiki didn’t fail to see through him entirely. What I am trying to get across here is that he is really good at USING words to create the ILLUSION OF LOVE. Some think he is not that bad of a dude because of the way he speaks or writes about things. I am saying look at the actions/behavior not the words.
    On the internet 1,000 of miles away it is hella easier to create and maintain that illusion. Kiki did admit she was stupid about it. Well, obviously over a hundred girls failed to see since he fucked them. He says things like, “I used to be like that, baby, but you’re different” “I really do love you” “I want to marry you”, “trust is love and love is trust”,etc. You know, catchy little phrases. You get the idea.
    Look, try to get over your hatred for Kiki and just don’t get used by some dude like this, okay. If you’re a superficial girl, you won’t like Jake because he is physically NOT the cat’s meow like he likes to portray himself as or as he likes “sticky” portraying him as. If you are a deeper girl, you won’t like Jake because he is an abuser/user and has no true heart. If you are a little of both, then pass this one up completely. If you are gullible and have some void then Jake will be someone you might fall for. He finds those voids and uses them to his advantage and will say just the right “meaningless” thing to you.
    BTW, Jake is totally superficial in terms of a girls looks. He notices every flaw about a girl and vocalizes it not to her, but someone else. It doesn’t feel good when the “shoe is on the other foot” right Jake? Kiki’s never been one to date “lookers” and that’s okay with her. She really does trust what is being said to her which is where she is getting snagged up. A lot of girls have that problem. She feels with her heart and doesn’t use her intuition enough to “see” what the person is really about.
    Things started going down hill when he kept insisting that she give him her nudes. She did NOT, and it seems rather suspicious that he started cooling off. It seemed as though he definitely had a hidden agenda possibly to hurt and humiliate her with them. He did tell her he used to hate girls and would intentionally fuck them and use them just to hurt them. He told her that that was all in the past though. Yeah, right. “Slimeball” is too nice of a word for him. Kiki did say, let that be a lesson, meaning a lesson to herself.
    She is high profile and a lot kids actually identify with what she is going through. She helps people more than she harms them. You might want to do the same. :]
    As far a Jake’s music and him saying that the band would be nothing without him. Here’s a newsflash, as far as a solo project, Kiki’s instructor/owner of her school said Jake’s stuff was “shit anyway”. She was supposed to mix his song, but after he fucked her over, she went in to delete it, and that’s what a “seasoned” instructor said.

  11. I love how her mother says he’s “trasparent” but Kiki failed to see through him. Who can’t see through something transparent? That’s worse than dumb.

  12. Kiki saw his mom’s texts because Jake was showing her in the car. His mom was telling him to quit the band and that his band members were not good for him,etc. His mom actually had some good points. Based on what Jake was telling them, both Kiki and his mom came to the exact same conclusions. Why? Oh well, maybe it was because they both truly cared about him? :O

  13. Amor, Jake said horrible things about you to Kiki. So when he’s done using you, don’t forget to come back here and know that you were given a “heads up”.
    So Kiki and Jake had a small spat that night, but there was no time to make up because he was too busy getting massively drunk and then contacting other girls. He was basically done using her anyway so there was no need to try.
    Anything that sounds half-way decent or meaningful that comes out of his mouth is complete bullshit. He’s completely disconnected from his heart and that my friends happened long before girls came into his life. So what number was Kiki? 109, 110? You’re a sub-human, Jacob.


  15. “We had paid his way enough by that time.”
    …FAIL. Why don’t you just take a LIIITTTLE time to type out your name, mama k, instead of type a book, and be “anonymous”?
    “You should have seen the texts from his mom.”
    JW why you’re poking into Jake’s texts..

  16. Lol, all you people arguing about a relationship none of you had anything to do with are pathetic.
    Bottom line, she sucks, he sucks and it wont be today, and probably not tomorrow but one day they’re going to look back on their lives and be really, really embarrassed. But until then I wi;; be embarrassed for the both of them.

  17. “sleazi-kiki said, November 29th, 2009 at 11:06 am
    A 20 minute rant like a broken record… why does that sound so familiar to any and everyone who has ever heard Mama K? hmmm, still can’t quite place it…”
    OOHH!! *rasies hand* I’ll help you out on that one. It’s because her mother CANNOT SHUT THE FUCK UP. So therefore, she MUSSSSST let the world know her point of view in 20 minute rants on a TEENAGE(or atleast young adult) site.

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