Kiki Kannibal’s number one stalker Just Jeremy brought her newest photos to StickyDrama’s attention—and they ain’t pretty.

Her hip piercings apparently became infected and had to be removed, leaving dark scars in their place. The scars will turn white over the years but never fade away completely. What surprises us is that she didn’t have the photos retouched–it’s called the Clone Stamp Tool, bitch!


  1. they didnt get infected dumbass they rejected. all surface piercings do. stop being so jealous and hating on her.

  2. i would defend her but the bitch banned me from her damn cam… ugh that makes me not like her…
    I got banned cause someone said aren’t you dating daniel cespedes? and someone else was like hes dead. and im like hes dead… hes been dead…
    BANNED like wtf. that makes me think she actually DID IN FACT have something to do with his being arrested and running from the police.
    stupid bitch i hope she gets covered in scars. her fake photoshopped boobs too.

  3. people in the south DO NOT talk like kiki. and if thats really kayvon above, i am dying laughing over “big bird couture.”

  4. She’s way to young to be wearing what she’s wearing in that second picture. Wayyy to whorey. Disgusting.

  5. she’s bringing scars back
    just like she brought stripes, diamonds, leapord print, bats, and cum guzzling back

  6. Crash! :
    uhh, first of all, Yah, the second pic IS new, because she was wearing that and in the process of this photo shoot like, last week. besides why would that matter?

  7. what the fuck is with the weird japanese go-go dancer loin cloth shit?
    but seriously, everyone knew this ‘story’ a while ago…
    what a chris crocker of shit.

  8. i have nothing against kiki, but lol at the background of the second picture…
    and if oyu dont see it tilt your computer screen. and look at it 🙂

  9. i dont get it?
    getting a pericing infected isnt a big deal at all hahaha.
    happens all the time.
    stickydrama is running out of stories hmmmm?

  10. The fact that they got infected means that you PROBABLY shouldnt let your 16 year old daughter get her hips pierced.

  11. She looks gross in the second one.
    The first looks semi normal.
    The second the outfit makes her look like she hasn’t eaten in a week.
    I guess yellows just not her color.
    =] I hate you kiki <3

  12. lol @ “i brought scars back”.
    but seriously SD, there’s got to be better news than this. you guys are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. :[
    do something on how dennis hegstad is mysteriously back, or something.

  13. who cares?
    her piercings got rejected, it happens a lot. i dont know how that constitutes as “drama”
    everyone bitches about people photoshopping photos but now when someone doesn’t photoshop they’re bitched at.
    god damn

  14. who cares. piercings leave scars. when i peirced my cleavage it left scars. they dont look gross or anything on her so who cares

  15. uhh why dont you post a blog about how elliot ben is only 15?
    rather than wasting your times on piercing being rejected.
    something like 60% of those hip piercing reject within the first 6 months.

  16. Ehh, the scars aren’t a big deal… They actually make her look like she isn’t as much as a fake ass bitch after all, I mean she didn’t try to edit them out.

  17. LOL I love how she couldn’t bother to photoshop the scars out, yet she had to photoshop a boob shadow in. Bitch, you ain’t got tits!

  18. wow, the biggest flaw you can find about her is that her hip piercings got infected? wow.
    who does that make look stupid?

  19. the reason shes not photoshopping it out is probably cause she doesn’t want people to know that she photoshops her pictures.

  20. Hahaha. You’re welcome Sara!
    She probably left them there because, omigosh, SCARS ARE COOL AND SCENE GAIS, REMEMBER?!
    And, to whomever said she’s doing something right to receive our attention; at this point, I’m not going to stop myself from openly bashing these people. They rarely get to hear what people really think about them. SD is a good place for people to come together, whether you loath Kiki, or love her, people get their opinions out. And, maybe, eventually, some of these people will come back to Earth, and realize that they are HUMAN beings, just like everyone else. They are no better because they can “model”, or “sing”, or “act”, or really have any “talent” at all.
    I know plenty of people, from Massachusetts alone, who deserve the fan bases a lot of the e-celebs have.
    But of course, they might not have the body, or lack of self worth to manipulate people from all over the world to love them. They still have their souls, and want to actually act like real people. Not hide behind make-up, piercings or hair. But just be themselves.
    I wish some people could really be themselves online. It’s so much more appealing than someone pretending to be something to make everyone like them.

  21. wow, seriously? who gives a fuck.
    maybe she doesn’t give a shit.
    your seriously bored out of your fucking mind to post such horrendous topics.

  22. Don’t you guys every learn her favorite song is “Gimme More”
    I’m the center of attention
    gimme gimme gimme more
    hello peoples your giving here more attention

  23. If you people really hated her,
    You wouldnt of wasted your time to leave a comment to this in the first place.
    Shes obviously doing something right, She got your attention.

  24. the pictures probably are edited
    but she didn’t want to edit out the scars
    incase she was accused of editing her pictures?

  25. Ugh, Kiki is such a fucking tart.
    I love how in the video at the top of her page she’s like “you can’t deny that I’m not pretty”. She’s a fucking moron.

  26. She’s disgusting southern trailer park trash. This is why they just need to carpet bomb everything south of the Mason Dixon.

  27. Who the fuck cares if your fake?
    What does that even mean. Were all the god damn same in the end.

  28. maybe because shes trying to prove that shes not all just photoshopped?? this post is absolutely pointless is there nothing else going on? kiki hasnt had her hip piercings for a few weeks now, and you guys just barely caught on.. good job!

  29. Well, that is just straight up weird for Kiki, the queen of photoshop.
    Remember when you “brought stripes back”, Kiki?
    Hahaha. Maybe she has a tid bit of common sense now.

  30. lol no one cares about kiks anymore. but shes so fake im surprised she didnt edit out those nasty scars

  31. That’s the best you could do? This is kind of pathetic. Well technically this whole site is pathetic, getting wrapped up in people you don’t know’s business, especially a 16 year old.

  32. The real question here is WHAT IS SHE WEARING IN THE SECOND PICTURE?
    This is Stickam, not fucking Gladiator.

  33. I believe she doesn’t care.. lol Who else does??? I have seen so many people with pictures that are so freaking photoshopped, and they use use the excuse of not liking the lighting, pshhh.. yea ok, they do it to make themselves look a hell a lot better! Kudos for her, for not being a fake cunt and editing them out!

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