Long-time Stickam users might remember the story of Ghettosamii, whose death last year sent shockwaves throughout the entire network. But nothing really dies on the Internet—especially n00dz. And so it is that Ghettosamii’s n00dz have come back to haunt us.

The above image was somehow leaked a few days ago, and has been spammed throughout Stickam LIves and chatrooms. Apparently Samii and Ivy, along with at least one other Stickam user, were having some drunk Private fun in August 2007, before Samii’s death in November.
The subjects’ age prevents us from showing certain screencaps. Please do not link the uncensored image in our comments; tinypic links are temporarily being blocked and others will be deleted.
As is our custom when posting n00dz—anyone’s n00dz—we point out that on Samii’s profile she wrote, “No I will not show you anything.”

Samii’s death was reported throughout the mainstream media due to the unusual circumstances surrounding her demise. Samii and 2 friends were driving a golf cart. Apparently Samii (who was at the wheel) did not notice an approaching train, which collided driver-side with the cart. Samii was instantly killed, and at least one of her passengers later died at the hospital.

News of the death spread like wildfire online, and triggered a wide range of “R.I.P.” comments on Samii’s Stickam profile; her Myspace profile is private and comments there are hidden from us. Most Stickam users expressed love and condolences. But a few were less kind, most notably Kiki Kannibal, who coldly suggested that Samii’s death was a publicity stunt.

Of course, there WERE several news reports of the accident. But Kiki, being her mother’s daughter, just couldn’t keep her damn mouth shut.

Kannibal-bashing aside, the most burning questions remaining are: Who took these caps; and who released them now, so long after her death? StickyDrama has been told that there were no more than 3 or 4 persons present in the private Live—it could have been Samii capping herself! Should that prove to be the case, StickyDrama might die of astonishment. One can die of less.


  1. kiki die in hell you fucking ugly bug eyed incest inbreed
    go fuck your daddy for another photoshot
    so he can pay some one another grand to just take one shot of your ugly fucking mug.
    You talk alot of shit for some one with tiny little ape tits
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    “Sour dough” is the exact words
    it’s probably from all the make up you put down there to cover up your herpies
    in all honesty you’re all pathetic for making this girl’s death a joke
    and splashing it all over the internet
    if she faked it or not
    it’s still fucking retarded How you care OOHHH SO MUCH.
    Please sticky drama take down this site
    and get off your ass and join REALITY and get a real honorable job other then showing under age girls tits
    and gossiping about people NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT.

  2. “two girls in my state skipped school and went and laid on the tracks to suntan”
    well theyre fucking smart arent they

  3. did anyone but me notice that on her stickam that the last log in was on 12/1/07? wasn’t that AFTER she died? just sayin….

  4. js… stickydrama isnt anthony vanity, so stop fucking hating on him for this. also, i never knew samii… i think this was all before i started to use stickam… still non the less its sad. whether how it happened was weird or not, it’s sad. my bestfriend in highschool ran a stopsign on his way to school an got hit by a tractor trailer an died instantly. same senario. they did somn they shouldn’t… granted, but still it’s sad. an sticky, im actually quite ashamed of this. i’ve never EVER been one to be ashamed of anything you’ve ever said or posted, but this, i think might be too far

  5. kiki, if anyone does publicity shit its you. shut the fuck up.
    and to all of you who say shes a idiot?
    trains come at 250 miles per fucking hour.
    sh thought she could beat it.
    i can not wait till the day kiki fucking dies.
    party at my house.
    dumb fucking alien looking bitch.

  6. uhh, negan1
    im not sure what you are trying to get across with that.
    but we are all fully aware that she died last november. and not recently?
    kiki’s just a stupid bitch and was nowhere near right,

  7. it’s kinda weird how you don’t notice
    a giant train coming at you especially if it was really close.
    sad that is dead, but the way she died is ridiculous.

  8. everyone does mistakes in life.
    in worst case, its the last you did…
    please let sami and her friends r.i.p. but don’t forget them.

  9. read that whole story still came to the same conclusion. dumb ass got hit by a train cause she couldnt wait to get across the tracks. sorry for offending but seriously guys trains are pretty big and very hard to miss.

  10. deeennnnggg just like that day i lost all respect for kiki, i just did for you.
    it’s a bit sad really!
    i miss sami.

  11. sami was my REAL friend in REAL LIFE so any douche bags who want to say she’s not really dead, fuck you. yes, it was a bit stupid of her to not watch what she was doing on those tracks. but shut your fucking mouth and keep your shit to yourself, ass hole.

  12. oh. so she was impatient and couldn’t wait for the safety barrier to go up.

    yeah, the girl wasn’t an idiot at all…

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