Is it legal rape boys as cute as Alex in his native Canada? It should be.


  1. He dosn’t have stickam because he has social problems,
    His eyes are real, & everything else, But has a few blemish’s just like everyone else,
    The only thing he photoshops is to copy & paste shit into pictures,

  2. It is totally shopped any good photographer does it. Not to mention he is wearing tons of mancake to cover the five-o-shadow.

  3. He photoshops because it’s photography,
    No one is perfect, but even if he isn’t as gorgeous without photoshop he still is a great guy.
    And his other photos are amazing.

  4. he is cute, YES. But this guy does has two low quality, 1min videos on youtube and has no stickam… I think it’s because he wants everyone to continue thinking that he is perfect. Everyone has flaws… alex evans will never get a stickam so long as he can’t photoshop himself to perfection, because apparently anything less than that is not enough for him.

  5. the only reason this fag doesnt have a stickam is because without the tons of photoshop editing, he is JUST a regular good looking dude and not a “GOD” like he wants to portray himself to all these prepubescent kids on myspace. He fails at life, sorry. I particularly enjoy it though when he says that he does NOT photoshop his photos like if everyone was stupid.

  6. What a fucking faker. Clearly it has been photshopped, let’s see your real ugly face, douchebag. I bet he has the same IQ as all the chicks that reply here “omgg I love him so much, but I’ll never meet him so I just might kill myself cuz I’m no fucking contribution to society”

  7. Heโ€™s attractive but thatโ€™s because heโ€™s photoshopped to perfection. those baby blues are fake as hell and without editing even iโ€™m more attractive than him

  8. Wow, if you can honestly say that he doesn’t photoshop, then you’re tarted.
    It’s the only thing making him pretty.
    js. :]

  9. he doesnt photoshop, hes said it over and over again. hes really fine tho, with perfect features.

  10. alex evans is totally gorgeous.
    his eyes are amazing.
    and his photography is intensely unbelievable.
    who wouldnt marry this guy ? =D

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