Oh dear readers! Sometimes StickyDrama is startled by our own perspicacity. We have long been confident that only a stupid horny rich old cocksucker would pay to sponsor The John Hock Show. And we were right.

Meet Tom Z, sponsor of The John Hock Show, owner of pictureyourprize.com, owner of tubedude.com, and the sugardaddy whose cock John allegedly has to suck to get his $400/week allowance.
John met Tom innocently enough, at Starbucks. Tom noticed the young piece of boy-butt and offered his card. (He also suggested that Hock get a haircut.) At this point Hock had been used to earning money by providing *ahem* companionship to gay men:

StickyDrama had been aware of Hock’s Craigslist ad for months; we initially assumed it was a joke, and didn’t bother to post it here. But recent information supplied by a very, very, VERY credible source (who wishes to remain anonymous) reveals that the ad was real, and provided Hock with some much-needed income. Despite the ad’s “man for women” categorization, Hock’s clients were all men. However, Tom did not meet Hock from Craigslist, and probably does not know that Hock has whored himself out to other men before him. John referred to these whore sessions as “dates,” the most common euphemism used by prostitutes.
As for the particulars of his “dates” with Tom, at first John would only perform stripteases and lapdances, as was his routine with previous clients. But gradually their time together became more intimate, mostly in proportion to the the amount of money & gifts Hock received. Our anonymous source clarified that while Hock did not get buttfucked, he did admit to sucking Tom’s cock.
And speaking of gifts—these laptops and phones and cameras earned by cocksucking are the very same prizes supposedly given away on Hock’s show. We say “supposedly” because our in-the-know anonymous source assures us that the so-called winners actually pay Hock for the prizes, albeit at a steep reduction off the original purchase price. Tom is apparently unaware of the rigged nature of the prize giveaways, and would likely disapprove—despite the $4,000/week our source estimates Hock’s traffic brings pictureyourprize.com.
But why not allow our readers to enquire with Tom himself as to the veracity of our source’s allegations? While StickyDrama’s general policy is not to post personal information on our blog, we have no qualms posting contacts for a business; and Tom’s business, Free Pass Marketing, is run out of Tom’s apartment at the Avalon Woodland Hills, a luxury apartment community.
Free Pass Marketing
20544 Ventura Blvd #212
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
email: info@freepassmarketing.com


  1. Wow, what utter BS. That Craigs list Ad could of been placed by anyone, Stickydrama word of mouth is worthless. Anonymous source? To convenient. If it hasn’t to be anonymous, it shouldn’t be used, not to mention believed. Amor’s words would also be worthless, it’s a well known fact ex’s are bitter and talk shit.

  2. If anyone has any information or seen the video rape can you please contact Karen Allbright either by telephone or email 602-534-0203 email is karen_allbright@phoenix.gov This is so very urgent and import that only you can help. Please do the right thing and call.

  3. Well this is a mess here, i just wish him the best in whatever he chooses and i hope his family too, it look to me they are good people. But then what do i know.

  4. really its pathetic how people still sit around and watch his show. he’s 20 years old, or so he says. and he has no life. i can get paid to sit behind a computer and act like im on meth and tell people to something. it’s very pathetic how impressionable all you kids are. and then you all sit around and wonder why this world is such a fucked up place. john hock is pathetic and really needs to get put in jail so he can get ass raped like Chris crocker woudlnt do to him or get any form him because of his std infected dick. i really hope this fucking freeloader dies. the wold would be such a better place.

  5. and did i say im the only one who hangs out with john?
    i said i think im the only one here who knows the 100% truth.
    which i most likely am, because i talk to tom about programming, and i know how all this shit works. did you know that the way he makes money is because he gets 3 cents per view on that pictureyourprize site? i dont think so. which means you too, do not know whats going on.

  6. did I say I believe this, Eden?
    you know you’re NOT the only one who hangs out with John.

  7. Eden stop trying to make yourself the center of attention as always!
    you’re not the only one who knows what’s going on here.
    so just shut up and stop star fucking.

  8. Ewww this is not true!
    yeah, John is rich, but because his parents are!
    John is not a fuckin prostitute.

  9. ALSO.. Sticky s disclaimer clearly reads…”StickyDrama posts are written for entertainment purposes only, and can be partially or entirely works of fiction or satire.”

  10. The only thing I believe here is the craigs list ad, and I hardly believe it seeing as how its been posted since April and yet only now does Sticky posts it. Seeing as how much Sticky hates John. Also! I don’t belie this “Tom” guy runs Pictureyourprize because when signing up for it you get a confirmation email and at the bottom of it, it clearly states the man in charge of the site and it is NOT Tom. Sad attempt Sticky.

  11. ^^ Agreed.
    This post is pathetic attempt to get Hock to lose viewers, and get him “off the air”.
    Stickydrama = Fail.

  12. I seem to remember a post that StickyDrama posted,
    It was called “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet”.
    Think about it.

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