Yesterday Amor Hilton posted the following Myspace bulletin:
Please, Amor. StickyDrama has grown weary of reporting the immature antics of your homeless racist rapist boyfriend. If this bulletin is in fact true and not another shameless publicity stunt, we implore you to be the merciful and terminate the pregnancy … another generation of Hock posts would be too much for us to bear.


  1. Leave these people alone! We have democracy, so all men and women do what they want, and they don?t care what you think!

  2. actually, she’s telling the truth. She texted me as soon as she found out and i went to her house and a bunch of people were there to help her out with the situation.

  3. yeah right, she’s lying.
    shes a gross attention whore
    who lies about EVERYTHING.
    including her age, name, and
    her “jobs.”
    she’s a self proclaimed myspace scene whore. its sick.

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