StickyDrama is ordinarily bored to tears lurking spamgod Matthew Lush in order to write about him. But recent changes in his relationship with Stickam have peeled away the layers of bullshit, revealing a more honest Lush who speaks his mind and acts like the slutty cocksucker he is.
During his Slumber Party he called the company “cheap” before warning his viewers that he might not ever go Live on Stickam again. He then danced suggestively with some buttpirate whose name StickyDrama did not bother to learn. Sources close to Lush have informed StickyDrama that his ties to Stickam have become strained, and hence his inhibitions lowered, since AVC refuses to pay Lush to host his Featured shows.

StickyDrama is for once not without sympathy for Lush. Preparing regular shows, even insipid shows such as his, requires time, effort and of course money. Eventually any Entertainer is going to require compensation, or leave for another site willing to pay … or give up entirely and find another job. Even StickyDrama, which has grown from a hobby into a full-time business, survives on ad revenue, without which it would not make sense to maintain this blog.


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