21-year-old Megz, who resides in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance, claims on her formspring that she is pregnant with 17-year-old Aaron Arce’s lovechild.

In other words, Megz just announced to the world that there’s irrefutable proof she committed statutory rape, since the age of consent in California is 18.  Also, because there is more than a 3 year age difference between the couple, Megz could theoretically be charged with a felony.
This would not be the first time Megz was involved in a sex scandal.  Back in mid-2008 she, Brandon Kiss and Joshwa Forbid were all thrown out of Pretty Nicki’s apartment when Nicki discovered the trio in her shower, having a drunken 3way.

In a word, ew.  Anyway, “there are different rules when a pregnancy is involved,” Megz says in response to a question asking whether she could be charged as a sex offender.  Yet upon examining California’s sex laws, we find no such exception.  Furthermore, whichever detective Megz claims to have asked is legally required to report the crime of “unlawful sexual intercourse” under California Penal Code sections 11166 and 11165.7. There is no prosecutorial discretion for rape, even statutory rape; once the authorities are aware of proof, they are compelled to investigate, arrest and prosecute (and last time we checked, a baby is proof).
StickyDrama deals with 17-year-old, 16-year-old, 15-year-old and even 14-year-old boys and girls throwing themselves in our direction every day.  As tempting as it might be to partake of their goodies, we don’t—because it’s illegal here in California.




  1. “MMMMBAAAAWWWWWWWWW U DUN NO MEE ps im goin 2 ucla cya”
    – Aaron
    Jesus, take the wheel.
    So does this mean i can expect to see you on ’16 and pregnant’ now or what because that might be mildly amusing.

  2. how could she have time to soak and freeze her bra as she was walking out?
    if im right, things take alot longer then 30 seconds to freeze… this bitch is a liar

  3. ROFL in her myspace photos she has left up things like “hate him now, fuck off and die” and “hate the guy in the middle hope he rots in hell”
    Doesn’t quite square with the constantly amazing love story she’s painting on formspring.
    LOL little Aaron knocked up a crazy bitch… what a success at life.

  4. “# @robbiehottie I don’t have a car anymore 🙁 and me and megz broke up for good so now I have no way of getting to the partay 2:48 AM Mar 22nd via Sidekick in reply to robbiehottie ”
    LOL really stable relationship, too.

  5. I am mad smart. You dont even NO. YOUR all stupid. I am in college so I don’t need to NO proper english when I sadly attempt to prove my maturity and intelligence. Y3w st00pid hicks.


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