Kayvon popped into StickyDrama’s chatroom tonight, and we were stunned to see that he had shaved his head completely bald.
StickyDrama couldn’t resist inviting him into our Live for an interview. When asked why on earth he would want his head to be smoother than Corey Pattakos’s nutsack, he responded that he was a great admirer of Sinead O’Connor. He then began lip-synching to her “Nothing Compares To You.”
Okaaaaaaaaayyyyy …



  1. Do you fairly think this is news? I like and read your blog to get necessary information, but sometimes melancholy kills me

  2. I?m a person, who knows what she wants. I?m not the one who has a lot of free time to write comments here and discuss stupid and silly news, like you do. It?s so funny that you all take it seriously, start thinking about it and so on. I would never spend my time on such stupidity. I just want to say that there?s a real word, where you can spread rumors and argue. Why are you doing this online? You look so funny!

  3. so what? i dont get what the big deal is. He shaved is head.
    maybe hes in the military or some shit
    but dude, i think thats a fucking wig cap

  4. I love how 90% these comments are either fatass or kayvon under annonymous
    do we really cares about either?NO.
    Now both of them are ugly and fat
    How much did you beg sticky drama to post about you this time?

  5. jeffrees pissed bc he sucked kayvons dick only to get dissed the next day hahahahahah
    ive seen pix of them together online hahaah
    should i share jeffree?

  6. its such a kayvon thing to do though bc he dont give a shit as u can tell! i respect that and i think he erally talented and will go far

  7. Kayvon is amazing. Brandy is fat and ugly as hell, she makes me want to throw up. And by the way people, Kayvons still sexy. He just doesnt pull off being bald well because it makes his face look asymmetrical.

  8. Fuck you poser you fucking cunt that is not me up there on those comments that is fucking sick you people need to quit trying to steal my goddamn identity or something you quack fucker

  9. I don’t think it’s fake. Where the hell would he hide all that hair? Wouldn’t it look a lot bigger if all of it was hidden under some cap thing.

  10. oh kayvon
    words can no longer express my feelings on this, i guess i just have to grab your ears from now on

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