“One way to measure the health of a society,” said Judge Tom Ross at the 2000 William Rehnquist Award Program, “is to examine the quality of its justice.”  Well, StickyDrama doesn’t know much about the quality of Iran’s justice—we imagine it’s not that great.  But if we examine the quality of Iran’s music videos, that country must be one godforsaken pile of shit sprinkled with AIDS blood.

Anyways that’s the impression we got watching a Persian music video featuring our own Kayvon Zand.

Oh yes, that’s Kayvon.  Clapping and grinning and doing whatever it is that Persian guys do to woo a frumpy middle-aged Persian gypsy at the beach.

Truly, the art direction of this video is an expression of a supreme Cheesiness which transcends the power of words to describe.  From the caption of a fax number to the backgrounds of psychedelic vomit, our soul was borne away along a symphony of bad taste and barbarous language.



  1. kayvon ftw!!! i <3 you.
    mr. x, who are you again? you could at least put a face behind your pointless ramblings.

  2. You are 27 aren’t you, that’s near 30. I don’t talk shit about everybody else, just over inflated douche bag egos like yours kayvon/kevin. In fact I do wish you a long life so I can watch your decline. You look a lot different today than in that video and I’m sure I will be highly amused. From the looks of that video it is of such poor quality I would bet it was done on a VHS camcorder and predates digital formats. How old is it? It looks to be about 10 years old. Gypsy king lol.

  3. lolol, that was a good lul. LOL 30!? really?!, i must look damn good…real good.
    Hate to break it to you, not even close. I know it kills you to know that i have my whole future ahead of me.
    AGAIN> where are your pics? How come you like to talk shit about everyone else, but have NO BALLS to even show your face.
    PUT ur FACE where ur stank ass mouth is.

  4. Kayvon you really are retarded aren’t you.”I’m American before you will ever be.” Nice sentence structure, what the fuck does that even mean? Before you will ever be? You say you were born in America yet you can barely speak English. If you believe the Founding Fathers came here for equality and freedom you are a bigger idiot than I thought, considering they limited that freedom to white, land and slave owners. It’s nice to have a 4th grade understanding of the world when you are in 4th grade. But now you are nearly 30 and you really need to learn to read and get an education and become a productive member of society. Go and put on more eyeliner while you’re at it.
    Roman stfu we already know you are a complete idiot as well. You don’t know a god damned thing about politics in the USA. So go back to making a fool of yourself trying to talk like a black stereotype. Which is just as stupid as Rosie O’Donnell and her “ching chong” outrage. Learn proper hygiene and diet and maybe your anal fissure will heal. Get help with your mental issues that manifest themselves in an eating disorder.

  5. again tell us about you mr. X.
    That’s what I thought.
    Crawl back in your trailer this holiday season and enjoy some spam and canned beans. I’ll make sure to donate to toys for tots so you can shove that shit so far up ur ass you’ll fart your star spangled banner.
    I’m American before you will ever be. Our founding fathers came here for equality and freedom. So go fuck Sarah Palin and create a nice trailer in the sky. And I’m sure you can see Russia from your window!

  6. for those of you being rude and discriminating against persians, saying they are “ugly” or any of the other rude words that were used on this blog, just for your information, our very own Melody Magic is ALSO persian. But born and raised here.
    this is directly from her myspace::
    &&&I’m sorry, but anyone with eyes can see this girl is fucking gorgeous.
    so to say that the persian people are not pretty, is ridiculous.
    does THIS look like a gypsy?
    and she did in fact used to have a video of her persian dancing on her stickam, but it was kind of revealing so she took it off.
    persian dance is one of the most respected/seductive dance types.
    dont jump to conclusions about a culture without knowing anything about it.

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