Recently we had the splendid occasion to catch Jake Wolf blabbing away about his ex-girlfriend Kiki Kannibal. Here’s what he had to say:
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Mama Kannibal, the floor is yours.


  1. Why is it that everyone wants to make the shittiest mydrama posts possible, but when they have something to say that could make a more than adequate post, they put it in the 1,000th comment on some week-old thread? Really. Why?

  2. Okay, I’m really surprised someone hasn’t outed her for this… but Kiki is pregnant. And no, not by Jake. By this other garage band florida kid named Adam. Jake cheated on her so many times she finally cheated on him. I don’t know if they didnt use a condom or if it broke but she is definitely pregnant. I’m Dakota’s friend’s sister and Dakota slipped one night on the phone that Kiki is having a hard time going through with an abortion, but finally decided to do it and needed some time to recover emotionally and couldn’t take the psychotic harassment if Jake ever found out. I kind of feel sorry for her to be honest, even though she is a bitch IRL too.

  3. “live vicariously through her sevent…..”
    then they stop.
    so kiki is 17 years old…there you go

  4. He talks like a cunt, and his music is shit, but he is HOT and he has Charlie Chaplin and Frank Sinatra on his page, which are two of my three favorite people EVER. And he’s got Patrick Bateman on there. I’d say this guy is fuckin’ sweet.

  5. Face tattoos are probably going to disqualify him from burger flipping. I wouldn’t want that disgusting freak touching food.


  7. wow this is a generation of low standard sleezy cumguzzling sluts with “I would fuck him” comments.

  8. kiki is not 18. she’s 17. her mom even said it in one of her videos on stickam when they were talking about the age gap between her and jake.

  9. PLEASE PUT THE TOP PIC ON STICKY NOODZ UNCENSORED!! OR SOMEONE POST A LINK ON HERE WITH IT<3 Mmm Mmm mmmmmm, even though it looks big on here i know irl it's tiny. He's just good with angles.

  10. I thought the ‘he loves me’ poster was some anon person being sarcastic, but judging from the fact that that dirty failbeast does seem to get lots of sleazy idiot pussy, it probably wasn’t.
    Jakewolf’s catching all the spare idiot tail that normally would have been swept up by Hock.

  11. 3 weeks is a good marker to use for changing most habits. ie, being stuck in an e-celeb cycle, being stuck in bad relationship cycles, etc.

  12. that thinks he loves you, Jake or one of his many groupies from Florida probably wrote that—Out of the 120 girls he fucked, he couldn’t find one that wasn’t conceited and/or bossy?? He uses the dumb ones that are easy to manipulate. You are sorely mistaken if you think he really loves you and that you are different. Besides if you were really secure about how much he loves you, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be mentioning it here. In actuality your lifeless paragraph was obvious bullshit, and you probably don’t even know him. Either that or you are REALLY FUCKING STUPID!

  13. “Don’t tell me what to do!” He can’t handle Jenny flemball voice telling him not to talk about it. hahaha. SHe kept interrupting him. She really does have a dopey, dur, dur, duh voice! She sounds so dumb and like she has a clot stuck in her throat with a mucous lisp.

  14. Did anyone else notice towards the end of the video he says, “I’ve already hit that pussy. I don’t care if I hit it again.” No wonder why Kiki was upset about him going back to Texas. This guy cheats on her several times, changes his plans regularly and yanks her around and treats her like shit. I pretty much think that would cause a lot of fights in any relationship. He’s a complete stupid, shithead. He said he doesn’t talk about Kiki and yet here he calls her immature. That’s funny coming from a guy who does the most fucked up immature things in his relationships. What he did to Kiki was immature and what he just did to that JAcquelyn girl was immature.

  15. His dick is the only good part of him and thats even rotten and dirty.
    Let’s just ignore him and maybe he’ll go away.

  16. HAhahaha oh man kiki is obviously sick and hates herself.
    That chick kept telling him to shutup when he’d say something personal.
    Both her and koti have anorexia i bet, mama kannibal should be so proud.

  17. We’re in love. I know he’s fucked over a lot of girls, but when he tells me he loves me, I can tell by the way he says it that he means it. He just needed the right girl, a not a bossy, conceited bitch. Those puppet tats should be on her face. Her mom’s the one with her hand up her ass having her regurgitate her BS. He’s right though, can’t blame her. Once you go Wolf you never go back. Plus his music is amazing, who couldn’t fall for him?

  18. first picture of him licking between his dirty over-tattooed hands looks like he is actually licking a big hair dirty vagina.

  19. even though jakewolf is gross. and used people in tx. and abandoned his band. and di nothing but groom his internet fame by sitting on the computer all day and crying like a little bitch when he lost his mac’s charger. he still is better than kiki.

  20. Kiki believes pot smokers a are ‘gross losers’ yet she finds that disgusting mess fuckable.
    Kiki making perfect sense – as always.

  21. Did he just call her Keersten? I thought it was Kristen. Wow, he doesn’t even know her name lol! Kiki’s dumb bitch for going out with him.

  22. @Sticky that was a little much, seriously.
    My thoughts:
    1. I definitely think Kiki is going to a 3 week inpatient. Here’s how we know: if she didn’t go to inpatient, she’d overcome her embarrassment quicker than 3 weeks, and get back online. If she actually waits 3 weeks, we know she went somewhere.
    2. Jake seems almost as self-centered as Kiki, but what he said about codependent relationships was spot-on. Kiki, I think, is an unstable person. Being her boyfriend would be like a 9 to 5 job. She’s needy.
    3. If sticky would please stop posting pictures of Jake naked, I would be thrilled. Seriously, not all of us [few of us, really] think he’s hot. He’s filthy, has stupid tattoos, he’s flabby, and he has a small dick.
    4. Lastly, I lol’d at “kiki fucked me in the diabetes.” Like, seriously. Just take your insulin on cam or whatever.

  23. uh oh, looks like the kiki troops are out spammin this board. keep it up jake. show your cock more too please.

  24. Well it could be she’s still 17, but it could also be he is just trolling.
    Damn, the bitch has to turn 18 at some point.

  25. He’s as much as a fucking clown as Kiki is. It’s just pathetic, blah blah blah I’m so self centered, listen to me talk about my diabetes and how she bitched and nagged blah blah. maybe if you acted like an adult, stopped fucking 15-18 year old females, and actually i don’t know learn how to fucking shower, and get the fuck away from the internet you can get you life in order.

  26. jake just admitted mama kannibal wants to live through her 17 year old daughter…so yep, there we go, she is NOT 18.

  27. spaz said, March 12th, 2010 at 7:30 am
    Kiki is definitely an in-patient somewhere. She wouldn’t be able to resist using the internet otherwise.
    ^good observation. I’m sure you’re right.

  28. Good thing she’s 18. She had to have admitted herself somewhere because her mom sure as hell wouldn’t. All she cares about it that Kiki looks good. What he says about her mommy trying to live through her is soooo dead on.. He should be nicer though because she’s so vulnerable, not that anyone would expect him to be a big person about it. It’s hard to blame him after Kiki’s mom’s crusade.
    Does he have tattooes to look like a ventriloquist dummy? He definitely has the dummy part down.

  29. i think its hilarious, clearly he was slick with his words with kiki to make her “stay” in a relationship with her long enough.. i honestly think he was trying to make himself a name and he jsut used her simply for that. it worked – like he wanted it to. hes probably really good with head games and getting what he wants cant hate on him for that hate the game 😉

  30. jake looks dirty & that is no way to speak about a female no matter if its obnoxious kiki… he trys to act mature but he’s just a walking contradiction.

  31. I love how none of you can tell he’s most likely drunk. Sure he can be immature when drunk but most people are…I don’t know.. I just don’t hate Jake. Kiki tried to make him look like the bad guy and when she was live and shit she would only make it known when he was bad mouthing HER. I bet she nagged and bitched all the fucking time. I feel so bad for Jake. Having to put up with that little immature spoiled bitch. I hope her life fucking FAILS when and if she moves to LA. She won’t make it.

  32. Jake is the epitome of everything I dislike in people. He’s so in love with himself, it’s disgusting. I can definetly see a sociopath in him.

  33. Kiki confirms it’s not a big dick. Compare the size of his hand with that thing. Perspective won’t fill out a vag.

  34. Two days ago his twitter said @mmmkikikannibal I am so in love with you
    I should have screen capped it because he removed it since. I feel so bad for kiki, this guy is PSYCHOTIC.
    I was also in his live on two occasions and both times (one being the time with Jenny) all he did was talk about Kiki. If you’re SO glad you broke up with her, then start acting like it.

  35. Kiki is definitely an in-patient somewhere. She wouldn’t be able to resist using the internet otherwise.
    Jakewolf is an ugly cunt with horrible tattoos. He better HOPE he makes enough money in his shitty band for the rest of his life, because apart from a tattoo/piercing shop, nobody will ever hire his worthless freak ass.

  36. lol @ jenny thompsons trailer trash ass whining in the background.

  37. I love how Kiki pretended to take a 3 week break from the internet. Why 3 weeks, one might ask… because she is in treatment for anorexia.

  38. 1. jake wolf is like a boring john hock
    2. i hate kiki, but he DID talk all this shit about moving to orlando and then decided to go back to TX.

  39. Jake’s real good at sounding like a mature adult. Although you made very valid points about what it is to be mature and taking care of yourself, why is it that you keep bouncing from living situation from living situation if you’re so good at it?
    You got the right idea, booboo, you’re almost there-just not quite there yet.

  40. he is so dirty.
    ugh, disgusting. looks like he has been rotting on the street for quite some time.

  41. “anyone can do better than jakewolf” she wasn’t kidding.
    WTF are those lines on his mouth? is he going for the nutcracker look or something? *wow*

  42. i actually care more about Brandon Hilton than I do about this JakeWolf guy.
    and thats saying something.
    ugly ass neck tattoo, ugly ass rest of his tattoos and some kinda weird line shit on his face, and best of all he looks like he’s not showered in a month… oh, so hot. 😐

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