A reader sent StickyDrama a link to the above video, which frankly left us stunned.  Scene on 7 appears to be legitimate, but we can’t believe they’d be so desperate for content as to devote a segment to internet lol-cow Brandon Hilton. What’s this world coming to?
Kimberly, click on our “Brandon Hilton” category to learn more about this so-called “celebrity.”


  1. Brandon, sweetie, don’t make me ruin you. I live in Greenville and I know all of the places you mention on your twitter. It would not be that hard to drive to one of them. Don’t make me embarrass you.

  2. BH is like norman bates and his mother….. Pretending to have lady gaga as a chum and faking everythhhhhhhhhhhing lol
    Being on this site doesnt make you “famous” it just makes you stupid.

  3. Lol Perez and Brandon twitter fight?
    Just one of the lies Brandon came up with to make himself sound somewhat famous, in order to snag this local tv interview.

  4. bahah i also agree its funny he didn’t once mention this amazing song he did with lady gaga. or how good of friends they are just the advice he got :] bahaha. silly boy. get a real life please.

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