StickyDrama often receives letters from our readers and the subjects of our posts.  For various reasons, we do not post or reference every item sent to us.  But since some of these “Letters to the Editor” are intriguing stories waiting to be told, we will now begin posting them in their entirety, without any editing, and with the understanding that StickyDrama does not necessarily agree with their content nor vouch for their accuracy.
This letter came to us yesterday from a girl who was 16 years old when she was screen-recorded by infamous capper “Sean Savvy,” who has been identified as Brett Thurber. She consented to our posting her letter here.

I am now 17 years old.
When I was 16 however, I was stupid enough to be targeted by “Sean Savvy.”  I didn’t know anything about capping, or that it was even possible to do things like that.  Sean Savvy took advantage of me.  He took advantage of the fact that I was naive and immature.  He took advantage of the fact that I was on Zoloft, an antidepressant which is known to decrease inhibitions.  He capped me in the most vulnerable state, masturbating with a brush.
He put this video of me, on that damn AnonIB site.  Or at least traded this “win” with someone who did put me on that site.
It’s been a year since all this happened.  And I am still unable to go through a whole day with out remembering what he did to me. What I did to myself.  Someone I knew found this video, and sent it to everyone on my Myspace. Then they sent it to everyone they knew and so on. My parents got a hold of it.  My whole life spiraled downward.  I was put into a mental hospital for two weeks on suicide watch. I wanted to die.  And I still do.  I had to move, and separate my whole family.  I used to love playing music, it was my dream even.  But now it’s gone down in flames right before my eyes.  I can’t play music for a living like I dreamed.  I live in constant fear that that fucking video will come out again.
I started to talk to “Sean Savvy” when I got my computer back.  I actually even videochatted with the real him.  Not some bullshit fake.  He is definitely older than 23, I would even say 27.  He’s very smart, too smart for his own good.
He told me he was sorry.  He told me ruining my life wasn’t his intention.  Sorry isn’t enough for all the pain and fear I live in every fucking day of my life.
I want Brett Thurber in jail, or dead for the pain he’s caused me. Now I can carry a gun according to the open carry laws in Ohio. But back then I was a minor and vulnerable, hence couldn’t do anything about it.

Criminals like Brett Thunder needed to be punished and arrested. But in case you are attested wrongly, you can contact a bondsman in New Haven County, who will pay the complete bail amount, thus making bail more accessible and fast. You can also contact a bail bond service like Apex Bail Bonds in Graham to assist you with the bailing process.

I have nothing to lose either.  Nothing to lose anymore.
I’m just letting you know.  Brett didn’t just target people over 18.
He targeted a 16-year-old.  He targeted me.



  1. you guys are fucking ass holes. give the girl a break she made a mistake now let her go on with her life. savvy you are a cunt when you passed on that vid you became a certin. hear me you are the lowest of the low. the rest of you dumb selfimportant american asholes – yes i said it. and i will say it too your fave too [email protected].- you dumb assholes leave the chick alone! Girl your letter broke my hart but you were stupid. the reason 16 is underage is because you are to young to realize that men are assholes ALL OF US. but only some of us are slime like said mr SAVVY and keep your clothes on from now on but forget these a holes really forget them. everyone fucks up and we all get on with our lives. you are going to just fine.

  2. to the previous anonymous…
    great points and all, except when you got to the sexting thing at the end. Sure there have been cases where the law reached that point with some underage people bringing child pornography laws back on them but it was seriously mistaken. Many states are finding other better ways to deal with them including a small fine and safety lessons.
    But good points.

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