It made our day to learn that Angels Flight, a landmark funicular railway in the Bunker Hill district of downtown Los Angeles, has finally re-opened. Bunker Hill is the financial district containing most of downtown LA’s modern skyscrapers, including our beloved U.S. Bank Tower where Stickam is headquartered.

The historic railway had been closed ever since early 2001, when a car broke loose, rolled down Bunker Hill and smashed into another car at the bottom, killing one man and injuring several others. Celebrating crazy stupid shit like the re-opening of a killer trolley car is just another reason why we love living in downtown LA.

The railway is located near the intersection of 4th and Hill Streets, just two blocks from StickyHouse at 5th and Spring.
The Los Angeles Times


  1. Anon @ 5:10 made me fucking laugh my brains out.
    I went there a couple times, but you’d be surprised how many Angelinos NEVER go downtown… It’s like it barely exists.
    And tbh I agree that it’s weird for this to be posted here XD

  2. Why must people be such arrogant demanding fucks? This is /news/ not everything posted by sticky has to be about your favorite little scene whores.

  3. You can’t see very much of it in the photo, but just to the left of the railway at the top of the hill is a cute little park called Angels Knolls. I like to walk through it sometimes.

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