Early Saturday morning kNOwMORE, a user hitherto unknown to StickyDrama, suddenly appeared in our chatroom and posted some interesting photos.
kNOwMORE announced that she and two other friends had pranked Stickam’s favorite statutory rapist John Hock: They had strewn doll parts atop his car. StickyDrama promptly contacted Hock via AIM to confirm the car was indeed his; he was shocked and distressed. The pranksters had sent a photo of his car’s license plate, proving the car was indeed Hock’s.
Early Saturday morning kNOwMORE posted the photos in StickyDrama’s chatroom. We don’t know much about her, but sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words:
She requested neither credit nor anonymity; she quickly left after posting the photos, but not before StickyDrama had noted her Stickam profile.



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