A reader sent StickyDrama a link to the above video, which frankly left us stunned.  Scene on 7 appears to be legitimate, but we can’t believe they’d be so desperate for content as to devote a segment to internet lol-cow Brandon Hilton. What’s this world coming to?
Kimberly, click on our “Brandon Hilton” category to learn more about this so-called “celebrity.”


  1. Brandon, sweetie, don’t make me ruin you. I live in Greenville and I know all of the places you mention on your twitter. It would not be that hard to drive to one of them. Don’t make me embarrass you.

  2. BH is like norman bates and his mother….. Pretending to have lady gaga as a chum and faking everythhhhhhhhhhhing lol
    Being on this site doesnt make you “famous” it just makes you stupid.

  3. Lol Perez and Brandon twitter fight?
    Just one of the lies Brandon came up with to make himself sound somewhat famous, in order to snag this local tv interview.

  4. bahah i also agree its funny he didn’t once mention this amazing song he did with lady gaga. or how good of friends they are just the advice he got :] bahaha. silly boy. get a real life please.

  5. OMG…soooo he tried to make it seem like he was all BFF with Gaga….but ROFL@”So Brandon, you had the opportunity to MEET HER BACKSTAGE?”
    Famous friend fail.

  6. LOL. will someone please sucker punch him in panama city and record it? I’d love to see that fag get his face beat in for being so fucking retarded and narcissistic

  7. 10 Things Lady Gaga has the BH never will:
    1) Over 2 million real followers on twitter.
    2) Originality.
    3) A real record label.
    4) The ability to have actual fans back her up and not her posting as someone else.
    5) Actual access to stars to do collaborations with.
    6) She didn’t have to steal someones last name in her rise to fame.
    7) More than 4 fat girls come to her show to see her. (even before she was famous)
    8) Has a style that others copy. Not the opposite.
    9) Can sing more than one song without autotune.
    10) A real life. And not a photocopied version of someone elses.
    Sorry Brandon, you might actually live up to meeting 1 of the above but the other 9? Forget it.

  8. “Having “haters” only means that people hate you. Nothing more.”
    Couldn’t be more true.

  9. Ok, I made a loop of me saying “I JUST WANNA DANCE” and I overlayed it on a track of Lady Gaga’s.
    Can I now tell everyone I did a song with Lady Gaga???!

  10. Ok Brandon.
    STFU and go back recording that ‘”song.”
    Nobody wants to hear your dumbass lies

  11. Okay what the fuck is going on here.
    Honestly I think it’s hilarious watching “Brandon Hilton” go down this trainwreck path of failures. We’re all put on this planet for entertainment, and I’m sitting watching this pathetic loser and feeling better about my life.

  12. Haters don’t make you famous anymore. The only time they ever helped anyone was when Youtube “most discussed” was important, and all the hater comments added to the viewcount.
    But how famous were any of those retards, really? Exactly.

  13. one thing is true about brandon hilton, hes definitely the most popular person on this website. looks at all the comments.
    haters make your famous

  14. Wouldn’t it be like Dude Gaga or Mister Gaga or something?
    Leaving the “Lady” part in there just makes it sound weirder.

  15. saddest part of all is he is probably reading the comments and truly thinks people talking about him is furthering his career.
    It’s kinda like when people dont realize people are laughing at them – not with them.
    BH…. really,you already have your name destroyed on the 1st google search for you. Don’t you think it might be time to just give it up just a bit?
    ‘the boy lady gaga’ what an awesome goal. not really, be original – or gtfo.

  16. You can tell immediately if Brandon posted the comment or not. They always look like this.
    Brandon Hilton is so
    He is a really FUN guy! He loves to suck A lot of COCK, and swallow CUM all the
    Fuck why do you capitalize every other damn word!?! Plus, anyone who would defend bh is obviously bh.
    I also thought it was fucking hilarious, how he didn’t say, “O not only did I meet her back stage, we are doing a song together”. HAHAHA Or his song with Lil Wayne too. 🙂
    BH IS so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  17. god the 5 people that went to the show were ewwww. Show brandon ugly people attract even more ugly nobodies.

  18. Weird, yesterday he had a blog on his MS about the TRUTH of the lady gaga single and how it all unfolded….
    Today it’s suddenly gone.

  19. Does each of Brandons alter personalities post on here…IN CAPS??!! Lordy, this boy needs to be on meds!

  20. has anybody noticed that brandons video called Adventures of Brandon Hilton is trying to be JUST LIKE Transition Gagavision?

  21. BH is in no way “mainstream”. no one wants to see or more importantly, hear an albino looking sloth babble on about his bootyhole in off-key autotune.
    also, good job pretending to be your own fans.
    pretending you’re already famous isn’t the way to get famous.
    i’ve been on the news, does that make me famous? LOL

  22. Scene 7 is a local news channel who interviews random nobodies all of the time. I mean, the KimberlyOnAir Twitter has less than 700 followers, so it’s obvious that it’s not that big of a deal.
    He’s constantly begging people to get him x amount of followers and to trend his songs… yet, his follower count remains the same and he doesn’t get trended.
    I just feel bad for the guy. It must hurt knowing that you try so hard, yet still no one cares.
    And lol @ that video. Just like I said, fat scene boys and ugly girls are the only people who like him.
    Three people show up, omg, so manyyy!

  23. I don’t get how he lies about everything SO MUCH and still really sucks at doing it. Like still randomly capitalizing words etcetera when pretending to be someone else backing him up. Anyone would be a better liar even, while he has so much experience? Maybe he just wants to get caught?

  24. ahhh, the only funny thing about Brandon is how much he lies and how bad of a singer he is. All in all he does appear to be a nice guy online, but who knows irl?

  25. you know, brandon, you might gain a LITTLE bit of notoriety if you actually DID kill yourself.
    not suggesting it or anything…

  26. I thought he was alright when I first read about him on here. Then I found out that he actually is serious about everything he says. I thought he was joking about all that celebrity shit.
    I’ll seriously pay anyone who can delete all of his accounts.

  27. LOL All the ones that are like “blah blah blah blah BRANDON IS COOL blah blah
    Are either that Mike mp3 guy or Brandon himself. If you’re going to lurk the site Brandon you might as well fucking go under your own name instead of being so damn obvious.

  28. ^It’s funny, blaine, his answer to that question. I know what he was going to repeat, because it’s a quote that I (and obviously he) read of hers, not personal advice- “Dance like there’s no one watching, sing like there’s no one listening, and fuck like you’re being filmed”.
    By the way, that’s horrible sex advice.

  29. He might be a nice person…but the reason everyone hates him is because he’s FAKE. He’s not himself. He copies everyone else and he’s a compulsive liar. He lies so much and it’s pretty damn obvious. Nobody likes a liar. You won’t make it anywhere by being unoriginal Brandon.

  30. I vomited uncontrollably through-out this whole thing. Doesn’t matter how many hick-ass 1 minutes news spots he gets, he’ll never be anything, he’s a talentless hack and he deserves to die.

  31. I’m surprised someone as delusional as Brandon didn’t prepare a lot more for an interview like this. He stammered a lot and was repetitive as hell. His posture was shit and his hair was flat. It’s like he didn’t even take it seriously. Horrible.

  32. wow biggest fail at an interview ever:
    “so did lady gaga give you any advice? yea she said a cuss word, dont appologize”
    wow dude that advice will get you very far, smart /end sarcasm/

  33. um. when did this “twitter fight” with Perez happen? last I checked, a fight was a two-sided thing, not Brandon trying to tweet Perez his song.

    It makes you infamous and you aren’t even that. Brandon, you’re the most pathetic person on the planet. You were begging to Tila, you faked your rape, you lie about everything, your nose is the size of a fucking mountain, you have a disgusting pointy cock that bends at the end, you have a gross black boyfriend who isn’t a tennis player, you aren’t friends with anyone remotely famous, you create so many accounts pretending to be your ‘fans’. The BH_streetteam is so obviously you it isn’t funny.
    You’re going to die a sad little red neck fucktard.
    http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Brandon_Hilton everything about you on there is completely true. Go kill yourself before someone else does you pathetic sack of shit.

  35. ha he was in spartanburg? i was near that place last week i wouldve go to see how horrible it actually is but i think my bf would blow his brains out =/

  36. Maybe if he’d stop lying he’d stop having haters. It’s a pretty simple concept. -_- Wow almost all of the people who post on this site are fucking morons now.

  37. Hahah I love it how he was claiming to be friends with gaga for so long, yet on the “news” he has only met her once back stage. At least he’s admitting to his lies.

  38. anon at 5:53 has done a little too much coke and started typing again.
    you are ‘lyke a fuxxin’ RETARD! spell correctly!

    listen to BH’s new song #HATEMEIMFAMOUS
    you can prolly identify!

  40. WELL. its not obvious or anything that the first 3/4 comments are self posted.
    secondly children, even if brandon is so lyk3 awe$0m3e, he’s full of grade A cow shit.
    Let’s remember that he did bs about his song with lady gag on my dick and his song with lil wayne.

  41. You have to wonder what level of disease a persons life has rotted down to if they’re a member of a BH street team.

  42. His fucking hair and nose make me sick! So does his voice, his shape, his music, and his attitude. Plus, he’s a fucking nasty slut with a dick that looks like a big red meatball.

  43. Just calling himself “the male lady gaga” he should realize how UNORIGINAL he is. He should just call himself gentleman gaga. And maybe perez Hilton will Internet bully him XD

  44. sweet? he wouldn’t attack someone every time they made a negative comment about him if that were true. even bitchass kiki ignores her “haters”.

  45. There were no lies! It was just a post of your stupid fucking video and comments as to how people are astonished that you were on the news.
    I like how you always refer to yourself as “we”. Come on, there is no “we”, there’s only “you”. You talk a lot of shit with no actual proof to back up any of your claims.
    Wake up or get better at lying.

  46. Brandon, you’re not sweet. You throw a tantrum the minute someone criticizes you. You’re a shitty “musician” and a shitty person.
    Oh, and you’re not famous. People only talk about you because you’re fucking pathetic.

  47. Oh, Brandon, if you are so sweet, then why do you go online and spam StickyDrama and call us all failures and idiots? Granted, we do that too, but not with this level of desperation.

  48. anon at 4:05
    damage control is taking care of lies and negative press on the internet EI this website.
    its filled with slander and lies about someone who does NOT deserve in any way the negativity and hatred geared at them.
    we are slowly converting BH haters to BH lovers.. he deserves that. he isnt like people say he is. he’s very sweet and has worked VERY hard to get what he’s achieved.

  49. @ 4:03
    Yes. The MALE LADY GAGA in lights all over the world. Lack of talent, style, and overall originality.
    I don’t HATE Brandon Hilton. I hate people who try to achieve fame artificially. It would be more sufficient to have talent.

  50. LURKETE,
    always happy to be of service to the losers in the world, I know you need help. how’s your math homework? I’m good at that too!

  51. anon at 4:03
    If I werent I wouldnt be all over this website 3 to 8 times a week.

  52. anon at 4:01 LMFAO
    before we know it BH will be on billboards, this just proves that he’s not as lame and a liar like people says he is.
    hes going to succeed. hes mainstream and not scary like JEFFREE STAR, he may not be on the level yet, but his music is good and he WILL get there.
    ^oh yea SELF POST i almost forgot

  53. Lurkette you’re an idiot, BH Street Team is following STICKYDRAMA on twitter.
    when it popped up on their home page they just started damage control. youre an idiot too.. most haters are, its not your fault!

  54. I swear this IS the apocalypse. Brandon Hilton has fans? He’s being interviewed? IS this local news or what?
    I’m not sure what’s going on…

  55. anon at 3:57
    uyoure absolutely right
    gosh I must have posted ALL OF THE COMMENTS…. in fact no one even knows who BRANDON HILTON is, i must be foreign like china.


  57. pro tip: When trying to post under many sock puppets, it’s not a good idea to end all your posts with “SELF POST”.

  58. person saying everyone is BH and everyone types like him. yea you’re probably right, they should just sell BH masks at Target so we can all be BH.

  59. poor Kim never saw this coming.
    its sad that Brandon Hilton has so many haters, if people would just leave him alone lives would be so much easier.
    but its the negative haters with no lives that are so pathetic and rude that keep this shit going.

  60. Let me guess, your fans adopt your writing style too in solidarity. God, you know sticky can easily look up the ip addresses of every comment you post, right? Sometimes I don’t feel you have a firm grasp on how the internet really works, bro.

  61. I hardly think that referring to the gay community as “faggots” all the time is doing any good for the gay community.
    Also, most, if not all, of these previous comments were from Brandon. They all sounded exactly the same. You are a very poor actor (and singer, and dancer, and person).

  62. “Chris MP3” he vouched for you because he wanted more people to be @ his show duh.
    Yeah okay. [:

  63. welcome to the apocalypse!
    I’m here to pick up all BH Haters and take them to HELL!
    PS – my name is JESUS! I’m obviously a self post from BH.

  64. I was also at Brandon’s show saturday night and it was amazing.
    he brought me and my friends in the VIP with him and he didnt even know them, took pictures with all of us, got us drinks (even though we were all under 18) he even vouched for all 6 of us at the door saying we were 19.
    he is really sweet. his songs rock, I bought a copy of his cd. Its amazing.
    I personally am a HUGE fan.
    #BHSexyArmy for life.
    ^ I also most be BH self posting… lol. this site fails at life.
    my twitter is – twitter.com/itschrismp3

  65. people should realize that Brandon Hilton is not the antichrist and most people are wrong about him.
    I gave in and went to his first big show last saturday and met him, he was really nice and down to earth. the show was really good and fun, and he had dancers, got everyone drinks, he was really nice.
    he’s doing positive things for the gay community, atleast he’s not a walking talking stereotype like JEFFREE STAR.
    he definitely gained a new fan. I HAVE A NEW FOUND RESPECT FOR HIM NOW.
    ^ oh I know right, this must be a self post too.

  66. its sad that stickydrama has become BRANDON HILTON HATER central…
    he’s a really nice guy…
    oh i know. must be a SELF POST. because everyone hates BH and he has no real fans.
    you guys FAIL at life.

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