Since the release of his raunchy cybersex video, spamgod Matthew Lush has been keeping a low profile. Audrey Kitching, not so.

The pink bombshell went Live today with Roxy and the lovable suckable Adam Paranoia. Most of what came out of her mouth was the usual pointless banter … however the drama-meter hit a huge spike when she called Lush a “pedophile.”
While the statement was obviously made in jest, StickyDrama is curious as to the reason behind this intense dislike the two e-famous but really worthless Entertainers have for each other. Apparently the source of the bad blood would be Roxy’s co-hosting with Audrey—Lush is bitter that his former co-host is now on another show, and is attacking Audrey out of spite.
But did Lush call Audrey a square-pussied pink whore? Did she call him a lying hypocritical cocksucker? These are the morsels that make our mouth water; these are the details we want to know.


  1. i didn’t hear it anywhere, i saw it, Matt was in Lucas’ live once and was flirting like crazy
    and now whenever lucas goes into matt’s lives matt makes some huge deal
    just hurry up and fuck him already.
    altho i feel matt could aim slightly higher.

  2. >.>
    I agree with tan, actually.
    But…Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend have been dating for a LONG time.
    Or so, that’s what the word is.
    I don’t know about the whole pedophile thing. I mean.
    I hate to say it, but I’m 19 and my (ex) is 17. We’re a year and a half apart. But, I guess with sex it’s iffy. We knew we were in love, and still are (taking a break kind of). I mean, if you’re 18 and dating a 16 year old, there’s not too much there.
    I mean, true pedophilia is when your itching to put your dick in a 10 year old. I don’t know if anyone has read the book “Lolita” but it’s basically the story of a man falling in love with a young girl, for her innocence, purity and all that jazz. It was a touching story, and it puts a new perspective on “Pedos”.
    Most pedophiles like younger people for their lack of hair, youth, ect. And, I hate to say this, but calling Lush, Tomy, and even HOCK Pedos is using the term very loosely. Yes, it’s wrong to go against the law, and if you’re just looking for a quick fuck, then shame the FUCK on you for going after someone under aged. I mean, we all go against the law.
    We underage smoke.
    Underage drink.
    Underage fuck.
    Smoke weed.
    Maybe a few lines.
    Drugs in general.
    You see a 16 year old smoking you aren’t going to do much.
    You see a 16 year old fucking, then there’s a problem.
    You can DIE from smoking. There’s no condom for your lungs.
    I don’t like the law about underage sex because IT IS YOUR CHOICE. You want to fuck at 13, be my fucking guest.
    But BE RESPONSIBLE. Don’t fucking sleep with someone, then cry statutory rape months later.

  3. newsflash, high school teens ahve always hooked up with older guys and this goes to gay community too and keeping it on the low. Is the 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears a victim because his 19 year old boyfriend fucked her? no. as long as theyre in love, it shouldnt be anyone elses business.

  4. not interrogating you at all, but i am curious how you know he’s hitting on lucas hilton. lol i find it hilarious so i wanted to know how you heard it.

  5. audrey is the most boring person ever to grace the planet. Watching her shows are painful. She just sits there chewing her gum like a fucking horse and repeats the same thing over and over like a dumb child.
    and yea, isnt matt hitting on that lucas hilton guy? he’s 14. if this is a desperate bid to maintain his fans then perhaps he should stop.

  6. didn’t she call him on the show?
    people kept saying “call matthew lush” so she dialed the number but nobody said anything, so he hung up. then audrey said “guess matthew didn’t wanna talk to us.”
    this was before.

  7. All I know is, that about 2-3months ago, Matt Lush came in my room and started PMing me and posting the link in my room to the noodz of Ms. Kitching and going on mic and telling everyone to look at her “square pussy” lol. He wouldn’t say why he was doing it though..

  8. She’s an enemy of his and she bad mouthed him. What’s so shocking about it.
    I don’t know anything about Lush but people shouldn’t throw around the word pedophile without proof.

  9. If this is true, and it probably is, according to his way of thinking we should save the animals but screw the children? He’s a sicko.

  10. Sort of ironic considering his response to his nasty video. The people who are closest to him (or were) probably know this stuff better than anyone. I believe her.


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