StickyDrama often receives letters from our readers and the subjects of our posts.  For various reasons, we do not post or reference every item sent to us.  But since some of these “Letters to the Editor” are intriguing stories waiting to be told, we will now begin posting them in their entirety, without any editing, and with the understanding that StickyDrama does not necessarily agree with their content nor vouch for their accuracy.
This letter came to us yesterday from a girl who was 16 years old when she was screen-recorded by infamous capper “Sean Savvy,” who has been identified as Brett Thurber. She consented to our posting her letter here.

I am now 17 years old.
When I was 16 however, I was stupid enough to be targeted by “Sean Savvy.”  I didn’t know anything about capping, or that it was even possible to do things like that.  Sean Savvy took advantage of me.  He took advantage of the fact that I was naive and immature.  He took advantage of the fact that I was on Zoloft, an antidepressant which is known to decrease inhibitions.  He capped me in the most vulnerable state, masturbating with a brush.
He put this video of me, on that damn AnonIB site.  Or at least traded this “win” with someone who did put me on that site.
It’s been a year since all this happened.  And I am still unable to go through a whole day with out remembering what he did to me. What I did to myself.  Someone I knew found this video, and sent it to everyone on my Myspace. Then they sent it to everyone they knew and so on. My parents got a hold of it.  My whole life spiraled downward.  I was put into a mental hospital for two weeks on suicide watch. I wanted to die.  And I still do.  I had to move, and separate my whole family.  I used to love playing music, it was my dream even.  But now it’s gone down in flames right before my eyes.  I can’t play music for a living like I dreamed.  I live in constant fear that that fucking video will come out again.
I started to talk to “Sean Savvy” when I got my computer back.  I actually even videochatted with the real him.  Not some bullshit fake.  He is definitely older than 23, I would even say 27.  He’s very smart, too smart for his own good.
He told me he was sorry.  He told me ruining my life wasn’t his intention.  Sorry isn’t enough for all the pain and fear I live in every fucking day of my life.
I want Brett Thurber in jail, or dead for the pain he’s caused me. Now I can carry a gun according to the open carry laws in Ohio. But back then I was a minor and vulnerable, hence couldn’t do anything about it.

Criminals like Brett Thunder needed to be punished and arrested. But in case you are attested wrongly, you can contact a bondsman in New Haven County, who will pay the complete bail amount, thus making bail more accessible and fast. You can also contact a bail bond service like Apex Bail Bonds in Graham to assist you with the bailing process.

I have nothing to lose either.  Nothing to lose anymore.
I’m just letting you know.  Brett didn’t just target people over 18.
He targeted a 16-year-old.  He targeted me.



  1. you guys are fucking ass holes. give the girl a break she made a mistake now let her go on with her life. savvy you are a cunt when you passed on that vid you became a certin. hear me you are the lowest of the low. the rest of you dumb selfimportant american asholes – yes i said it. and i will say it too your fave too [email protected].- you dumb assholes leave the chick alone! Girl your letter broke my hart but you were stupid. the reason 16 is underage is because you are to young to realize that men are assholes ALL OF US. but only some of us are slime like said mr SAVVY and keep your clothes on from now on but forget these a holes really forget them. everyone fucks up and we all get on with our lives. you are going to just fine.

  2. to the previous anonymous…
    great points and all, except when you got to the sexting thing at the end. Sure there have been cases where the law reached that point with some underage people bringing child pornography laws back on them but it was seriously mistaken. Many states are finding other better ways to deal with them including a small fine and safety lessons.
    But good points.

  3. This is exactly why children should not be allowed on the internet. They can’t handle it not one of them. AND it puts other in danger because these little twats pose as older people and fake their age so some innocent adults get nailed for things they didn’t know was going on. Now this guy is obviously a tard but so is the girl.
    When the hell did peer pressure become so easy to employ that you can boss around folks on the web. I don’t do ANYTHING unless I hear from an actual voice. If I read it I question it. Yeah, even with my damn friends I want vocal confirmation. Preferably over the phone or in person.
    So yeah this dick took advantage of you. But you have to accept responsibility that you got taken advantage of. If you are old enough to drive (a huge risk and decision making job) then are old enough to suck it up and take a hit because you were gullible.
    And yes he could be arrest for own underage porn but you could be busted for making it. Sexting has proven this… many kids (girls included) and getting the sexual predator treatment because they are too stupid to know not to send nude or pose and play with their parts for anyone until they are of age.

  4. I like how you included that you were on prozac, a medicine which reduces inhibitions. *eye roll* this just WASN’T your fault, was it?
    Although it’s illegal to possess underage porn, it is also illegal to MAKE underage porn. You’re not a victim of your fucking webcam and your inability to make IRL friends. Own up to your lack of responsibility.

  5. Yeah, having this article up is a recipe for disaster since plenty of people have already seen the original letter with her name on it.
    Delaney should request that stickydrama remove the whole thing before this spirals out of control.

  6. lol @ stickydrama sitting by while people share links to child porn, as well as the full name of the person in it. you should turn yourself into fox news for providing an avenue for blackmailers 😉

  7. It looks like she got stickydrama to remove her name from the letter. A little late for that isn’t it?
    You can’t hide from stupidity, Miss Delaney Jane Mason.

  8. No one is saying it’s dumb to dwell about. They are saying it’s dumb for her to bring it up if she want’s the video to go away. The stickam world has a relatively short memory when it comes to hos fucking their vaginas with hairbrushes. Most decent cappers can’t even remember a lot of girls that bated for them.
    If she could just manage to lie low for more than 3 months at a time I’m sure she wouldn’t be having as much of a problem with this.
    Time line of events:
    1. bitch gets capped
    2. doesn’t want to lay low
    3. get’s bmed etc.
    4. lays low for a few months
    5. people forget about her
    6. comes back to stickam and stirs up shit
    7. caps gets posted again. bmed etc.
    8. leaves for a few months
    9. people forget about her
    10. comes back and posts on stickydrama
    11. people look up cap again
    12. to be continued.
    Noticing a trend? If she wasn’t such an idiot about the situation it honestly wouldn’t be that bad.

  9. what i think is strange is that a bunch of you are telling her to get over it and that its dumb to dwell about. when your 16 the last thing you want to know is that your fap vid is online. whether she fapped again or not. most young girls get on stickam for attention. especially when it comes to showing tits and taint. if a guy is saying “oh yes i like it” then they automatically feel good. it’s extremely fucked up and sad.
    oh well though right?

  10. I like how its only other cappers that he traded vidoes and helped to get win with that are rushing to defend this pedo

  11. Brett Thurber for president lulz
    But yah, everything “some guy” said is true. Savvy was trying to defuse the situation and save her. She bated for him multiple times, not just once. Tho Savvy is a capper, he has never and would never blackmail anyone of anything like that.
    He’s not even that bad compared to alot of people on stickam. Due to a couple of stupid situations however, he is well known.

  12. he… took… advantage? of you?
    how does that work? he held you down and shoved a hairbrush in you? or did he say a few meaningless nothings to you and you, an eager for attention, ready to do anything for 5 min in the spotlight, 16yo. why do you really regret this? if you weren’t all over the net with a BRUSH LULZ up your cooch, and no one knew it happened, would you still regret it right now? no, you wouldn’t have even remembered it happened. you’re not regretful it happened or that you fell for a FAKE FUCKING VIDEO jesus christ how hard is it to tell it’s not the real person :|. you’re just regretful you got caught and now everyone knows. not brett’s fault. he played a game. he won. you lost. brett 1, slut 0. i just hope it doesn’t come to FEDS 1, brett 0.

  13. ^Our generation and the one before it suffer from a prolonged adolescence anyway. But 16-year-olds shouldn’t get married. 20-year-olds shouldn’t get married. Even if you’re living on your own, solvent, married, and all those other “grown up” things, a 16-year-old doesn’t even know who he is. A lot of maturing is done in the two years between 16 and 18 alone. At 16 you’re not a child, you’re an adolescent. Adolescence is the best time for making mistakes.

  14. the whole “I was only 16 and still a child” thing is BS. People in other parts of the world fight wars at 16, or get married, or start college. Quit babying your kids, America!

  15. Also, it should be mentioned that it took you like 10 minutes within saying hi until you were bating. What a slut.
    Savvy once said that you were one of the quickest wins ever, and that he had to actually slow down the pace of the conversation because you were way more sexually aggressive than him and threw off his game.
    So don’t give us that “he took advantage of me” bullshit. You came into his live, started dirty talking within 30 seconds, were private within 2 minutes, and bating within 10.
    I also had the honor of talking to someone who knows you in real life at one point, and he confirmed that you are the biggest slut he knows, as well as a drug addict :).

  16. I have to say, sending this letter to stickydrama is arguably stupider than masturbating on cam for Sean Savvy.
    You must be totally brain-dead to advertise your real name in connection to such an easily gotten video. You realize you totally screwed yourself over yet again right?
    You know, I always wondered what svengali-like powers cappers possessed to be able to convince girls to expose themselves on camera to a complete stranger.
    Now I realize that cappers don’t have to be master manipulators when there are plenty of dumb-as-rocks girls like yourself, ready and willing to strip down.

  17. This girl needs to *get over it* – and I don’t mean that in a smart ass or sarcastic way. Specifically, it’s the past, can’t be changed, let it go. She did what she did and needs to own it. Most everyone has certainly masturbated by 16 yrs of age; if not, well, get to it, better late than never. Yes, the cretin took advantage of her by capturing the vid and distributing it. She needs to keep in mind that since she was only 16 at the time, anyone posessing a copy of the video or forwarding the video is committing either posession of child porn or distribution of child porn, felonies in any state requiring sex offender registration. So while she’s not proud of what she did, she didn’t break any laws. Karma, or the feds, will take care of Sean Savvy at some point. Hope the young girl can regain her self-esteem and let at least some of the anger go because it’s heavy baggage and life is better without that to carry around. Peace !

  18. I feel for this girl, even though I have no clue who she is. I think it was a very dumb and whorish thing to do especially for someone she knew for such little time, and didn’t even know if they were real or not. You should really wait to trust someone if you are ever going to do shit like that. The past will come and bite you in the ass. But you are a minor, and if he forced you, you have all my sympathy in the world and I pray for you. But if he just “took advantage of you when you were depressed” idk if thats a good enough reason. I know for sure the authorities won’t take that as a good enough explination.
    I hope you get better girl and get your life back on track.

  19. A webcam connected to a computer that is connected to the internets. what kind of privacy were you expecting?

  20. i can confirm what some guy has stated,
    i was contacted by savvy when the vid was posted to go and flag the video from
    the host site and the entire post on
    he was stupid, sent it to someone who
    has a problem for keeping things secret
    and it got posted, but he did what he
    could to do damage control.
    enough “defending” him.
    zombie_delaney as she was known on stickam, not only did a period bate,
    and not only admitted the hairbrush,
    but what she didn’t admit was the hair
    straightener/curling iron, im a guy idk
    the difference.
    now tell me ladies, can ANYONE, other than yourself, convince you to use your hair product as a dildo? i think not.
    and thats all i have to say

  21. Knowing the details of this situation very well, I will now explain why you are dumb and deserve no pity.
    1. You bated 3 times for Savvy. You didn’t make this mistake once, but 3 times. One of those times was AFTER you saw the video was posted on anonib. Remember how you bated on ur period? The first time I’d let the mistake slide; repeat offenses get no pity.
    2. Savvy didn’t post the video. In fact he was the one who flagged it. Notice how the period bate never surfaced? If you want to point fingers, it should probably be at the person who streamed it for 1000+ people (I’m not going to share his name), or yourself for doing it repeatedly.
    3. And as I recall, the VERY FIRST THING he did once you talked about it with him was tell you that you had to IMMEDIATELY delete your myspace, facebook, youtube etc. and lie low so that you wouldn’t be blackmailed. Did you do it? No. He tried to save you from your fate, but you were dumb and didn’t listen because you wanted e-popularity.
    4. You are an attention whore. If you honestly feared the video coming up again, you wouldn’t be posting about it on stickydrama. This topic will certainly cause others to dig up the video again out of curiosity.
    To sum it up – If anyone is most at fault, it’s you. While I’m not advocating Sean’s actions, he at least tried to damage control for you. You didn’t listen to his advice and of course it got worse. You are just looking for pity and attention. That’s it.

  22. lulz, this post made me literally LOL . i fell for Brett too, but you know what my life isn’t ruined. oh well so people saw your fucking vag. you’re on a few sites , so am i hunny and i am perfectly fine. get over it, you wanna be a musician , hell a lot of musicians have bate vids and sex tapes… take it as your a step closer to your dream. Leave Brett alone hes a good guy, sure hes made a few mistakes, but honestly haven’t we all. you make it sound like you couldn’t control yourself, sure he shouldn’t have asked but he wasn’t trucking there in your room making you take your clothes off n stick a brush up your vag. boohoo get over it and live your fucking life. stop living in the past and snap back into reality.

  23. So, this reminds me of a time when I thought how amazing it would be if pringles would make a can that can push up from the bottom! I constantly break the chips while trying to take them out of the container, its such a pain! I wish the company that makes pringles would just take a lesson from chapstick and we could all live in pringle loving bliss. The end

  24. Are you stupid? Posting your name on sticky drama along with the fact that you bated on cam is a sure way to bring your video to surface again. You do realize people are going to go find it and you’re going to go through all the drama again, right?
    I mean, I understand that people fuck up from time to time. If a girl makes the mistake of bating on cam, the best thing to do is just lay low and let it blow over. This is the exact opposite of that.
    Also, sean has been out of the game for a long time now. Doubt he’s coming back

  25. Old news is old. move on for fucks sake. no one has heard from brett since november. he has been long gone for awhile

  26. Zoloft isn’t daterape, Zoloft isn’t like being fucked up on alcohol.
    Poor excuse for poor decision making.
    And if a 16 year old is trusted to drive a vehicle which could potentially kill someone, they should be trusted not to masterbate with a brust, its called responsibility and personal accountability.

  27. i’m sorry, anyone who frequents stickam or stickydrama on a regular basis knows what screen capping is.
    nooooo pity

  28. It’s OK, brett will not stop and will eventually mess with the wrong man’s daughter.
    It’s inevitable.

  29. stupid [?stju?p?d]
    1. lacking in common sense, perception, or normal intelligence
    2. (usually postpositive) stunned, dazed, or stupefied stupid from lack of sleep
    3. having dull mental responses; slow-witted
    4. trivial, silly, or frivolous
    5. You.

  30. It’s really hard to feel bad for her when she’s blaming it on him and zoloft. It’s her fault that she got taken advantage of, no one was holding a gun to her head telling her to fap to some guy who she doesn’t even know looks like. Yes zoloft’s an antidepressant and there will be side affects, but I highly doubt she was shitfaced drunk status when she did that. Just admit that you were young and stupid.

  31. I feel sympathy with the pain that it caused, yet at the same time you should of already known EVERYTHING has it’s consequences. Or just in general if anyone wants to argue “she didn’t know he could cap”. Were you REALLY ok with some dude you never met watching you masturbate? Yes he’s a nasty guy and anyone who uses that anonb site is pathetic… and yeah, it sucks you have to deal with it now, but don’t point fingers and act like you have a halo just because you’re on pills, etc etc. You HAD a choice. Period.

  32. HAHAHA maybe you SHOULD have killed yourself, no one gives a shit about you and how you feel, you’re the dumb ass that did what you did, fucking live with it bitch!

  33. im sorry but if you take your clothes off on cam no matter what the situation is ur a fucking dumbass
    the dude is a fucking perv but shes a fucking idiot too

  34. I do feel bad for her and I wish her the best in life as well as her living out her dream, but do not trust people on the internet. Yes, I’m aware they could “blackmail” you, or any kind of shit like that. I’m just really tired of girls making stupid mistakes that haunt them for a long time.
    Best wishes to her though.

  35. If you’re retarded to the point of getting naked for a complete stranger solely because they aren’t there with you, you deserve it. End of story.
    Be smart, don’t be a fuckingcamwhore.

  36. This is a fine example of the typical teen girl’s dramatic, hyper reaction to a relatively trivial event. She’ll either let this degrade her forever, or let the weakness strengthen her.
    In less than four years she’ll realize how fucking silly it was to even care about this — she’ll realize how common nudity and lewd acts are in reality — and just laugh about it.
    I don’t feel bad for her. It happens to everyone, and most people need it. The circumstances surrounding the cataclysm are irrelevant.
    Sean Savvy is just an old world faggot living in the shit wake of /b/ on Stickam. Only dumbasses and teenage dipshits use AnonIB anyway. Have fun dwelling in the past, brah.
    The end.

  37. This letter is actually well written for a 16 year old stickam girl. If the Zoloft was prescribed, I wish nothing but the best for her, if she took it recreationally, well, she should have known better, but I am not saying she deserved it. Hopefully it all works out for her.

  38. Seansavvy aka bccc aka Brett Thurber
    Northbrook IL
    You’re goddamn right it’s his number.

  39. this pretty messed up. regardless of which tools she had chosen to use :P, this was something she thought was going to be completely private, and to be tricked and then have her whole life ruined,and friends and family see her in shameful act as such.. I feel pretty bad for her.

  40. I like the way she writes lol.
    I guess its not possible for sean to die because of this, but he can go to jail if you have enough evidence.

  41. Ummmm, you should pist the picture of that letter cause now you just seem like you wrote that all by yourself, lol.

  42. I too was recorded and my video was posted and my friends got it.
    I laughed, asked if they liked it, and……………..moved on.

  43. ok seriously i know its unfortunate that you were stupid enough to do that shit for a complete scumbag. He should never have recorded or posted. Its an awful thing.
    But when you sit there and say you want him in jail or dead – sorry the world just dont work that way.

  44. I’m pretty sure jail is going to be the safest place to that guy before long, if that isn’t the case already.
    You can’t fuck with people’s daughters/sisters/etc that much and get away with it.

  45. I feel bad for her, not everyone has a sharp mentality at the age of sixteen. She obviously wasn’t in a good state and very vulnerable. Someone decided to prey on her and manipulate her. The guy who did that is exactly that, a predator. I hope she can get better and live a normal life. All the best wishes.

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