You did what with who for how many jelly beans?!?!  This is the story of mutual whoredom.  The Center For Lollatology posted previously that the Stickydrama voters didn’t have much faith in obsessive Lush to maintain a relationship with cuddly, cutie Connor.  However, a recent finding sheds more light on Connor’s possible ulterior motives.  They are both using each other for their own reasons so maybe it will go along swimmingly.  Lush wants to make Connor the ‘Happiest boy in the world’ as his Myspace screams:

Those who have followed Lush will recognize this from years past when he was googly eyed over cutie model Phillip Holbert in March of 2007.  Lush liked him so much he flew to NYC to surprise Phil who seemed just a tad creeped out in the video (backup) when the then sick Lush rubs his germy hands all over Phil’s adorable face.  Its safe to say things fell through with Phil.

There is no question that Matthew Lush needed something to spice up his online empire and what better then a young, lively, blond, hottie?  They are precious to most unscrupulous internet consuming teens.  It couldn’t be more of a win-win situation for Matty boy being that he also get to milk out Connor’s creamy loads.

The 4-5 month relationship of Lush and Connor has been interesting to follow and extremely choreographed.  All appearances have been planned and the fake element often bleeds through.  The relationship has utterly altered Matthew Lush’s vision from himself as a single powerfag to a supa dupa power couple.  His myspace profile is inundated with Connor as a simple glance will show you.

All of 10 months ago Conjon16 (backup) as he is known on Yahoo!, posed an interesting question (backup) on ‘Yahoo! Answers’ that Brad Radical noticed and it really shed some light on his motives.

Our favorite answer was the entry by ‘Spooks’:

“change your myspace url, become scene, take professional photos of yourself that look nothing like you and completely photoshop them. browse profiles and add everyone you come across. act like your better than everyone else. and tadaa your myspace famous :)”

Looks like cutie Connor is well on his way, just hop-skipping along.  Sucking his way right to the top!



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  2. he is soo using matt hahaha just read the yahoo comments
    like this one

    You gotta be pretty & scene, as most of them are. Take loads of pictures of yourself. Be really facking vain. Have crazy hair. You’ve got to be interesting. Have a really strong personality. Most of them are arrogant shiits, so fight with tons of people over the internet. Oh, and photoshop yourself. That’ll get you MS famous. then once your myspace famous, you gotta stay famous. so just keep being a cxnt. Get a clothing line or something.

    MySpace friend count is very important.

    If your a guy, be gay. Like Mattew Lush.
    If your a girl, get your **** out. Like Tila.

    and this one

    first of all get a better myspace URL. lol but seriously most of these people that are famous off myspace have dated people in the music biz. They’re mainly all scenesters.

  3. oh my god you guys! i knew connor was using him. i just went to his yahoo answers, read his first question EVER posted 10 months ago!

    “why do no girls like me?”

    “Im 16 and im not that ugly really…. im fking nice to girls and i respect them. I DONT try to fk them and use them.
    Ive been single for over 2 years and I would like to have a girlfriend but no girls are ever intrested in me.
    Ive never had a real girlfriend just the junior high sht where you go out just to say that you are.
    It seems like girls only want the guys that dont care about them.
    Do i have girl problems because im straight up ugly?
    what should i do foolzz?”

    okay so that was 10 months ago! when did connor come out?

    i always thought he was straight… this shit is intresting! xD

  4. The best was how on one of the answers in response to Connor’s Yahoo question, they mentioned Matthew. Serious inspiration right there. ;]

  5. AHAHAHAH I watched some of their show yesterday and they were fighting because conor didnt want to help matthew cook on cam and such. he was like ‘if roxy was here she would be helping’ becuase roxy was oh so involved in their shows. idk how people can go about being so fake in their real lives. its one thing to do it online but to actually do that with your fucking bfs. messed up.

  6. I actually stated that
    I thought Connor was using
    Matthew Lush for fame
    in an earlier My Drama Post…
    So, I’m not surprised if
    that was him behind the whole
    ordeal of seeking fame.

  7. Look at you, you early poster you.

    This is a mediocre article. . . I think the bigger question is when are they going to break up? I give it till February. 🙂 Place your bets nao. BONZAI!

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