The 19-year-old statutory Rapist demonstrated yesterday that he has less maturity than his underage victims.
Let us be clear: StickyDrama despises Matthew Lush for being an overly-promoted hypocrite who pays his rent by convincing lonely teenagers that he’ll love them if they buy his t-shirts. But we don’t hope that he dies of AIDS and we certainly don’t believe that he’ll burn in hell for being a cocksucker. StickyDrama is vicious, true; however we criticize words and actions, not inherent identities.
We hope the racist homophobic Rapist continues posting similar ignorant, hateful bulletins, so that he’ll destroy what little popularity he has left.


  1. rapist (r?’p?st) n:
    1.john hock: a disgusting, faggot-hating, racist, whore-impregnating criminal.
    2. one who commits rape

  2. matt does have a job he just doesnt tell people where it is because people would stalk him. i dont even like matt very much but lets be honest, rent in los angeles is like 1700 a month. im sure all of his check is going to his rent.

  3. Honestly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. If Matt feels validated by the online attention then I hope it contributes to his emotional well-being. But let’s face it, this can’t last much longer as the internet gig does not have the potentiol to transition to something bigger and better (music, movies, TV). Moreover he’s starting to fill out and is losing his boy toy looks. Once that is gone (the reason he is popular in the first place) he better get a real job or go to college. Otherwise he’ll be popping rosebuds in some cheesy porn movie to pay the rent on that overpriced rabbit cage he calls an apartment.

  4. “Lmao @ people getting so damn worked up about this, who fucking cares?
    John is a rapist
    Matthew is a dumbshit.
    the end.”
    very well put by rainbow
    and i agree with most people… it looks and sounds a bit fake

  5. okay, so i think its dumb how you guys go threw all the trouble to post this. the fonts different. plus john calls her Chelsea not audiowhoregasm. he also DOESN’T say seckz and rarely ever says boi. next time you guys want to post something about john make sure you know a few things like: how he talks for one and maybe that he doesn’t always call people by there “stickam names”. anyways. i think i said everything i had to say.

  6. Hock is quite easy to compare with michael jackson, imagine if he had won; parents would have had to keep their teenage daughters under lock.
    As for Mathew Smith (I mean lush)
    All said about him being a liar, low life, is kind of smack-in-the-face obvious, he pretends to care about things to get fans, and brainwashes them into buying his tshirts.
    If anything Matt and Hock would make a great pair.

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