StickyDrama hates Stickam’s new player, and we’re not alone.

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Sign to Change Back

SamProof has started an online “Put It Back” petition to persuade Stickam to return to its previous player, which gave all viewers the choice of which cam to view on their main camspot in Lives. Now, all viewers see only whom the host chooses, and cannot change the main cam.
The problem is, fapping sessions have become much less enjoyable. Even the host cannot maximize his or her partner’s cam, without minimizing his or her own; so one fapper is always gypped out of the higher-resolution image. And even during non-fap moments, let’s be honest: we all maximize whomever we find cutest in the room, and suddenly being deprived of this option is frustrating even to 14-year-olds who never ever flash their goodies on-cam.
To protest this insufferable situation, StickyDrama now reveals a simple exploit within the new player that will turn off all camspots in any Live except the host’s, and is completely untraceable by the host or Admins. Simply click and hold the camfeed icon on the left of any cam spot, then quickly drag your mouse over to the right of the same cam spot and click the X; and very quickly turn your own cam on and off in that same spot.
This 4-step process will permanently turn off that person’s feed in the room for ALL viewers including the host, forcing that person to exit and re-enter in order to be seen again. You cannot have your cam on to begin with.
Have fun, kids!


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