Long-time Stickam users might remember the story of Ghettosamii, whose death last year sent shockwaves throughout the entire network. But nothing really dies on the Internet—especially n00dz. And so it is that Ghettosamii’s n00dz have come back to haunt us.

The above image was somehow leaked a few days ago, and has been spammed throughout Stickam LIves and chatrooms. Apparently Samii and Ivy, along with at least one other Stickam user, were having some drunk Private fun in August 2007, before Samii’s death in November.
The subjects’ age prevents us from showing certain screencaps. Please do not link the uncensored image in our comments; tinypic links are temporarily being blocked and others will be deleted.
As is our custom when posting n00dz—anyone’s n00dz—we point out that on Samii’s profile she wrote, “No I will not show you anything.”

Samii’s death was reported throughout the mainstream media due to the unusual circumstances surrounding her demise. Samii and 2 friends were driving a golf cart. Apparently Samii (who was at the wheel) did not notice an approaching train, which collided driver-side with the cart. Samii was instantly killed, and at least one of her passengers later died at the hospital.

News of the death spread like wildfire online, and triggered a wide range of “R.I.P.” comments on Samii’s Stickam profile; her Myspace profile is private and comments there are hidden from us. Most Stickam users expressed love and condolences. But a few were less kind, most notably Kiki Kannibal, who coldly suggested that Samii’s death was a publicity stunt.

Of course, there WERE several news reports of the accident. But Kiki, being her mother’s daughter, just couldn’t keep her damn mouth shut.

Kannibal-bashing aside, the most burning questions remaining are: Who took these caps; and who released them now, so long after her death? StickyDrama has been told that there were no more than 3 or 4 persons present in the private Live—it could have been Samii capping herself! Should that prove to be the case, StickyDrama might die of astonishment. One can die of less.


  1. This post was posted a long time ago and I doubt anyone will read this comment but Sticky how could she have screen capped herself if both her hands were on her boobs? Don’t you have to push a button yourself? lol.

  2. kiki die in hell you fucking ugly bug eyed incest inbreed
    go fuck your daddy for another photoshot
    so he can pay some one another grand to just take one shot of your ugly fucking mug.
    You talk alot of shit for some one with tiny little ape tits
    and from all your ex’s I hear you have the nastiest smelling pussy on earth
    “Sour dough” is the exact words
    it’s probably from all the make up you put down there to cover up your herpies
    in all honesty you’re all pathetic for making this girl’s death a joke
    and splashing it all over the internet
    if she faked it or not
    it’s still fucking retarded How you care OOHHH SO MUCH.
    Please sticky drama take down this site
    and get off your ass and join REALITY and get a real honorable job other then showing under age girls tits
    and gossiping about people NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT.

  3. “two girls in my state skipped school and went and laid on the tracks to suntan”
    well theyre fucking smart arent they

  4. did anyone but me notice that on her stickam that the last log in was on 12/1/07? wasn’t that AFTER she died? just sayin….

  5. js… stickydrama isnt anthony vanity, so stop fucking hating on him for this. also, i never knew samii… i think this was all before i started to use stickam… still non the less its sad. whether how it happened was weird or not, it’s sad. my bestfriend in highschool ran a stopsign on his way to school an got hit by a tractor trailer an died instantly. same senario. they did somn they shouldn’t… granted, but still it’s sad. an sticky, im actually quite ashamed of this. i’ve never EVER been one to be ashamed of anything you’ve ever said or posted, but this, i think might be too far

  6. kiki, if anyone does publicity shit its you. shut the fuck up.
    and to all of you who say shes a idiot?
    trains come at 250 miles per fucking hour.
    sh thought she could beat it.
    i can not wait till the day kiki fucking dies.
    party at my house.
    dumb fucking alien looking bitch.

  7. uhh, negan1
    im not sure what you are trying to get across with that.
    but we are all fully aware that she died last november. and not recently?
    kiki’s just a stupid bitch and was nowhere near right,

  8. it’s kinda weird how you don’t notice
    a giant train coming at you especially if it was really close.
    sad that is dead, but the way she died is ridiculous.

  9. everyone does mistakes in life.
    in worst case, its the last you did…
    please let sami and her friends r.i.p. but don’t forget them.

  10. read that whole story still came to the same conclusion. dumb ass got hit by a train cause she couldnt wait to get across the tracks. sorry for offending but seriously guys trains are pretty big and very hard to miss.

  11. deeennnnggg just like that day i lost all respect for kiki, i just did for you.
    it’s a bit sad really!
    i miss sami.

  12. sami was my REAL friend in REAL LIFE so any douche bags who want to say she’s not really dead, fuck you. yes, it was a bit stupid of her to not watch what she was doing on those tracks. but shut your fucking mouth and keep your shit to yourself, ass hole.

  13. oh. so she was impatient and couldn’t wait for the safety barrier to go up.

    yeah, the girl wasn’t an idiot at all…

  14. No offense, but death by train is fucking stupid. Why couldn’t she just let the train pass? Trains aren’t murders and don’t hunt people down and kill them. Why the hell would you drive in front of a train?!

  15. How rude of stickydrama to put censored n00dz of a 15 year old girl who is dead. It is so sad to know people in this world would not have a heart ;[

  16. ginny.. people can have an opinion on this.
    its not right to post an underage dead girls nudes.
    even though shes covered, its still not right.

  17. all of you bashing Sami.
    grow up.
    she was a good person and veryy sweet.
    and fuck you for being cold hearted and acting this way about her death.
    and as for the nudes.
    whoever surfaced them is a fucking cunt.
    they obviously did this for attention.
    you’ll always be in my heart babe!

  18. lolz i was there for that wholr thing there was way more than 3 or 4 peopel there try at least 25=30 the full vids on webcamcaps somewhere if u care enough to seacrch

  19. How do we even know if it is sami, we cant even see her face. Someone with black hair styled like that (which is in endless amounts on stickam) couldve changed their streamname and done this so if screen caps were taken it would appear to be her….

  20. both passengers ended up dying. jacob was air lifted to the hospital and died there. amanda died 6 days later, on the day of sami’s funeral. pretty sad when u look at all the memorial vids on youtube

  21. <3 Samii
    This was right at the time I joined stickam and it was rly sad to hear. My condolences to her family….
    Kiki, that dumb bitch…sellin those plastic diamond pieces of shit…fuck her couch. How do you call a death a publicity stunt?
    If I take anthrax in my live, will that put me on teh front page? I need the views…js

  22. she decided to take her clothes off.
    if you feel disrespected because of the truth.
    than that sucks for you, guess you didnt know your friend that well.
    she also killed another person that day.
    so dont make her out to be the victim.
    yeah it sucks she died, but she didnt hear the train&&wasnt alert while driving.
    he making that mistake cost an innocent bystander there life as well.

  23. Really not hard to avoid a train, Unless you’re somewhat stupid as fuck. And doesnt some fuckin wood come down when a train is coming?! honestly? and to that person talkin bout 2 whores tanning on train tracks if u were serious then LOL. Whats wrong with peoples minds these days =/


  25. let’s let sammi rest in peace. this is disrespectful in the upmost way. she doesn’t deserve this.

  26. lol, i think it’s funny how this post is more-so about sammi, and everyones giving kiki the spotlight.

  27. leave anthony the fuck alone you retard. if he was doing it for fame he would network & paste his name all over it. attention whores such as amor hilton would do so, anyways. have some respect and realize that stickydrama is for our sick amusement in the interest of “e-celebs”. stop spamming and go run a few laps

  28. stop fucking spamming with that shit. you are obnoxious. AV is amazing and if he was fucking doing this for fame, he’d have his name pasted all over it. attention whores such as amor hilton would do so, anyways. Leave AV alone and respect the fact that stickydrama.com is for our sick amusement in the interest of “e-celebs”

  29. “two girls in my state skipped school and went and laid on the tracks to suntan.”
    um. any person that is moronic enough to lay out on fucking TRAIN TRACKS got what they deserved. natural selection.

  30. You are fucking pathetic. How dare you fucking post this shit about my friend sami.
    I am so discusted with this website.

  31. You are fucking pathetic. How dare you fucking post this shit about my friend sami.
    I am so discusted with this website.

  32. ok this is how i stand on samiis death, i never knew the chick idk if she was super cool idc all i know are the facts stated in this thing. sami was driving a golf cart and didnt see a fucking train comming? i mean come on all i have to say is she seems like a dumb ass. i mean fuck how hard is it to hear a fucking heavy ass moving vehical comming… and about her nudes. who the fuck cares? she did it on her own will. get the fuck over it. k thanks.
    once again i didnt know sami but after reading about how she died i just have to say. dumbass.

    she doesnt know shit!!!!
    and who posted these pics is a fucking piece of shit…
    i hope kiki dies afucking horrilbe death!!!
    i hope she fucking burns in hell
    SAMI was 10 times better than kiki!!!
    So kiki needs to shut the fuck up
    stupid piece of shit cocksucking
    lying WHORE!!

  34. i think its safe to say that everyone has finally realized what a stupid moron kiki is.
    finally. i was getting tired of people listening to her mindless babble.

  35. How sad! This breaks my heart. KiKi is a silly hoe. I hope little loca whoops on kiki and her ugly ass mom.

  36. Everyone, Jesus Tap Dancing Christ!
    She’s been dead for over half a year, and honestly, for you people who are saying it’s sick, and twisted and immature, really? Then stop reading. Stop coming to StickyDrama. It’s the MEDIA.

  37. The day Kiki did that was the day I lost all fucking respect for her, I hope Kiki stands infront of a fucking train and it sends her flying. Maybe, if we put some platinum exstentions on it she’ll stand there.

  38. I usually like the sticky post, this one just sad though. shes gone, end of story. all you sutpid fucks posting dumb shit about it, your really fucking mature.

  39. i was with sami when she died, and the fact that you posted this makes me fucking sick, way to be a piece of shit.

  40. Shut up, seriously. Yeah, she’s dead. No one cares if she was your friend or not. If you think it’s disrespectful then go somewhere else! No ones telling you, you have to look at it. Go complain to someone else about your dead friend, cause no one here wants to hear it.

  41. take sammie’s picture off.
    let her motherfucking rest in peace.
    plus, she’s only 15 years old, and you have no right to post this shit.

  42. Lmao Kiki is a stupid as cunt no hardly no body likes her here in Florida, plus no body even mentions or remembers that dumbass, she’s a wannabe!

  43. If you guys are going to be this sensitive of death and naked people, then get off the internet.
    Stickydrama is no different from any other media form ever.
    Lay off. Some bitch took her cloths off, and she’s dead now. Whatever.
    Go defend Anna-Nicole Smith while your at it, they’re still digging her dirty laundry up.
    This is what people do.
    So deal.

  44. okay kiki needs to shut the fuk up. shes not even pretty and shes really annoying. and to her “ipods cant be louder then a train” theory, two girls in my state skipped school and went and laid on the tracks to suntan. and the were listenint to their ipods, and their ipods drained out the sound of an on coming train, and took a leg off one of the girls, and the other girl had a major blow the the head by the train.

  45. This went way over the top. This is super fucked up that you posted this. When really it has nothing to do with anyone anymore. Find some other stuff to talk about because when it has to go to the point of you posting pictures of a 14 year old girl to “bash Kiki” thats just fucked up.

  46. Alright.
    Now, we all know Kiki’s a cunt.
    We also know that these days, no one knows any boundaries.
    And I also know for a fact that if this was another underage scenester then we wouldn’t care.
    If these were Kiki’s nudes ((too bad we’ve seen it all anyway)), and she had died, we would be mocking her, calling her pathetic and all that jazz.
    It’s really hard for me to sit here, and think that these people are really sincere. I know some of you were close, but I think 99% of the people who tell her they miss her are full of shit.
    So who cares if there are “nudes” of her. It’s not showing anything anyway.
    And no one is telling Sticky to leave Daniel alone! What about him? Exactly. I think it’s pure insanity that you people are going to sit here and pick and choose who you are going to respect.
    One person’s death is no less sad than another’s.
    Kiki on the other hand is a whole ‘nother story. How are you going to tell someone that they aren’t dead, that it was for publicity.
    PLENTY of people have accidents with trains, and die of course, but still.
    Are you really that desperate for people to pay attention to you? Or are you jealous that someone is getting attention?! I’m fully aware that the more you talk about Kiki, the more she thrives off of it, but maybe, someday, before she turns into more of a monster than she already is, she’ll realize that she’s not as amazing as she thinks.
    You’re not cool.
    You’re not a trend setter.
    You’re not original.
    You aren’t even that attractive.
    You don’t help anyone.
    You’re self-centered and a pure drama queen in the complete essence of the word.
    Maybe you should try therapy?
    AND LMAO @ Cawkz!

  47. why is anyone saying RIP SAMII?
    her stupidity cause the death of two other people. she should of slit her throat like all the other good lil emos and ended herself.
    fuck sam, rot in pieces and suck on the devils cock BOOYATCH

  48. WOW, fucking cunts.
    She’s dead.
    Respect that shit.
    Aaron Readings a faggot who wants nudes of a dead girl.
    Stupid bastard.
    and yeah, it probably was Tomy.

  49. seriously, get the fuck over it.
    she died out of being fucking idiotic.
    now its just public knowledge that on top of being dense,
    she also liked to show her tits.

  50. I guess I am going to be one of the only ones that say this but I do kind of think it is a publicity stunt js.

  51. Sounds like something Kiki would do,
    what a bitch.
    And who cares if noodz of some dead chick are on the internet.
    Would anyone give a shit if John Hock died tommarow and people posted more of his noodz.
    If she is willing to get naked on cam,
    she should realize that there is a button called print screen on a keyboard. And that noodz get leaked.

  52. do you not have any respect whatsoever? sami was a really good friend of mine, in real life. delete this shit.

  53. this is kinda offensive. why would you post an underage dead girls nudes.
    what ever happened to respect the dead…
    rest in peace.

  54. i dont get why anyone is outraged. its not the sites fault that this dead beezy decided to become a whore.
    all they do is report the facts
    samii was a whore. a dead whore now and there was a bate vid of her around a couple weeks after she died.
    besides who tries to beat a train? lol how dumb can you get
    emo, stupid and slutty. she nailed the trifecta. fuck her

  55. while anyone young dying is sad, i personally find it pathetic that there are SO many comments to her AFTER she died. People who didn’t know her/didn’t know her well made the “R.I.P” signs for her. I’m sorry for the people who knew her well, i’m not sorry about the people who used her death to attention whore.

    everyone on this site is gonna use their connections to get attention, what better than some poor dead girl who can’t back up the supposed conversations had between these people.

    It was probably Tomy Toolshed, he admittedly has nudes of everyone for black mail purposes and we all know he has a thing for the young stuff.

  56. Wait, so does it become legal to post naked pictures of 14/15 year olds after they’re dead?
    And as disrespectful as this post is to the dead chick, she had some awesome tits for a girl her age. No one can deny that.
    I think the pictures may have surfaced on anonib.

  57. by talking about kiki like this shes thriving off the attention, even if its negative she is still getting the attention. so the soultion is simple if you want her to go away (and we all know that would be best for the world in general if someone just ended her life)! IGNORE HER. act as if she isn’t really alive. with out the internet she has NOTHING, and will forever have NOTHING (though one can hardly call the likes of her.. a living thing) everyone knows how much of a dirty whore she is. this will never chance. stop giving her this attention- your only feeding her annoying fire.

  58. does anyone know what happened to stickyceleb.com? it has been gone the past few days. i really liked that site.

  59. richardheartstealer had a vid of her he tried to trade with me a couple of weeks before she died.
    apparently he has a bate vid. but who knows if he has it now. the fucker asks girls to do shit with dogs, maybe hes into the dead
    you could even ask her IRL friend devin about it she knows heh

  60. kiki is such a bitch.
    plus this girls death is way more believable than daniel caspedes’ death, which has NEVER been confirmed in the mainstream media.

  61. Kiki’s a fucking bitch. Only she would fake her own death as a publicity stunt.
    Kiki needs to die, I’d be SO happy, and so would a lot of other people.

  62. this is horrible, u don’t release pictures like that, especially cuz she was only 15, have some respect for her, she was a sweet girl from what i knew of her, we only talked a couple times. I think this post is horrible.

  63. “Most Stickam users expressed love and condolences. But a few were less kind, most notably Kiki Kannibal, who coldly suggested that Samii’s death was a publicity stunt.”
    And of course you posting these pictures gives you some kind of moral high ground?

  64. These people have so much media attention when they’re nothing. “Kiki Kannibal” is a nobody. Who the fuck spells Cannibal with a “K” anyway? Fucking idiot. People worship her like she’s fucking god or something meanwhile she’s just a scene raccoon looking anorexic bitch who deserves to be cock slapped by john hock. All these “stickam” entertainers are annoying and don’t even deserve this much publicity on the internet or in real life. Not only that people out there are giving them so much attention.. why? I really don’t know.

  65. This is slightly disrespectful, don’t you think? But i guess because you haven’t been posting any decent content recently, you have to shame dead people.

  66. No i agree, its fucked up, as are the comments below the girls stickam pics…go read.
    Kiki needs to shut her fucking mouth, stop posing in her undies for her sickass dad and her mum needs to jump under a bus….

  67. I haven’t commented in a while, but jesus I couldn’t resist. That’s terribly sad, and hmm kiki is a stupid annoying bitch cunt GAH! Its fucking ridiculous to imply someones not dead because your on the internet. Its just like commenting her and saying YOUR NOT ALIVE 1. you’ve went live/ and making ridiculous remarks. jeeze. Anyways, to rest this comment, I bid you a fond fuck kiki kannibal.

  68. that is terrible and really very very sad. but i’m confused.. you think she’s alive and it was a publicity stunt whaaaaaat?? kiki’s a know it all but that must’ve been embarassing seeing the news reports. that’s terrible.

  69. LOLZ KIKI.
    the video doesnt have voice or my computer is a fuck.
    i really want to know what kiki has to say now that samii’s been gone for so long…haha.
    about the pictures though, samii slut >________<
    damn its like, what kind of 14,15 whatever year old does that?
    OOOOHHHH RIGHT, everyone.

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