There are many videos of Hot Mami, who recently changed her Stickam display name to Lov3g?dd3ss.
There are god only knows how many videos of her exposing her breasts. There are several videos of her deep-throating a red dildo. There are at least 2 videos of her squirting pussyjuice all over the place and there is a video of her manually guiding her husband’s cock into other woman’s va-jay-jay.
But whereas her erotic videos provided cheap tawdry amusement, StickyDrama recently acquired a recording whose exquisitely raw look into her life is sure to stiffen the cocks of Epicurean cappers who have moved beyond perversion of the flesh, and now only delight in degradation of the soul.
Our readers will be treated to Mami’s 30-minute fight with her husband Von, who lately has noticed that his wife is acting “weird” and “irrational at times,” and he is “scared” that she might “get stuck that way,” which is to say bonkers. Mami, slurring her speech and sounding as coherent as Anna Nicole Smith on a kilo of coke, actually agrees and offers to check herself in to a mental hospital.
Crazy as she sounds, she’s concerned for very rational reasons: Her husband has told her he needs to “travel” (we would too in his shoes) and hasn’t forked over any of the insurance money from the housefire Mami started; Mami wants what she considers her fair share. Specifically, she wants $100,000 upfront in case her husband finds “some hot brunette from Puerto Rico” or even a “stripper” and leaves Mami penniless … as he did to his previous wife whom he dumped for Mami.
These two were just made for each other!


  1. HAHA! He needs to seriously put this girl in the mental hospital. Sounds like she’s planning on killing him. LIFE INSURANCE!

  2. ewww brandy suicide is ugly as fuck. please dont talk about her on here it makes me sick to my stomach.
    Kayvon Zand you are amazing and a good person. I really cant tell you how awesome you are. You are the only person on stickam who not only has a ton of talent, but also a genuine heart.
    And as for Miami, I really hope that everything works out for you. Be strong woman, youre gorgeous.

  3. Brandisuicide would know how to make fries.thats a big girl.Hock..dont lie u would hit it..Desi…stfu im the real DeZ…Diva Disaster you are 14 so ur comment doesnt count,Zoe..i think i been to ur room one time…but im not sure maybe that meens it was boring,Mellisa low..ur on private alot with ur bf u lil freak!!And i dont know who evo is.

  4. lolllllllllll omg she burned fries we’re all gonna die wow get the fuck over it lol? how fucking pathetic that the only thing you all really say is “ZOMG SHE BURNED FRIES”

  5. How to cook fries on a stove oil a skillet and turn the heat up put frozen fries in and let them cook or something like that…
    But anyway she is gonna fuckin end up doing something dramatic and she is gonna fuckin end up killin herself on cam.


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