Usually Myspace drama is lame—how exciting can a few pissy messages be? But throw in a videocamera and sodomy, and things get pretty damn interesting.

Priceless. Simply priceless. Even the girl’s own mother can’t keep a straight face. Ownage this epic deserves a place on StickyDrama.
And speaking of in the butt, this boy needs to come to Stickam. He’s cute as hell.


  1. And this is why so many teenagers and young adults are so depressed lately. Constantly being picked on. Kinda rude…

    People need to chill the fuck out. “BAWW IT’S NOT ABOUT STICKAM BAWW” It’s still hilarious, who cares if it’s not following the usual pattern of Stickydrama news.
    Any internet drama can be posted on here. Jesus Christ. :[

  3. That vid is so old…
    and has nothing to do with stickam whatsoever.
    idk why sticky even posted this =/

    “do i look like im laughing, you could’ve gotten raped! in the butt!”
    omfgg that was epic.

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