There are many videos of Hot Mami, who recently changed her Stickam display name to Lov3g?dd3ss.
There are god only knows how many videos of her exposing her breasts. There are several videos of her deep-throating a red dildo. There are at least 2 videos of her squirting pussyjuice all over the place and there is a video of her manually guiding her husband’s cock into other woman’s va-jay-jay.
But whereas her erotic videos provided cheap tawdry amusement, StickyDrama recently acquired a recording whose exquisitely raw look into her life is sure to stiffen the cocks of Epicurean cappers who have moved beyond perversion of the flesh, and now only delight in degradation of the soul.
Our readers will be treated to Mami’s 30-minute fight with her husband Von, who lately has noticed that his wife is acting “weird” and “irrational at times,” and he is “scared” that she might “get stuck that way,” which is to say bonkers. Mami, slurring her speech and sounding as coherent as Anna Nicole Smith on a kilo of coke, actually agrees and offers to check herself in to a mental hospital.
Crazy as she sounds, she’s concerned for very rational reasons: Her husband has told her he needs to “travel” (we would too in his shoes) and hasn’t forked over any of the insurance money from the housefire Mami started; Mami wants what she considers her fair share. Specifically, she wants $100,000 upfront in case her husband finds “some hot brunette from Puerto Rico” or even a “stripper” and leaves Mami penniless … as he did to his previous wife whom he dumped for Mami.
These two were just made for each other!


  1. Wasnt desi, ^either a slut who lost it at 13
    A ugly rat, or a bitch with a water bra and a fucking back stabber

  2. maybe she wasnt paying attention to the fries? you dont fucking know the whole story you just go off what this shit feeds you

  3. i still dont like this broad.
    would it be messed up for me to say i hope her husband does her like he did the one b4 her?

  4. Its pretty sad that the stupid bitch cant even cook french fries.
    like how fucking smart do you have to be to know how to cook french fries?
    she’s going to end like leaving a curling iron or a straightener on and cause a fire and kill her whole family.
    It’s a shame how fucking dumb she is.

  5. I’ve never even heard of you, so most likely you have not been in my live, so next time you run your mouth get your facts straight. zoefaithexclusive

  6. oh lord, I’m in Diana’s live room, and she just said that she has ordered an “anonymous” mask and she plans to wear it and make a lot of video.. she is saying that she did something like in the movie Mr Brooks. Maybe she killed?? She is saying that she is 5’8 and 120 pounds and she was still able to do it… do what I ponder

  7. Dez, I’m sorry I’m 14 and I’m twice as sorry that you can’t punctuate a sentence coherently. Oh my bad, lemme just slim down my words to a more understandable way for you.
    did ya get that one? Or should I get some more dots for you. =3 Fyi: The fact your responded to my statement shows you give a damn. kthx <3

  8. “Her husband has told her he needs to ?travel?”
    HAHA, dont you mean, leave and never come back?

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