This article is not intended for young, dumb, cunts just some quick analysis based on things heard around Stickam / Stickychat. If your not going to read it – the point of this is that 1.) Stickam is not dying. 2.) Cranky, Pussy E-celebs have no effect on stickam. 3.) Not only isnt it bad, but its good in that it opens the market for new talent.

So Stickam page views are down

and many of us have noticed the blah. Bad economy? School? Stickams cultural transition from mere fun to utility? Saturation of live streaming market? Who knows. But dont pass judgment on this all too hastily just yet. Stickam isnt going on its way down. Take a quick look back to last October – and you see there was the same dip in the views:

Considering that Stickams main audience is based in the US and largest demographic is youth, the fact that class is in session is likely the direct correlation.

What was most disturbing was assertions that this was all because a toolbag like Lush would leave Stickam. Like it has had some detrimental result for Stickam. You can be sure that has nothing to do with it. Just like Lushs big fail-plug of plurk etc. No effect in reality. So shut the fuck up Lush you cunt. You have no sway over traffic by having a lot of friends.

In the big picture, like seen above, the live video market is filling up. (livevideo / / ustream / blogtv / camfrog / mogulus / Yahoo Live / Statistically speaking, Streams featured on Stickams home page generate more than 40,000 live views each hour of broadcast. has more than 2 million registered users, and receives more than 2.5 million unique monthly visitors and 4.8 million daily page views. Those are no small numbers. And with the new stickam mobile (vs. qik) and pay per live, Stickam only has room for improvement.

Stickam has had steady long term growth and has proven itself to the American audience. Justin TV has had drastic recent growth. Just over the last 3 months its up 46%. But there are also accusations of mass cheating as one site points out:

Not only would that push their site up, but also the fact that they have garnered more of an international audience. But still, props to for not just being a fad of a fag with a cam.

On top of all this, cranky, pussified, lame-ass e-celebs seem to be systematically appearing less on Stickam. As a result of this – obviously there is less juice to milk out of these tool bags. Ive been so smothered in cock I wasnt able to give a damn, or even take a breath and notice. The silence has been quite blissful! In my opinion its great.

So even though these people think the world of themselves and their name emblazoned t-shirts, in reality, these e-celebs are about as expendable as a cummy condom. This opens the market up for other talent. Perhaps more talent to warm our hearts and harden our cocks? The internet celebrity movement should be incredibly fast paced. These celebs should be flyin through this fame machine with only the truly exceptional moving on to anything further. But just remember celebs, you arent shit.

After hearing enough crap about all of this, some of these things had to be said. Anymore thoughts?

So anyhow, happy early Halloween! / Center For Lollatology <3


  1. Very good work. I love how people such as Jen Reynolds come into Stickam lives and bash Stickam (“I made $60 today you stupid fuck, what have you made?”), yet just yesterday she host’s her own Stickam show again.

    Hypocrisy at its finest…

  2. Win post. So true, such good detailed information. Well, you certainly did some good work my friend. Posts like this are definitely worth reading, because 1.) They involve making fun of e celebs.
    And 2.) Because they provide enough evidence to BACK SHIT UP.

  3. Steve Chen said that he would love to have live video on youtube in 2008. Probably not going to happen, but if it does all these sites are going to go down. If Stickam can clinch the youth myspacer market of live video then they have a chance of succeeding if youtube does live video.

  4. Sticky I wholeheartedly agree… people get ahead of themselves and misunderstand what is essentially either the result of a snowball effect (hehe, snowball) or simply attracting pedos and pervs (which anyone with tits or a 15 year old penis can do) for validation of that deeply felt suspicion that they were always meant to be a star, which is totally ubiquitous amongst all of us lonely emo/scene/whatever people who spend too much time working on our myspace profiles.

    the “snowball effect” that i’m referring to (hehehe snowball) is how the basis for increase in “popularity” is simply previous less significant “popularity”. the more people who want to talk in your chat, the more people who want to talk in your chat. if 10 people want your attention, then 10 more people will want your attention just to say that they got it to those first 10 people who wanted it. it’s like how the higher you climb on the front page, the more people who will stumble into your live, so you’ll climb even higher, so more people will notice you and stumble in so you climb even higher. and so on.

    it doesn’t mean you aren’t totally replaceable, it just means that currently you’re riding the same wave that could basically carry anyone.

    oh and it doesn’t hurt to be hot too. and vaguely entertaining. oh and implying the possibility of nudity is always good. js.

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