Disgraced statutory rapist John Hock sent StickyDrama an IM via AIM, minutes after our posting of Amor’s Myspace bulletin, in which his supposedly 17-year-old girlfriend announces that she is pregnant and homeless. Herebelow is the unedited convo in its entirety:
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:48:21 PM): wow why are you gonna post that?
stickydrama (11:48:34 PM): hmmm ?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:48:47 PM): dont play stupid
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:48:50 PM): stickydrama.com
?ITSJOHNHOCKKKK? signed off at 11:49:06 PM.
stickydrama (11:49:07 PM): why do you even care ? according to you she’s not pregnant.
?ITSJOHNHOCKKKK? signed on at 11:49:17 PM.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:27 PM): sorry aim died
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:29 PM): but yeah
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:30 PM): wtf?
stickydrama (11:49:31 PM): why do you even care ? according to you she’s not pregnant.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:42 PM): because i didnt want peopel ot know?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:49 PM): ever think
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:53 PM): about that?
stickydrama (11:50:06 PM): hahaha well her posting it to thousands of people killed that.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:19 PM): doesnt mean stickydrama has to repost it?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:25 PM): do you really think
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:31 PM): those thousands of people
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:34 PM): are all online?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:36 PM): no
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:43 PM): were actually looking for somewhere to stay
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:48 PM): cause we got kicked out of her granparents
stickydrama (11:51:57 PM): haha … I could have been MUCH meaner. I’m pretty tired tonight, didnt have the energy to write paragraphs.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:06 PM): hahahhahha so funny
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:15 PM): do you feel fucking cool posting shit like this?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:20 PM): that isnt anyone elses buisness
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:30 PM): espically fucking people on stickam
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:37 PM): notice im hardly live on stickam?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:44 PM): its cause i dont want people into my personal life anymore
stickydrama (11:53:06 PM): Maybe you should get your privacy issues resolved with Amor. Once she posts a bulletin its public info.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:19 PM): like i repeat
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:23 PM): do you have to repost the shit?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:24 PM): on a site
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:28 PM): where it will be
stickydrama (11:53:31 PM): yes.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:35 PM): for longer then a myspace bulletin
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:36 PM): why?
stickydrama (11:53:38 PM): even your pathetic fans
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:41 PM): what have i done to you?
stickydrama (11:53:42 PM): want me to do it
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:44 PM): to fuck you over
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:48 PM): i dont have fans
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:53 PM): if you havent noticed
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:56 PM): im pretty fucking hated
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:04 PM): and youre jsut showing everyone
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:05 PM): i fuck up
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:07 PM): i know this
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:09 PM): trust me
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:18 PM): you dont have to post it all over your site
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:23 PM): im not gonna get you viewers
stickydrama (11:55:51 PM): I report Stickam news … and Myspace stuff too now … and Amor posting a bulletn like that is of interest to lots of people. I dont care about viewers, I care about readers.
stickydrama (11:56:13 PM): and they want to read & comment
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:21 PM): nnotice no one cares about my shit?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:27 PM): not even you ccare
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:44 PM): its not even about saying
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:45 PM): omg
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:47 PM): im pregnant
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:48 PM): no
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:53 PM): it was finding someine in LA to stay with
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:58 PM): cause we can only stay with her mom for aw eek
stickydrama (11:58:14 PM): She didnt have to mention the pregnancy. She did. She wants people to know.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:59:54 PM): it doesnt matter, if she posted it, that doesnt mean that you have to print screen and put on your site foreveryone else to see
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:59:59 PM): theirs certain people i dont want seeing?
stickydrama (12:00:05 AM): hahahaha
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (12:00:20 AM): hahaha
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (12:00:21 AM): yeah
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (12:00:25 AM): so fucking funny


  1. lmao john is so pathetic its so funny . he has like weird outburst mmm i think he needs to be in a pshyciatric hospital . and yeah people that actually like that piece of shit are dumb . js

  2. Look, it’s kind of his fault. Once you become famous, even on stickam, everyone is going to invade your privacy.

  3. Doesn’t Hock realize that’s the price he pays for his internet “fame”? He’s just fucked his whole life up. The best thing for them two to do, would be for her to kill that spawn and him kill himself, because they aren’t gong to have a good life, I can already tell. He acts like he’s some hot shit and he’s uber fame, like he’s rich off of it, but look where he’s at! Take my advice John and Amor. Girl, I feel for you, and you could have a great life, if you knew what was good.

  4. i shall have the final word.
    i think alot of people will agree with what i said before because its the truth.
    i can only imagine john telling his kid on its birthday how its the best accident a guy could ask for.
    i just cant wait to see how fucked up in the head this one will come out. good thing its parents are z list internet celebrities so we basically we wont hear about this catastrophic life.

  5. Its not like he hasn’t knocked up other girls even girls younger than amor.So it really shouldn’t matter.Maybe he should learn how to keep his dick in his pants for once.Typical john…nothing new…he deserves it and i agree with ANON 😀

  6. thats not my aim FUCKING MORONS.
    i like turtles.
    my aim is johnhockisbone and has been.

  7. anon will prevail.
    john hock in a few months youll be back on the streets.
    we will laugh.
    believe it john, this is only the beginning.
    once this pity party goes away, the truth will come to air.
    you wont even be a memory.
    people will ask what happened to you, and others will treat the situation as if they ask what happened to mike jones.

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