While hugely popular on Myspace, Raquel Reed has been conspicuously absent from Stickam. That changed last night, when Raqel joined Kayvon’s Live and appeared on cam.

Raquel has yet to learn that there are some things one can do on Myspace which don’t look so glamorous on Stickam. Straight boys are sure to hound her for jiggling her ass & cleavage; gays will excoriate her for shoving food down her mouth & removing her makeup on cam. Oh well … live and learn.


  1. doesnt care, shes pretty and if she can eat and take off her makeup i think its better to be herself then not being herself

  2. i thought she was a tranny at first too, but a long time ago.
    she looks a billion times better in that video than in pictures.
    (the blonde/blue hair without extensions, no makeup)

  3. I think she is a cutie pie! She is far from ugly and anyone who says that is fucking jealous! Oh and Matthew lush is a worthless piece of shit that needs to hurry up a kill himself!!! The only traffic he brings is whinny 12 year olds who annoy the fuck out of the rest of the world?they can die as well! I can?t even imagine what kind of sick fuck would want to watch his ugly, skanky, talent less, annoying ass jack off with another worthless loser?other than to laugh and throw up a little! You idiots need to get a life!!!

  4. still no Matthew Lush video…
    LAME! Matthew Lush is the only story that actually brings this site traffic. HAHA!
    This site is nothing without matthew lush…. SHOW US HIS VIDEO!

  5. I’m on the next boat back to Brazil! Fuck New York! Fuck Stickam! Fuck!
    *eats 5 hot dogs*

  6. dear ant,
    i hope nothing important was in that paragraph because i didn’t read it, just f.y.i
    but, now i see “like pussy” hMm.. when did i say you didn’t? someone’s a little emotional.

  7. Also Anthony Vanity go get your 100k back or whatever you happen to need 100k for on myspace and stop telling us your sob story.

  8. hmmmm.. yeah ?! Well, just because I don’t stick my cock in some ones pussy, it doesn’t mean what a REAL woman is.
    Besides, I’ve had a girlfriend wich I almost married .. we were together for about 4 years… See… bet u didn’t know that, bet u though I was always this gay.. I’ve fucked and ate ALOT of pussy, so please.. keep running your mouth !
    Cuz u aparently know alot about me or what I would know about woman.
    To tell u the truth, I don’t fuck women because I respect them too much.
    Besides the fact that I like the cock alot.
    OH! This might also make you think…. so I should tell u.. I like pussy better than asshole … funny, huh ?! Naturaly lubricated.. it’s like fucking a jar of Vaseline … but HEY .. HOW DARE A FAGGOT KNOW WHAT PUSSY FEELS LIKE! HOW DARE ANTHONY VANITY LIKE PUSSY!!!
    mouth !

  9. shutup: aha retard shes pretty and you know it!
    much pretteir than your fatass. probably got yo momma bringing cookies to you at your computer as we speak. jealousy!

  10. i went on her myspace,
    but your wrong,
    she’s still ugly. 🙁
    btw- i know, from certain angles she really does look like a man. especially the side, i saw that to.
    p.s.- LMFAO anthony vanity, you’d know all about being a REAL WOMAN wouldn’t you

  11. finally! i love raquel, shes a doll. super nice, not stuck up and self-absorbed like all the other “scenequeens”.
    plus 4893259x prettier than them. hahaa
    Thats a bad pic of her, sticky pbv put it up on purpose.
    go on her myspace and see fo yourself.

  12. idk, I have seen pics where she is pretty, but I have seen a lot more of her being totally busted as hell! HAVE you guys seen a side view of her face? idk, like the part of her head from under the eyes down, its all big lol no other way to explain! looks like she has an oversized jaw and shit. But thanks for telling me she IS a woman though.

  13. Raquel is Gorgeous.
    And a REAL WOMAN.
    Get ready stickam … She’s coming… She’s fierce and She’s FULL OF ENERGY AND COLOR!
    fresh faces …. it’s a beautiful thing and we need it !

  14. OMG I CANT WAIT SHES SO COOL AND VERY PRETTY WITH OUT MAKE UP … lol i dont know a jeffree star , every one hates me.

  15. i couldn’t tell either.
    she looks like a fucking llama, but i mean, if you like farm animals then i guess i could see her as being cute.
    scratch that. she’s fucking ridiculous.

  16. like we care fanother one of myspace fag people, like jstar, izzy
    and them get a stickam, they’ll be fags and no one will actually care, just people wholove myspace and are gonna be like “OMFGZZZ YOU’RE SO HAWT!” no one cares
    stop makin shit up
    show the matthew lush vid.

    it’s going to take over….
    goodbye stickam….

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