Kiki Kannibal’s number one stalker Just Jeremy brought her newest photos to StickyDrama’s attention—and they ain’t pretty.

Her hip piercings apparently became infected and had to be removed, leaving dark scars in their place. The scars will turn white over the years but never fade away completely. What surprises us is that she didn’t have the photos retouched–it’s called the Clone Stamp Tool, bitch!


  1. they didnt get infected dumbass they rejected. all surface piercings do. stop being so jealous and hating on her.

  2. i would defend her but the bitch banned me from her damn cam… ugh that makes me not like her…
    I got banned cause someone said aren’t you dating daniel cespedes? and someone else was like hes dead. and im like hes dead… hes been dead…
    BANNED like wtf. that makes me think she actually DID IN FACT have something to do with his being arrested and running from the police.
    stupid bitch i hope she gets covered in scars. her fake photoshopped boobs too.

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